El Hombre Emprendedor y Los Pijamas

The Enterprising Man and The Pajamas

The 21st century is full of pressures. Economic, psychological and social pressures are faced on a daily basis at all levels. The average entrepreneur faces all kinds of pressures in the marketplace.

In addition, the entrepreneur's body is affected by the pressures of work. Many entrepreneurs sleep or rest little, hardly eat well or enjoy time with family and friends; they are constantly in work mode. The pressure demands that they make more money or perform at higher levels. If not managed correctly, the pressure takes its toll on the entrepreneur's body. Therefore, as you go about your activities, it is important that you give your body the rest it deserves. To who www.elbuhonocturno.com there are some tips that will help you rest.

The vision of the break determines the focus. Some business leaders believe that they must work hard without rest or sleep to be successful. This is an incorrect thought. The body requires a Pijama appropriate, and adequate rest to function properly and the value for rest should be high. If the body shuts down due to fatigue, this will not do any good.

Schedule the Break

People generally spend time on what they value. So if rest is valued, time should be made for it. The common excuse entrepreneurs have is, "I'm so busy." Therefore, they rest on the work table. To be successful on the break, it must be scheduled. Make it an agenda. Do not assume it or turn it into an element of desire. It must be intentional in focus to rest. A routine must be created, a kind of ritual that includes the use of Pijama, clean bedding and appropriate pillows.

Prepare to Rest

Now that time off has been scheduled, prepare for it. Here, activities are organized to fit the rest plan. Attend, move or cancel meetings, delegate tasks to others, find ways to lighten workloads, and make workflow plans for the period in which you plan to be absent.

Go to rest: once things are in order. Now, it remains to go and rest a little. It is interesting the mental battle and the change that must occur for some entrepreneurs to close their businesses to rest. But despite the mental struggle, you must go out and rejuvenate yourself with a well-deserved rest. Take time to cool down and regroup so that you can acquire significant energy recharges. When you are well rested, productivity increases, and the body will greatly appreciate it.

Rest and Constructive Thinking, Food for Creativity

Creativity, the generation of new and useful ideas, is considered essential for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs must be creative every day to navigate the uncertainties, limitations, and challenges of starting, growing, and running a business. A famous entrepreneur once said, "Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking." Creativity is important in finding the "revolutionary big ideas" for a company's business opportunities and innovations, as well as in tackling the day-to-day challenges of entrepreneurial work, such as financial and human resource management.

Researchers and professionals often treat the creativity of entrepreneurs as an innate personality trait that remains stable throughout life. This implies that people who consider themselves less creative may refrain from entrepreneurial activities, because they think and are told that they do not have the right skills to be an entrepreneur.

Some research proposes that creativity is not as fixed as is often assumed. Instead, creativity is seen as a skill that can, at least in part, be nurtured. This vision of creativity implies that it is changeable and can be influenced by factors that the entrepreneur can control. Specifically, the factors that make one day more creative than another are investigated. Considering that the work of entrepreneurs is very stressful and demanding, strategies to recover from work in free time are expected to play an important role. Recovery from work helps to "recharge the batteries" and can enhance the creativity of entrepreneurs.

Predicting Different Effects for Physiological and Mental Recovery.

First, getting a good night's sleep is an essential indicator of physiological recovery that can fuel creativity. High quality sleep, always accompanied by Pijama, allows incubation processes during which creative ideas develop unconsciously. Second, post-work mental recovery in the form of constructive thinking about an entrepreneur's work can equally pave the way for creative solutions for startup businesses.

Entrepreneurs can also self-regulate their recovery and influence their creativity accordingly. For example, entrepreneurs can strive to achieve a good quality of sleep and avoid sleep problems (for example, using pajamas cool and pleasant, listening to relaxing music before bed or practicing yoga). They can consult health advisers if they notice serious problems sleeping. New findings also show that thinking about work in a constructive and emotionally neutral way during free time has beneficial effects on creativity, and helps make sense of some conflicting findings regarding detachment and creativity in the literature.

Need to be Busy

There are times when founders, CEOs, but also many other performance-oriented people, like coaches of sports teams, seem to hate anything that suggests self-satisfaction. You always hope to achieve more, constantly improve, never stop trying, try your best, always.

Being very busy all the time can actually create emotional distress that can lead to difficulties with concentration. It can also cause different health-related problems, such as irritability and trouble sleeping.

Often times, unknowingly, the value of team members is marked, based on the hours of work they put in. Most organizations even reward their people based on the evaluation criteria of being busy and working overtime. In addition, there are many business “role models” who preach to try their best.

But being busy all the time and having an impact on people and work results are two different things. Of course, no one can deny the impact of time and effort if you want to do things right. But you can't and shouldn't "stay busy" all the time. It is not productive or healthy for anyone.

In conclusion, the importance of adequate rest for the success of a business, of an undertaking, must be emphasized once again. And in relation to this it is important to take into account both the physiological and psychological aspects. At the same time, it is necessary to consider with the same seriousness both the daily night's sleep, as the habitual vacations and the respective use of the Pijama at the time of rest.