El Hombre y su Cuidado Personal

Man and his Personal Care

Today, conventional gender roles are changing and with that, patterns of behavior. The genre revolution is in full swing and is undergoing a transformation. It should be noted that this change is repositioning both men and women, from the macro to the micro, thus affecting even the man and his personal care.

Many of the changes imposed in society for both men and women have changed in magnitude over time, mainly for women with the entire feminist movement that seeks to vindicate them in society. With this, men have not been left behind.

Although there are endless struggles and great movements today, even the smallest thing is being seen in constant change such as the fact that women do what they want with their aesthetics and body hair, while contemporary men who, You are seeing yourself deconstructed, you are also choosing to prioritize your personal care.

If the role and habits of the stereotype of men are reviewed, taking care of their skin, their weight and their nails are not among the priorities, when in reality, the appearance and how they treat themselves is extremely important and says a lot about them.

The Importance of Personal Care in Men

Sometimes the importance of the projection of people through the image is overlooked. Many times the personal image, in one way or another, is immersed in almost all aspects of life and, a bad projection of this can cause the opposite to be perceived.

It is a reality that the first impression that is generated on others depends on at least sixty percent of the personal image that is projected and, that first sight will always leave a mark on the perception of one or another person and, therefore less in the workplace, it will say much more than what is believed of the person.

Therefore, one of the most important factors of personal care is aesthetics, so it is necessary to evaluate how they see themselves and how others distinguish them. In addition to being attentive to the mere aesthetic aspect, you also have to visualize what you want to convey, thus reinforcing it with a consistent appearance.

Even so, there is a conception that personal care in a man is not very masculine, due to the stereotype of this established by society over the years, where in general terms, the man is pointed out as someone rough who prioritizes the productivity and household livelihood.

But in reality, personal care is no longer something exclusive to women and men have been concerned about it even beyond aesthetics. And, there are basic care that everyone carries out not only to look good, but also for health.

Look Good and Feel Good

Although the issue of personal care involves both aesthetics and health, it also says a lot about a person's self-esteem. And it is that, you are not born with this high or low, but it is built throughout your life and, although your environment and family upbringing greatly influence, it is also forged with your own conditioning.

In society, the canons of beauty act as a dictatorial and omnipresent factor from which many cannot free themselves, it is necessary to defend one's own freedom of expression in order to be able to comb hair, dress as you want and achieve the appearance that you consider most in line with your personality. without feeling subdued.

Hence, the personal care It becomes the key to reaching that personal acceptance that a person must have in himself. It is clear that, for this, a person must begin to accept themselves, convince themselves that they are not less than others, value themselves and create good habits that contribute to personal growth, health and, finally, their aesthetics.

Just as a good diet and exercise play in favor of well-being and self-esteem, also everything that has to do with personal care such as grooming, skin maintenance, hair care, beard, cleaning the hands, and even feet. And of course a good sleep schedule with pajamas suitable.

To build high self-esteem, you have to seek physical and emotional self-sufficiency, knowing how to set limits, making constructive criticism and developing new daily habits.

How to Create New Habits

People constantly find themselves wanting to change a bad habit or introduce new routines into their daily lives, but, in most cases, they have no idea where to start.

Creating routines and developing new habits is possible and brings permanent changes. Many times people sit and wait to be motivated when, in reality, motivation comes with action, so you have to get down to business first.

Habits themselves, whether good or bad, are not born based on motivation, rather they are learned. A habit is formed as an action that is repeated over and over again, eventually being reinforced by a positive consequence.

For a habit to be created, a pattern must be repeated enough times so that the brain creates the neural connections involved in carrying out the behavior that it wants to promote, so the key factor is repetition.

Once the brain is conditioned and creates a neural connection, then the action will start smoothly as long as the activating stimuli appear and thus, finally becoming habits that will be executed almost automatically.

Here, the moral is that he who perseveres wins. Self-care itself is something that must be carried out constantly and, in men, it does not make a difference. Little by little, goals can be established in terms of personal care; setting days where a skincare routine, body exfoliation, a shaving session or even maintenance of the hands and feet is going to be applied, in order to finally see positive results in the body and in self-esteem.

Restful Sleep

Whenever the subject of personal care and wellness, do not neglect the importance of sleep and rest in routines or in the creation of new habits.

And, a good routine is completed with about eight hours of well-done sleep, in order to rest and restart both the body and the mind, thus avoiding stress, anxiety and physical exhaustion.

Therefore, it is also recommended to use a comfortable pajamas for men, made with a light, loose fabric that adapts to the style of the person.

Although everyone likes to be productive, the body needs rest and daily care in order to maintain that beauty and health that everyone longs for, to feel better about themselves and to start each day with more motivation and energy.