El Hombre Actual y La Vida en Pareja

The Present Man and Life as a Couple

In life people have a single designated end and that is be related One with another. In itself, life is relationship and we constantly relate to each other; either with family, friends or with a partner. But, relating brings with it more commitments than you might imagine and, it is a bit questionable, if you really are aware of what it takes to be a current man and life as a couple.

Just as the relationship is always sought, you have to learn what it is and what it is not. Although externally a person looks well built and projects intelligence, inside humans or man himself has an animal nature that is difficult to understand. There, lies the key to relate correctly, understanding human thinking itself.

Understanding one's own knowledge and having the ability to understand thinking and that behavior is conditioned by family, cultural or religious experiences, will allow man to understand someone else's context.

For this reason, if a person does not understand his own thinking, whatever he thinks, it will have very little importance. If you do not take into account your own inclinations, limitations, personal prejudices, fears, hurts and if you do not have the ability to see beyond this, any relationship will be confused or will end up depriving of these. At the end of the day, self-knowledge is the foundation of any kind of relationship.

Present Man and Life as a Couple Healthy

In this way, after you are aware of what you want and what not, you can start to guide certain things such as the type of person you want, what type of intimacy you want to have, where you want to go and what you want. wants to share with the couple in question.

Yes, there is much talk about a healthy relationship as a couple and, with this, it is almost automatically touched on what is the romantic love. In itself, this is one of the managers that makes the job of expressing affection possible. Also, it is one of the forms of love that involves the presence of sexual desire and that is perceived in a quite unique way, compared to other demonstrations of love itself.

The objective of romantic love is to find that being that accompanies on the path of growth throughout life, but, contrary to what one may believe, it is not the only one that allows man to maintain a healthy life in couple. This effect tends to last approximately three months in the relationship process of two individuals.

The truth is that good communication, respect, acceptance of differences and projecting into the future without neglecting the individuality of each one are the main keys to maintaining a stable relationship.

Although love is the fundamental basis for the relationships to flow, it helps to create a pleasant main environment where two people become more intimate by talking, living together and sharing the day to day. Therefore, this foundation in love as a couple must be constantly nurtured and take a more mature position.

To consolidate said maturity, certain points must be considered such as good communication, respect for the other, trust, accepting differences and more importantly, the willingness that both individuals must have to share life, pleasure and even be willing to resolve conflicts.

How to Achieve a Healthy Relationship Without Dying Trying?

Although there was talk of bases that any relationship must have Who wants to move forward, but how can you achieve a healthy relationship without dying trying?

At the beginning of a relationship, the man must set limits. As complicated as this may be for many, drawing boundaries is the first step that will dictate what that relationship will be like. And the thing is, there are many types of couples and each one can function differently, but everything will be fine if the two members put on the table what they really want.

The next step to take into account is that, you have to be really willing to meet the couple. Know what his character is like, his concerns, his goals, his past, his roots and even how he relates to his family and friends. This helps to dictate a pattern that, in addition to knowing who you are dealing with, facilitates communication and the relationship in general.

One of the most important factors is the own and shared space. Many men tend to think that being in a relationship is doing absolutely everything together when, in reality, it is not. At the end of the day, each one continues to be an individual being, so it is advisable to maintain spaces for activities as a couple and alone.

For example, couples are currently being advised to give themselves the opportunity to do activities separately. Even if they live together, it is recommended that each of them have both their own room and one for rest both in pajamas.

The Importance Of Living As A Couple

And it is that, it is not easy to do life as a couple. Although there is a popular belief that everything must be shared and they must be accompanied everywhere, the secret of a healthy relationship is knowing how to give yourself space. Although the man, by nature, was born to live accompanied by his partner, the poor development of timeshare can create potholes and generate ruptures between couples.

For this reason, just as it is emphasized that, even within the home it is advisable to have separate spaces for personal activities, couples should have designated shared time or activities. Activities such as rest together in an intimate way, using a good cotton pajamas On a Sunday afternoon, going out to eat on Friday night or even a movie marathon on Saturday, the intimacy of the couple will be much more marked.

But, leisure activities are not the only thing that strengthens the life as a couple. Activities to share with the family or even those that have to do with the work or educational environment of each one, are nutritious so that both of you personally grow together and unlock a new level of intimacy.

Sleeping with a partner brings more benefits than you think

According to studies, sleeping as a couple is extremely positive since it increases the REM phase of sleep, which is the stage of the circadian cycle where you can reach a deep sleep, which allows you to rest much better.

In the same way, sleeping as a couple benefits the bond between both since, it has even been seen, synchronized sleep. Many times the fact of sharing time and being close to someone on a day-to-day basis is seen more accepted because it is something positive for individuals.

This can also happen because, thanks to a certain type of contact, it leads people to release dopamine and serotonin, in the same way that it can happen when sleeping with the partner, thus providing a load of positive hormones for both men , as for its counterpart.