Con el Pijama Bien Puesto

With the Pajamas on Well

The use of pajamas or classic bedding is no longer just about habits and customs exclusive to the ladies. Have style, elegance and above all comfort looking at it in a practical way, a man who sleeps in Pijama you're ready to take a total night's rest.

In a men's dressing room, a good suit, a nice tie or a handkerchief in harmony with accessories, shoes and even the matching briefcase, describe the man of today who is distinguished in character and attitude, of not only apparent success, rather, he builds habits even at bedtime, like a real gentleman.

Men from history who have made their mark on film, entertainment, business and entrepreneurs, have been fierce advocates of sleeping in pajamas. Just take a look to realize that it should not only be a taste of wealthy men, but a routine that today's man must assume as part of a quality of life.

Night rest

The important, indispensable and essential hour of rest. Sleeping in a good restful sleep is essential to have a much more productive day and with all the necessary energy to be able to effectively carry out all the activity that is required during the day.

Sometimes the loss of sleep is associated with various factors such as stress, and one of the ways to get a good sleep requires setting the stage and regulating the body from the routines to be able to sleep better. The importance of renewing the mattress or having a good set of pajamas, a matter not superficial at all.

Sleeping Style

The attitude of a stylish man involves considering every last detail. Which also completely discards the sole idea of sleeping without clothes, because the man who has succeeded sleep with Pijama. A good example of trendsetters, Hugh Hefner. But not only has he been the magician creator of Playboy who showed that behind the Pijama comes the status as a symbol.

Important and famous have posed with their fabulous pajama models, as a sign of the irreverence of their status as much as to allow themselves to be photographed in pajama models for other sensational, Ryan Gosling has been seen modeling elegant pajamas with pants and a three-quarter sleeve shirt with impeccable detail, or the model David Gandy in Bata.

All A Symbol of Status

It is that, throughout the history of the modern western world, it happened that people would go to sleep with only their underwear on, which in fact they had worn all day.

It was then from the glorious 20s, full of extravagance, for others a significant, decadent, highly hedonistic and above all lively decade of history, the model of male pajamas it remains forever fixed as the icon of these elegant garments to this day.

Rest Ritual

The importance of establishing a rest routine has been explained in many ways, as this will help to configure structures and order. Even an essential part of this routine is closely related to the use of pajamas. Ta which, put pajamas it is a mental trigger of the most important that predisposes to sleep, it is a kind of conditioning.

Although in some sense it may sound a bit strange, pajamas bring stability to life, with habits, with order. So the man who sleeps in his pajamas actually faces a third of his day as he should. And this is how just putting it on is a small but very transcendent ritual that denotes the most serious respect for a rest in conditions and interest that demonstrate the importance of personal appearance.

The Rest Well Deserved

A good restful sleep guarantees an excellent day close to perfection, it means that you wake up ready to face the daily challenges, of course accompanied by a good breakfast. Where the bed is also the setting described not only as a space for comfort and rest, it also turns out to be one of the least hygienic places in the house, since several grams of skin and dead cells are lost every day. The outer layer of the epidermis is renewed every 2 to 4 weeks on average.

Therefore, and taking seriously into consideration that this large amount of these dead cells are shed from the skin every day, which will surely end up on the sheets and pillows if there is no pajama involved. Hence, it is also the healthiest thing to eradicate bad habits such as eating in bed, although it is pleasant it is unhygienic. The rest in a bed with fresh clean sheets just changed is a superior pleasure; where pajamas it works as that perfect barrier, it is a whole harmony of comfort.

More than Good Habits

Like any person who likes to cultivate habits and good customs, there will be a series of very important considerations, hence some commandments in this age of pajamas, more than a culture is a lifestyle that begins with having at least two sets of good pajamas, basically a week of wear for each.

On the other hand, although it is about nightwear, it is understood that the ideal is to limit its use, although with homewear trends we see these garments to go shopping on the corner or for breakfast on a Saturday morning. When it comes to a business trip, the first thing to pack should be the pair of pajamas, it is about taking care of rest and good appearance anywhere.

This glorious and also inevitable nightwear is the only politically correct garment where it will be possible to consider the combination of checks or stripes in both the upper and lower pieces, which is another of the great advantages in favor from pajamas, Well, even though the trends vary a lot and in the end everything is a matter of taste, the reality is that most of them love the pictures and it will be well seen even to combine them with the dressing gown, for some they are never enough.

The highest premise of capital importance, always have a pair of pajamas at least for regular use, and another perhaps a little more elegant, with more appearance or of better quality for those very special occasions. Pajamas Expensive will never be in excess and will always be a good investment.

Please, this as good advice that is later appreciated, bad taste has its limits, no embroidered initials on any piece of pajamas, this modern culture does not admit customs that are clearly outdated.

Definitely, pajamas in the life of man is part of a good culture, the wearing pajamas it is a more than essential part of a lifestyle outside of paradigms. Starting a new day well prepared to face new challenges with all success will only be possible with rest in the best style, a man who sleeps in pijama He is a gentleman of this century, modern, with a unique style of distinction and above all with good habits from day to night.