Los Pijamas en el Mundo de la Moda

Pajamas in the Fashion World

Mainly it should be mentioned that in the world of fashion you can find many uses for something that can be unusual for anyone. And it is that who would have thought that the pijamas would they take on so much prominence away from home today? Because yes, it is a reality to see pajamas in the world of fashion and among the main trends.

Fashion has a long history where it has even been contradicted by the amount of changes it has undergone. It may happen that, one day what was worn as a new style, the next day it can be seen as something inappropriate, but, many years later, it will be the most striking trend.

If we take a brief walk through the history of the pijamas, we can find that, from the beginning, they were created solely to be used at bedtime. It was mainly a garment used by men and, years later, women also adopted the trend. From that moment, to the present, the pijamas they had fulfilled their only function satisfactorily.

However, at present the pijamas they have undergone drastic changes that go from their elaboration, to their designs themselves. thus adjusting to straighter lines and taking a freer cut. And so, it is how today the use of pajamas began to be seen beyond the home or the hour of rest and many people prefer to carry those characteristics that provide comfort to their day to day.

Currently, the use of pajamas is observed beyond that given at home when it is time to sleep due to their extensive catalog of options and the fact that many people prefer them for their comfort and pleasant sensation. Therefore, every day there are more models and trends capable of satisfying the needs of the most classic to the most sophisticated.

Pajamas in the Fashion World and Onesie

It is important to emphasize that the new trend pajamas It is an indisputable fact, due to the general convenience they have, so many garments have been seen in their heyday and we should ask ourselves why it had not been done more frequently before?

Among the current trends, this is perhaps the strangest sounding one, but it turns out that, today, rompers are the newest item to add to this fashion tradition. Although this garment often has an immature or disrespectful connotation, it has become one of the progressive trends in the subject of pajamas for both men and women.

A good example, children's jumpsuits have been around for decades and really, they are not very different from each other. Both the piece for children and adults are one-piece garments that can be put on effortlessly, managing to cover the arms, legs and generally closing with a zipper located on the front.

It should be noted that nightwear has been infiltrated for decades, but with the new normal that has been imposed since 2020, this fashion is more exposed. Previously, it was very common to see women in the street in robes running fast errands. Later, families began to be seen passing through the self-service in pijama.

During the last few years, more and more people have also been seen wearing slippers to go out on errands, walk the dog, market, etc. In many countries, going out in monochromatic or patterned sports outfits has become normalized and, in the case of rompers, based on this, many more design options have also emerged to wear, both for boys and for men.

From fun and themed designs for children, to simple designs or prints for adults. Thanks to its comfort and particularity, in a short period of time it has become a very popular option to go out, hang out, relax and even go on short trips.

Beginnings of the trend and the Onesie

Let's see, this trend is quite recent, so it is unlikely that you will see it frequently or if you have seen it in your city, so we know that you must be wondering where this new style is observed more daily.

Like most trends, this one began to be seen first-hand in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. It is important to note here that many of the designers supported the idea of introducing pajamas into the everyday wardrobe and that is why, from there, many products are heading in this new direction.

On the other hand, onesie or one-piece garments were also consolidated thanks to their use in the fields of large universities such as Austin, Madison, Ann Abor, Columbus and Berkley. Subsequently, they took the field internationally, thus seeing themselves in London, Belfast, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, among other territories in India.

Specific Public

While it is a trend that is moving by leaps and bounds, it is important to remember that you would not see an adult wearing a romper as often. Due to the connotation that this garment can convey, it would be very strange to see an adult wearing it, including the fact that many adults are not involved in trends today.

Although this garment is extremely comfortable and, with its hasty advance between the trends, it has been known to adapt to more serious and casual cuts for a not so contemporary public, the romper has been seen being used mostly by youth and young adults.

Rompers have been seen to be hugely popular with teens and twentysomethings, so this fad will likely still have a long life to go.

Ttrend in the world of entertainment

Although yes, we must accept that this trend is very strange due to the cut that it can normally have, we must see in which context we find ourselves. Although the quarantine has promoted the use of comfortable pajamas like never before, it has also opened up the market for it much more.

In the same way, previously, this fashion was much more attractive on social networks and among famous young people. In 2011, thanks to the influence of the One Direction group, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat were plagued by teenagers wearing these types of pajamas.

Later, many celebrities were seen wearing the rompers. Among singers, dancers and even athletes they could be observed adopting this more comfortable style and although many of them consolidated the use of mostly solid colored rompers, some also wanted to risk opting for those more childish designs of animals or fictional characters.

Although this fashion at first signaled the beginning of a humorous trend among celebrities and young people on social networks, its impact is a reality today, especially when the world panorama encourages you to stay at home with comfortable clothes.

For this reason, do not be afraid to immerse yourself in these new trends, especially if the fashion industry takes the risk to do so and, to continue professing the word of pajamas for everyday life and encouraging you to stay comfortable inside or even outside. of home.

A good suggestion is to keep a more classic style, although you are encouraged to wear any piece in trend, the simple pajama model with an elegant cut never goes out of style.