El Descanso En La Rutina Diaria

Rest In The Daily Routine

Many times it happens that, as the years go by, the lifestyle changes abruptly and actually takes a faster pace. A faster pace where the body adapts so much to it that it cannot get enough rest and in the long run can be seriously impaired, as well as mental health. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate rest in the routine.

And it is that no, you cannot be more productive if at the end a totally exhausted work day ends, very late or at dawn. Nor will the results of work or personal growth be more advanced or faster if you cram yourself with work daily, without having those necessary rest hours integrated.

Rest and Good Health

Here, it is indisputable that a good health involves a good night restTherefore, while the daily routine is carried out, at the same time it is necessary to develop a rest routine and take it as a key factor to achieve an integral health that is needed to perform and feel good 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

For this, in the first instance it is necessary to evaluate those factors that do not allow us to rest. Elements such as stress and anxiety are the main protagonists that affect health and hinder the rest process.

Although the state of stress is a natural response of the nervous system and is completely necessary as a state of alert to an imminent danger capable of putting the physical integrity of the human being at risk, the problem lies when this state of alert is maintained and there , is where the problems arise.

That is when, in addition to evaluating what we are doing wrong and, in most cases, going to a specialist, we must implement a daily routine, with hours of rest included.

Why should we integrate rest into the routine?

If we review the meaning of rest, we can find that it literally implies letting the body regain enough energy to use it during the day. If this does not happen, it will be difficult for the body to function properly and in this way, mental and cardiovascular health will be affected.

In a recent study, a leading expert explained that "" Sleep maintains all aspects of the body in one way or another: that is, energy and molecular balance, as well as intellectual function, alertness and mood " , Dr. Merrill Mitler, NIH sleep expert and neuroscientist.

He also commented that “when you are tired, it is a fact that you do not have the best possible performance. Sleeping helps you think more clearly, have better reflexes, and focus better. "The reality is that when we observe someone who has rested well, that person is operating at a different level than those who try to continue with one or two hours of sleep a night."

Based on this, that maintaining a balance between wakefulness and sleep is also essential for a proper functioning of the body, both at the hormonal level and for physical performance as well as adequate rest is as important for health as are the daily physical exercise, good nutrition and stress control that has become a real health problem.

Healthy Sleep Is Not Negotiated

It should be noted that your own rest is not something negotiable, rather it is mandatory. Now, for this to be effective and sleep to fulfill its function, you have to get enough sleep. Therefore, a routine that allows you to fall asleep in an organic way begins with comfortable pajamas and comfortable.

Now, for sure, a certain number of recommended hours of sleep has not been defined, which is an average for everyone. But the specialists point out that: “it is not easy to define normality in hours of sleep, but various studies, taking into account the individual characteristics of each one, bet on a number of hours of sleep not less than 6 hours, but not greater than 10 hours".

Also, it can be added that not sleeping the necessary hours constitutes a serious risk factor for the appearance of HTN diseases and worsening of their control in hypertensive patients. If there is no control for a long time, it adds to other risk factors and increases the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Along with this, Dr. Vicente Arrarte, cardiologist, president of the Vascular Risk and Cardiac Rehabilitation Section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, has pointed out in many interventions that the importance of the quality of this sleep lies in the fact that "" the Inadequate night rest is one of the signs that promote the development of diseases or poor control of arterial hypertension, among other diseases. "

Finally, he points out that “many times people are not aware of their insufficient superficial sleep for proper rest, as well as the appearance of complications such as apneas or respiratory pauses, snoring, etc. that can be the cause of diseases that cause sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ”.

Due to the number of medical recommendations and all the damage that comes with not taking them into account, we say with confidence that night rest is not something that can be negotiated, it is something that should genuinely be taken as a routine.

The search for that integral health that you long for involves designing and fulfilling that series of habits that allow you to conceive restorative sleep. It should be noted that, during this process of the proper development of these habits, everything is valid and important; from a good bath with hot water, to putting on comfortable pajamas and soft slippers.

The Desired Rest Routine

To create a good rest routine, We must evaluate very well what we do in our day to day, how we approach our obligations and in what order. Many times it can happen that we perceive that the hours of the day are not enough for everything to be done and therefore, because late nights or loss of sleep temporarily come. But surprise, this would not happen if the organization factor were a little more present.

First-hand, proper time management will be essential. This is when the time comes to evaluate and design that daily routine that adapts to activities, daily responsibilities and rest. The implementation and application of routines must allow and optimize the time and execution of all activities, whether personal or work.

These routines must break down all types of activities in their respective schedules and in order of priority so that, later, they can plan and include rest routines without delay and allow the building of adequate habits to regulate the sleep schedule for a better night rest.

The Importance of Good Pajamas

In general, sleep is essential and it is always estimated to sleep approximately eight hours as it provides great benefits. For this, pajamas It is essential as a companion in that new sleep routine, since these garments have taken on more and more importance in people's lives, mainly in that of gentlemen.

Good pajamas It is an essential part of the preparation for sleep, hence more and more these pieces of clothing are adapted to people and their needs, thus allowing them to rest peacefully and fully prepared to be fully immersed in that state of sleep and relaxation so that, finally, tomorrow, be more prepared to continue with the routine that a new day brings.