Cuidado Básico del Hombre Actual

Basic Care of Today's Man

Most men frequently focus on sculpting and toning their body with exercise or Crossfit training routines, completely neglecting their basic body care and hygiene. In spite of everything, the old-fashioned belief that image care should be exclusively for women still prevails when in reality, the basic care of today's man it is necessary, at the same level of importance.

For both men and women, looking and being healthy requires time and dedication, but it is important to bear in mind that we are talking about what speaks a lot about the person himself and that, in the first instance, will give the first impression of what the rest can get to know.

The personal care routine of contemporary men is simpler, and cheaper, than you might believe. Here, the goal of this is not to work to look younger, but to look clean, healthy, have presence, look fresh and vital. So you should not even think twice about starting a grooming routine and having good habits that, in the long run, will benefit men much further.

What is the Basic Care of Today's Man?

It should be noted that there are many reasons why a man should consider carrying out a basic body care routine. Thanks to this, many men can increase their self-esteem and feel attractive, thus managing to project a better version of themselves.

It is a fact that a well-groomed, clean and perfumed man is one who tends to attract much more attention. As in the feminine image, men have many aspects that they must take care of themselves, such as personal hygiene itself, clothing, style and even attitude.

But, in this matter, you must start from a point and in this case it is hygiene and appearance. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a grooming routine in an almost religious way, taking into account the care of the skin, hair, beard, maintenance of hands and nails, and even clothing.

Steps to Begin a Personal Grooming Routine

Mainly, the creation and maintenance of routines helps a lot in different factors to people. Its implementation allows creating good habits that will make personal development more optimal and will forge the person to be more organized with himself on a day-to-day basis, even feeding his psychological development.

Like any routine, that of daily personal hygiene must guarantee a time and order for everything that includes activities for the morning, such as bathing, brushing teeth, and most importantly, skincare. For the afternoon, exercise and for the night, grooming including washing hair, feet, hands and, in the same way, facial care.

Although these routines for men are daily issues, you should go little by little, allowing flexibility from time to time, as long as new grooming habits are included, such as haircutting or nail maintenance from time to time. .

From here on, new habits and routine will grow hand in hand so that the current man continue to maintain a personal care line and guide, adding even more physical activity and a more consistent diet, always keeping your personal well-being in mind.

Basic Personal Care Guide

Now that the importance of the matter is taken into account and how it can be started, we must talk about what is recommended to do to maintain health, cleanliness and the integral image of today's man.

One of the key points to maintain image and, above all, the personal cleanliness, is hair care. Maintaining male hair is not that complicated since it only needs to be kept clean using products such as shampoo and conditioner. If you want to add a plus to the shape of your hair, you can also opt for a styling cream.

On the other hand, if this is not enough to keep you in control, there are other options to give it a much smoother and more hydrated look using additional products such as ampoules or more personalized treatments.

Just as hair care is essential, so is beard care. Caring for this is an important part of every man's personal hygiene since the beard is prone to storing remains of food and dirt, such as bacteria that can generate bad odors.

You can easily reduce the volume of the beard, but in any case if it remains long, you can opt for options such as oils and products that will make the cleaning process easier.

Cleaning the beard greatly contributes to the care of the skin since, it would be avoiding any type of impurity in an area as delicate as the face would be. Although the facial cleansing process is more complex since everyone has a different skin type and with different demands, you can always use a basic skincare routine for both day and night.

The night rest, Accompanied by pajamas really comfortable and adjusted to the needs in the right measure, it will be the perfect enclave to maintain a good appearance during the day, a good integral health and above all energy.

The first thing to do when waking up is to clean the skin using a neutral soap so that its pH is not altered and the skin is not irritated. Then, to give a little more shine and life to the skin, you can opt for a serum that provides vitamins and a moisturizing cream that softens the skin. Last but not least apply a sunscreen that won't stay oily.

Before going to sleep you can apply the same routine only, instead of applying sunscreen, you can use a special eye cream that prevents darkening and wrinkles in the nearby areas.

In the same way as the face, the nails also say a lot about the hygiene and grooming of people, so every man should consider their care from time to time. To do this, you can easily go to a specialized studio or try basic routines such as cutting or filing nails, cutting the cuticle, and applying hand cream.

Basic Care Increases Self-Esteem

Little is said about the esteem of men and how low it can get. Although it sounds very basic, at the moment in which you begin to take care of yourself from the smallest such as the nails or the shape of the beard, it will begin to be perceived from a different way, not only because physically it looks well cared for, but it also feels better care and who better than oneself to love and take care of oneself?

At the moment in which the man develops these routines and these new habits, he will observe himself from a more positive point, he will begin to externalize that comfort and will project a more confident image of himself where, regardless of what he uses, he will look good, he You will feel comfortable, cool and transmit confidence to others.