Redefiniendo la Ropa Cómoda Masculina

Redefining Men's Comfortable Clothing

Recently new dress codes have been defined even for being at home. Much they put in our heads, the idea that we should not keep our pajamas at home because it has us plunged into a state of comfort and sleep. But currently, the comfortable men's clothing and its meaning.

It is a reality that, especially when working from home, what is used has to do with both functionality and fashion. Many questions have arisen about this, but the most prevalent one is, can you really live in total comfort without simply wearing your pajamas, underwear or those old t-shirts that have been stored for years?

The answer to that question can be found in what is now known as "loungewear" or "athleisure"

Redefinition of comfortable men's clothing: What is Loungewear and Athleisure?

Although in general we are talking about comfortable garments to be at home, both are different and fulfill specific functions, so it is necessary to clarify part by part that it is loungewear and athleisure.

Although they are similar, they have a few differences. For example, when we talk about loungewear, we are already talking about clothes to be at home and that will be used mainly to sit, rest or relax. It should be noted that we are not talking about pajamas; These pieces of clothing are different and casual with which you can take a couple of energetic naps and stay indoors.

A plus of these garments is that they are elegant enough to go unnoticed outdoors, being also useful enough to wear them and go out to do any nearby errand that does not warrant full formality.

On the other hand, athleisure is much more suitable for physical activity since, they are elaborated and conditioned for the execution of high-performance activities since they are specifically for physical training. Unlike loungewear, these pieces are designed for physical activity and not for lying down on the sofa.

In general, athleisure was used by men with tight schedules who lived working from one place to another and did not have enough time to attend a gym, but, since teleworking began to normalize, many men began to choose to use it. of these comfortable and aerodynamic garments made up of pants, sweaters and slippers or sports shoes.

Pieces that make up men's comfortable clothing

Although these pieces of clothing are constantly changing, there are fabrics that are indicated for loungewear and athleisure.

Sportswear requires materials that specifically condition the human body by either insulating it from the cold or absorbing sweat. This commonly requires the use of lycra and spandex. Also, the fleece lining and the ultralight jersey are ideal to combine.

For this type of clothing, the use of cotton is not recommended. Although it is the quintessential comfortable fabric, it absorbs sweat and moisture, as well as retains it. Also, another disadvantage is that it absorbs odors almost instantly.

Unlike athleisure, loungewear is simpler clothing where the use of cotton, silk and cashmere is allowed. Also, during the cold months it tends to be combined with thermal and flannel clothing.

These pieces of clothing for being comfortable, in every sense of the word, can also be combined with a style of shirts very similar to that of the pijamas, which means stocking up on nice, soft shirts is essential; long sleeves, open neck, crew neck sweaters and at least one hoodie.

Whereas, sportswear jerseys tend to be characterized by being sleeveless, but it never hurts to add a hoodie for extra layering and insulation.

When we talk about pants, for clothes to be at home we must think carefully about those that are real, totally usable in outdoor environments but that do not lose their mission of providing comfort. Therefore, they tend to include pants with elastic, laces or a single button closure.

For the same reason, you have to think about pants to wear outdoors and be comfortable at home, the fabric should be lighter and more fluid than conventional pants and, sometimes, the hems will be folded or sharp around the ankle with elastic.

In the case of sportswear, the pants are usually tracksuit or joggers. Also, it can be spandex with a higher performance, thus being super practical and usable for more informal alternatives.

Anomalies in Men's Comfortable Clothing: Robes

Yes, we came from talking about comfortable clothing with t-shirts, pants, hooded sweaters, sportswear and more, but another garment that is part of the redefinition of what we know as comfortable clothing for men, are the robes.

They may seem like something a man wouldn't use at all, but the day he gets one in his possession, there is no going back. This particular garment can be found in any type of fabric; from plush cotton, to linen, silk, satin or fleece.

Plus, they're extremely convenient to wear and cover up when you're in a rush, or just out of the shower. Also, if more warmth is desired, it is advisable to add an additional layer on top of it.

Shoes to Complete the Homemade Look

When using comfortable clothes at home, you will always opt for the classic slippers, which are the favorite pieces to rest at home. They are practical, comfortable and made specifically to be locked in and relaxed.

It should be noted that here we are not going to talk about the giant slippers with animal shapes or cartoons that, despite being a quite fun option, it is recommended to choose simpler and more elegant ones that go according to the subtle aesthetics that we have been explaining.

But, if slippers are not that style you want, but rather stay in a cooler style for both indoors and outdoors, a good pair of loafers are also recommended. While these shoes are primarily for outdoors, they work indoors for ease of use.

Of course, in the case of athleisure, there is nothing like a quality pair of sneakers to combine both clothes, and to be much more conditioned. These can vary a lot in design and you can choose from a very minimalist one, to more striking patterns and colors.

Be careful, for this type of footwear it is always recommended to choose them with rubber soles since they provide traction, shock absorption and will withstand much longer use.

Finally, the Socks

And, we are not going to talk about shoes and we are going to let the socks pass. Here, it is very likely that you choose to simply be without shoes in your own home, so the tights happen to be the protagonist on the feet.

For this, merino wool socks are perhaps the best choice because they are extremely comfortable and practical. This material breathes easily, regulates the temperature of the feet and is extremely comfortable.


When putting together your wardrobe to be at home comfortably, you have to have everything coldly calculated. From the garment, its type of fabric, the cut and even the colors.

People, in addition to being sensitive to the touch, are also visual so, to be at home, it is advisable to maintain a palette of sober colors that convey calm and well-being.