El Pijama Y La Alimentación: Claves Para Dormir Mejor

Pajamas And Eating: Keys To Better Sleep

Many times you have trouble sleeping and most people are not aware that this is due to external factors. Although there are many tricks to fall asleep effectively, you have to take a look at the personal habits that you have daily, and yes, their respective importance is given to pajamas and food on restful nights.

It should be noted that, sleeping well is a state that the body, in general, needs to repair, restore and regenerate after a hard day. During this state, the body is able to regulate hormonal and metabolic processes. Also, digestive processes are reduced and energy storage and savings are activated, while memory is organized and prepared to receive more information.

Therefore, it is a fact that, in relation to diet, the most appropriate food can greatly promote good sleep since a proper diet helps increase melatonin, which is a hormone, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter, actively involved in the sleep cycle.

Here, both substances can be increased thanks to the presence of amino acids such as tryptophan, which is found in a variety of foods such as dairy products, eggs, legumes, nuts, the occasional carbohydrate such as oats, rice and vegetables.

And it is that yes, when sleeping a comfortable pajamas It may be the best ally, but even what you do before bed influences your rest, and the experience can always be better.

How do pajamas and food go hand in hand?

As well as a good men's pajamas It can influence the time of rest thanks to the softness and comfort it provides, there are also certain foods to sleep better and others that can do the opposite. It should be noted that poor sleep can evolve and cause sleep disorders that, in the long run, can lead to degenerative diseases.

Therefore, it must be considered that, if sleep is not enjoyed, the body can be affected with a series of alterations such as disorders that mainly affect the nervous or immune system.

In this way, the way you eat directly influences your personal well-being. Without a doubt, it is a fundamental factor for the body to function properly even when sleeping.

It should be noted that the time to sleep may be conditioned to a greater extent by social habits, the work shift, living with family and leisure with the circle of friends. All these factors influence both sleep quality and eating behavior.

Therefore, if the person sleeps poorly and for a very short time, it may cause an imbalance in the hormones that regulate appetite and increase the chances of becoming overweight. So it is necessary to constantly relate and regulate the meals eaten before sleeping.

Eating and Sleep Disorders

In general terms, as mentioned above, chronic insomnia is one of the most common disorders due to the number of external factors that affect the hours of rest, including poor diet. So eating healthy and getting a good night's sleep go hand in hand.

Specialists assure that, the deficit of absorption of magnesium, vitamin B complex, calcium, zinc, copper and iron in the diet are considered the main causes of sleep disorder. So to enjoy a quality sleep it is important to avoid the consumption of coffee, chocolate or tobacco before sleeping, as well as acidic foods or the consumption of alcohol.

For this, there are vitamins that serve to combat these problems and sleep better. At least, vitamin C is associated with insomnia because its absence in the body causes an excess of histamine, which is a stimulating substance that produces wakefulness. In turn, neurologists explain that vitamin C mainly favors the absorption of iron.

On the other hand, low levels of magnesium are also the cause of insomnia, so it is recommended to consume it in proportion to the calcium ratio. This type of diet can easily be carried out by consuming nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Also, the regulated consumption under indication of the vitamin B complex, niacin, or better known popularly as vitamin B3 can prevent insomnia and is more useful in people who suffer from interrupted sleep. While vitamin B12 intervenes in the regulation of the rhythm of sleep and can be useful for those with a deviant sleep rhythm.

Recommendations Before Sleeping

It must be emphasized that, sleep must be stimulated in a way either by enjoying the freedom of the use of boxer shorts or a summer pajamas. But, you also have to follow a series of instructions before going to sleep, especially when it comes to the food you eat.

Here, one of the main indications to follow to better fall asleep based on a balanced diet is that all food to be eaten should be one or two hours before sleeping, preferably. This so that the digestive process does not interfere with the rest process.

There are many foods that can improve sleep quality and the combinations are endless. You don't have to be a chef to organize good dinners that benefit your body, you just need a little creativity.

Among the foods capable of facilitating rest are whole grains such as whole grains, which are capable of raising serotonin levels in the body naturally. It is also advisable to add them to the diet, especially if you suffer from stress and anxiety.

Integrating a natural sweetener such as honey to the diet is also essential since it works as a sedative and helps the proper functioning of the liver. And it is that, during sleep, it will continue to work and purify the blood effectively.

If you want to consume protein, lean meats such as chicken and turkey are the most indicated since their digestion is easy, so it would not cause inconvenience to eat them at night before sleeping. It is also advisable to always complement them with a considerable amount of vegetables or the occasional banana.

Good Rest Involves Discipline

Rest and sleep well is something to which you must dedicate time and, above all, discipline. Many times the idea of stimulating good rest may seem unattractive or very laborious, but, once the benefits that this can bring, like a good diet, there will be no going back in the development of good habits.

Rest is that mandatory break that the body needs to regain strength, so it could be said that after a tiring day, thanks to this rest allows the body to restart. Therefore, you always have to give him the best tools and be one hundred percent disciplined with the sleep schedules, so that he meets his goal and be much more productive the following days.