Refund policy

Return within 14 calendar days.

We will accept changes of garments or returns of our products for the full amount of the purchase within a period of 14 days, as long as the garment is in the same condition in which it was delivered; in presentable condition, without having been washed or stained, without having been modified, cut, punctured, or altered in any way that may be considered tared.
The shipping in case of return will be borne by the customer, since we understand that the product is sufficiently described, explained and shown and we appeal to the good judgment of the customer when buying. The main reason for returns is usually due to choosing the wrong size; However, this error can be saved by previously consulting our MEASUREMENT TABLE. In general, our garments are considered larger than usual, as they are clothes to be at home, whose purpose is to be comfortable.
In case of size change, the same conditions apply. If the size sent is the wrong one on our part, we will proceed to assume the costs of collection and shipping; not so if it is the customer who, after weighing with sufficient information which is the appropriate size, requires a change. If the customer needs to change size, he will be responsible for the shipping costs of the returned garment and shipping of the new garment. However, if the new order exceeds € 30, the new shipping costs will be free.
On rare occasions, a manufacturing defect may occur. In that case, please send us to our email address At least one photo of the defect in question to make sure that it is indeed a tare, after which we will issue a collection order with postage paid to the address requested by the customer. We apologize if such a failure unfortunately occurs, and we will try to compensate you for it.

Returns of underwear.

Due to obvious hygiene reasons, used boxer briefs cannot be resold and will not be accepted as a return, so the amount of them cannot be returned. In the event of a factory defect, the garment in question will be exchanged freight prepaid.