Las Camisas Polo de Colores en Tendencia

The Trendy Colored Polo Shirts

Recently it has been seen how many garments have left the state of stand by where they were. And yes, it reads stand by because they have not been dead, as in this case, the colored polo shirts or stamped. Although previously this garment was very fashionable in monochrome or more sober colors, they have returned, but in a much more striking way to the catwalks, and from the catwalks, to the street.

And it is that, it is not strange that clothes that were of fashion previously returned to be a trend with all the movement of the revival style where they reinvent and redefine sets of clothing or garments that were used a long time ago.

Of course, here the Polo were not left behind, much less being a garment that has impacted so many generations and that, in its beginnings, had a certain social weight since wearing Polo spoke a lot about the class to which you belonged.

Now, the Polo come in a more extravagant way and this is not for mere aesthetics. In the fashion industry, art predominates in textiles and therefore, prints and colors are capable of taking on a psychological meaning and this theory is not exclusive in everyday life, only that many times one is not aware of it.

Colored Polo Shirts, Theory and Psychology

When we take the subject of clothing items from the tangent of their impact and visual importance, we can find what is the theory of color and psychology. As we mentioned earlier, the clothes that are used are not exclusive of this.

On the one hand, we know the theory of color as the set of basic rules that govern the mixing of colors to achieve a desired effect, through the combination of colors or pigments.

Based on this theory, the psychology of color is also derived, where it is understood that colors, in addition to creating an effect according to what the author wishes, have their own psychology and also manage to transmit sensations or indirectly reflect the being.

And, the presence of color in everyday life always has a meaning which, many times, is not understood due to ignorance. But in reality, it is a fact that not everything is set by chance. This can be seen in home decorations, in products with their logos, in makeup and in the style of dress.

Importance of Color in Garments

Know what kind of colors to use in the pijamas and in clothing in general, it is as important as identifying what type of garments go according to the body. For example, the color of the garments, especially those close to the face, are capable of affecting the face, giving it more or less luminosity. We all have a color palette that can benefit us, either by making us look paler than others, while other colors can enhance our features and allow us to project a much healthier image.

This is when color theory is applied to people. These ranges are those colors adapted to the theory of color in fashion and are obtained from the four seasonal palettes as guides for the choice of clothing.

In this regard, once you have in mind the color that is most beneficial, choosing clothes will be a walk, since you will be aware of the nuances that make you look better. Of course, here we do not only seek to highlight a good physique or face itself, it is also about projecting and generating sensations not only in the environment, but also in ourselves.

It is important to note that color is emotion and is capable of stimulating, giving energy and even conditioning the mood or personality of each one. However, although colors tend to belong to certain groups such as yellow in warm colors or blue in cool colors, a color can project or give a contrary feeling depending on the mixing ratio that it carries with Other colors.

How to Combine a Polo

Now, we talk a lot about basic visual theory in Fashion and everyday life. But now, let's see how it is applied. And the thing is, you don't have to fear trends and experimenting with them; Currently we can say that, if there is an elegant and informal garment that is totally adaptable and comfortable, it is the Polo.

There are them in so many colors, sizes, sizes and patterns, meaning that there are many options and there is a place to experiment. At this point, doubts must be arising about how a garment manages to be so adaptable, both for men and women and here, the answer has been: it is very easy to innovate with it. Everything is possible with this classic.

As we mentioned, the pole it spoke a lot about social class and in itself, it was also created for a specific sport. Fortunately, today, everyone has access to this garment, but something that has remained over the years is that it continues to reflect elegance and style. So it is very easy to combine it with a good sweater.

Also, in addition to opting for classic colors or taking risks with more striking colors, with the Polo you can do something more personalized by adding an original design with initials, numbers and minimalist images. As a complement, you can also experiment with wearing dark blazers and pants that go hand in hand with casual shoes.

Polo in Street Style

In the same vein, it should be noted that, although the Polo is an icon of elegance, it is also imposing itself in street style where it is played with more colors and with more casual and urban combinations.

For men who want to look more casual they can opt for an oversized polo shirt with loose cotton pants, a beanie and flats, without neglecting accessories such as chains or sunglasses. Within this aesthetic, it has been observed a lot how they play with bright colors and prints to make the street style something more striking, without neglecting the comfortable.

But, this trend can also take a more alternative twist and the poles They can be used with dress pants at the waist and combined with flat shoes or sneakers.

Attitude and Innovation as Key

Despite the pole is so characteristic for its elegant cut, the fact that it is an adaptable garment is reaffirmed and, in the same way, it can be given another connotation depending, not only on how the colors or other garments are combined, but also the attitude with the take away.

Although colors are those that reflect emotions and project people, the attitude and security with which the garment is worn can also reinforce what is meant by the use of it.

Yes, the visual impact is extremely important, but at the end of the day it is something superficial that gives a hint of what we want to demonstrate. The being of the people ends up being understood through the attitude taken, without neglecting comfort.