Prendas y Comodidad Masculina

Garments and Male Comfort

The pajamas, or pajamas as they are called on continents other than Europe, they are traditionally forms of nightwear that have been worn by both men and women throughout history and in modern society today. While they have certainly changed with the sexual evolution of sleepwear, they are still used to provide protection, improve hygiene, and maintain modesty.

The History of Pajamas

Originally, pajamas were light, loose clothing with drawstring pants that tied around the waist and were worn throughout much of Asia, especially India. Around 1850, it was adapted by travelers from Europe who added a jacket to it. 40 years later, men began wearing pajamas as nightwear in tropical climates.

At the turn of the century, a European gentleman probably would not have worn a Pijama, as it was not appropriate to do so, but over time, it became the preferred nightwear for men. After the First World War, women also began to wear pajamas, which was often criticized. It was originally made of cotton, but women's pajamas were also made of silk.

Today these are still popular, however other variations have come into play. While many men choose to sleep in only underwear or a t-shirt, the pijamas Two-piece of yesteryear are still quite popular in some parts of North America and, of course, Europe. For the most part, the traditional ones worn today consist of a light jacket with buttons down the center front to close it and a pair of drawstring pants made from lightweight materials, often cotton, linen, or silk.

Types of Men's Pajamas

In most cases, pajamas for defined men is the two-piece garment consisting of a jacket and trousers. They come in almost every material and fabric imaginable, however there are also a few other styles that are not generally worn, but are still popular in certain circles. To mock or not is the question; there are men who prefer to wear a traditional nightgown in winter with a nightcap.

There are also others who prefer the traditional two-piece pajamas, or to wear boxers in the summer; others wear onesies, of which they are almost always gifts. I'm not ashamed, although I think my wife might be.

For most men, the pijamas they are, in general, the most comfortable garment they have. And they adore them and wear them in all their glory when they are home alone with their immediate family.

From thick pajamas From flannel in winter to lightweight Irish linen pajamas in summer, there is a wide variety of pajamas to choose from. Here are some of the most popular styles that men wear:

Two Piece Garment

As mentioned, this is the most popular form of men's sleepwear. It's a jacket that closes with buttons in the front, often features a lapel, and has a matching pair of drawstring pants, usually made from cotton, linen, silk, satin, or polyester. In some cases, men will opt for embroidering with their family's crest or monogram.

Night Shirt

The favorite choice, mostly this is a long shirt that reaches to the knees or simply goes over them. It is worn like a T-shirt over the head and sometimes has buttons on the top to loosen and tighten the neck. In general, these pajamas They are also made from lightweight materials like cotton and linen and often have a fine stripe. You just have to remember that if there are other people in the house, you have to wear something under them.

The Very Common Monkey

Usually made from a warm fleece or flannel material, they also come in everything from fleece to cotton. These are the pijamas childish style without feet. They usually have a zipper or buttons that close the pajamas and it is a garment consisting of a long-sleeved top and long pants sewn together.

Modern Pajamas

The second most popular style of men's sleepwear is nothing more than a loose fitting or form-fitting pair of underwear with a lightweight cotton undershirt. There are many styles available in a wide range of fabrics and materials. From pajamas branded with sports team logos, up to standard colors like black and gray.

Robe To Rest

While robes or gowns are not necessarily made for sleeping, they are great at home and can be worn on top of the pijamas. Many men often wear a robe around the house, especially to and from the bathroom.

Silk vs. Cotton Pajamas

The pijamas Silk can look very elegant and feel fresh on the skin. At the same time, it is not as absorbent as cotton, and although it feels cold, it can be somewhat insulating. On top of that, silk is much more delicate than cotton and should never be machine washed. Instead, you have to send it to a dry cleaner, as they will be able to clean it properly and have the insurance that will cover any potential damage.

The other thing to keep in mind with silk is that many people complain about slipping in bed. If you are using an equally delicate sheet, you can often find yourself sliding back and forth without much effort. This does not suggest that it is like a skating rink or that it will fall out of bed, it is simply a matter of comfort and convenience.

It is often common to find that it is a good idea to purchase different pajama styles for different purposes. For example, I would normally wear the standard jacket and pant pajamas or a nightshirt in the winter and underpants with a t-shirt in the summer months. During the day, when you are out of bed, but you still want to or can rest and find that a pair of pants and a T-shirt are the most comfortable and appropriate. It's obviously all about personal tastes and preferences, but here are some tips that might be helpful.

Really something for thoughtful people to consider. The pajamas They offer an informal means of preservation and style. Fabric availability is considerable and designed to suit the season and, oh yeah, the latitude. Add a house robe or a bed jacket with pockets that accept anything you need to have on hand, from your cell phone to your house keys, without sacrificing the comfort and tranquility of being in not very formal clothes to be able to receive some visit on any given morning.

A complete scenario of culture, adventure or just a simple reflection could be built around the PijamaNot to mention the joke directed at that special someone with whom you share your life. A dog, some slippers and a good coffee with pajamas