Primavera-Verano 2021, Colores Para Escoger

Spring-Summer 2021, Colors to Choose

While some chose to display their collections respecting the health measures taken by the governments of each country, others proposed new ingenious alternatives.

It is not surprising that this spring season pretends to be optimistic and full of hope, after a year 2020 that was affected by an unprecedented pandemic that forced the taking of extraordinary and exceptional measures. This notion translates into vivid colors, suits stripped of all formality, leisure sportswear, with haute couture accents, of course, oversized pants where comfort reigns and pajamas that emerge from the moonlight to assume a leading role. in the daylight.

Strong symbolic prints such as the flower, an explosion of prints of all kinds, the return of the forgotten sandals / socks combo and a whole range of pastel colors that exude softness also stand out. With lemon yellow, neon pink, electric green, cherry red and mandarin orange, this summer looks upbeat and colorful. These are the men's fashion trends for spring / summer 2021.

Get up and shine, gentlemen! To wake up to the pleasure of pajamas Excellent. Since the dawn of modern menswear, there haven't been as many great options to sleep in style and greet the day with a touch of majesty as there have been in this era. It is the right time of year to invest in decent nightwear. During the holidays, when the sun rises, you may stumble out of the room and go to the kitchen for coffee, or want to put on something more familiar than a crisp T-shirt and tight jogging pants.

The underwear really, is not the most indicated as nightwear. You have to increase the comfort level when you go to sleep by dressing for the occasion. In this way, you have to start using sleepwear real and start having something to wear when you're getting ready to go to bed at night. With good nightwear, it is possible to sleep well.

Men's nightwear does not vary as much as the pajamas of women, and most gentlemen wear a shirt and pants of different styles and materials. The choices really revolve around how warm or cool you want to be, and whether style or comfort is most important. However, there are also unconventional options if you prefer to get off the beaten track.

Buttons And Ornaments

For the cold winter months, a popular option is a long-sleeved button-down shirt and long pants. Shirts usually have a collar and sleeves, and pants sometimes have cuffs. These outfits are typically made from flannel, but can also be found in cotton, velvet, polyester, or other blends. They are comfortable to wear at home during the day and to sleep. You can find traditional plaid patterns, children's printed patterns, or fancy monogrammed sets.

The pajama sets Buttons are great for keeping warm in cold weather, both for sleeping and lounging around the house. They also work well for anyone who wants clothes between the skin and the sheets to avoid irritation. Whether you're looking for sophistication, comedy, or simple comfort, there's a button-down pajamas for you.

Pants and T-shirts

Many men go a simpler route and go for a T-shirt with pajama pants. Everyone has their own style, but many stick with a classic white tee for comfort and simplicity. For the pants, there are thicker flannel options or cotton pajamas more breathable. Anything loose, soft, and comfortable is fair game.

Unlike the pajama sets with buttons, the combinations of T-shirt and pants Pijama they do not need to be coordinated. You can simply grab any top and sweatpants that suit your mood or season, and you'll be ready to jump into bed in seconds.

These pajamas They work well if you need to get in and out of bed at night, avoiding getting too hot while sleeping, but you won't get freezing when you remove the blankets either. You can switch to a long-sleeved shirt in the winter if you feel more comfortable.


For those men who tend to get hot when they sleep, a simple T-shirt and shorts will suffice. It's not fancy, but you can mix and match a more comfortable T-shirt with your favorite shorts. Some men wear basic sports shorts, while others wear shorts just to bed. You could even wear a T-shirt and briefs for an even cooler option.

Two-Piece Pajamas

Two-piece pajamas are probably what you generally think of when you think of men's sleepwear. The classic pajama set The two-piece is made with baggy pants and a loose-fit shirt with a button down collar in a matching material.

The men's pajamas more classics can be made with cotton, flannel, wool or all kinds of materials to create a fabric of all levels of thickness. They are designed in all kinds of colors and patterns, from simple stripes and geometric shapes to all kinds of intricate designs.

That classic style of the past still exists, but now there are many more options with the pijamas two-piece for men. There are many different styles when it comes to men's two-piece pajamas today. You can find ready-made pajama sets in all kinds of styles with all kinds of shirts.

Pajamas two-piece made with t-shirts, long-sleeved crew-neck tops, or many other different styles.


Nightgowns are a really classic nightwear option. Before there were two-piece pajamas, there were nightgowns. You know, it's that long shirt that grandparents used to bed. But kings and everyone else have used the same style throughout the centuries. Nightgowns are designed to fit loosely around the body, hanging below the knees. Nightgowns are made in a wide variety of designs, colors, and fabrics. They can be made in button-down, V-neck, or even crew-neck styles.


If this style of onesie or one-piece pajamas has not been seen before, you just have to remember a comedy series or some western movie, where men wear these garments under their clothes. The onesies have long arms and long legs and usually a zipper or button in the front or back so that you can close them around you. This is a great way to seal in the heat on those chilly nights.

Onesies are perfect if you plan to go to summer camp; They can even have feet included so they can be kept covered and warm except for the hands and head. A popular staple with toddlers, the onesie pajamas with feet are now available in adult sizes.

No matter what style there is also for all tastes, the important thing is to include the use of pajamas as a routine of night rest.