Los Pijamas y Los Negocios Digitales

Pajamas and Digital Businesses

Trade shows, conferences, meetings: now everything has been digitized. But not because business, politics or society put this digital transformation at the top of the list of good intentions, human effort should be put aside, no. This must be treated in a measured and careful manner; going through a balanced diet, a restful and energizing sleep, appropriate clothing and a host of other elements. Rather, the increased use of digital technologies in daily, private and especially professional life is one of the effects of the pandemic. It was, so to speak, the catalyst for digital change. Working from home was suddenly unavoidable, even if, for some companies that still resist today.

To put it bluntly, many companies had to develop strategies overnight; review processes and create digital infrastructure to prepare their own business models with a certain degree of certainty for changes. A gigantic task for all companies. So big that you couldn't think of potential possibilities and opportunities due to the sheer process of change. But the new digital world of work is here. And she has come to stay, that's for sure. It has even come to think of the so-called revolution of the Pijama.

That's why now is the time to roll up your sleeves and take on the challenges right away. Because even if people, like old creatures of habit, think again and again: change does not have to be bad per se, the next era does not necessarily have to be that of the apocalypse, even if humanity does a lot for it, but that's a different topic. The new era of business digitization includes a kind of decompression of rigid customs, which has given rise to giving greater importance to objects and behaviors that were almost always taken for granted, such as the use of the computer. Pijama.

Digital transformation is often mentioned at the same time as digitization, that is, the increasing use of digital technologies in everyday life. The definition or meaning of digital transformation is relatively obvious if you have digital change at hand, which is synonymous with use. For businesses, it simply means that elementary processes are changing, from analog to digital. In the end, only those areas that cannot be digitized due to the laws of nature are excluded from this.

Or to put it more simply: even digital change and digital transformation stop at some core areas of production. Digital order management, digital machine control or digital systems network (keyword: Industry 4.0) are not a problem, but stainless steel rolling, aluminum milling or product assembly will still have to be done physically in a distant future. There's no way to avoid it. But the accompanying processes and procedures will become more digital.

In this digitalization process, which paradoxically has gone hand in hand with this new pandemic / post-pandemic era, this new phenomenon of working from home or from rooms other than traditional offices and work centers has occurred. These new "business centers" that originate in many homes, almost always have, as faithful companions of operation, the fervent and inseparable Pijama. This garment has become more important and relevant in the daily lives of many people globally. Either because of the pandemic effect, or because of the rediscovery of its high functionality and comfort when performing functions outside the hours of rest and relaxation, typical of the moment of sleeping or recharging energy.

And this is exactly where one of the key success factors of digital transformation lies, which many worries and encourages others: the proactive design of processes in the company. Because even if the Internet is necessary in this process, so must the good mental spirit of the worker who drives these changes through their operational functions. Furthermore, due to many restrictions that are returning to the fore, due to the effect of the constant waves of reappearance of the Chinese virus and its negative effects.

When it comes to digital business and the use of Pijama and their relationship, it is still in the early stages of development when it comes to digital technologies. Those who take courageous and considerate steps in the near future can not only cushion the potential effects of the ubiquitous pandemic, but can also differentiate themselves from the competition at the same time.

The methods, strategies or services that companies use to tackle the digital transformation depend, of course, on the flexibility and coupling to which they are willing to exercise. However, there are some points that are of vital importance for companies; here's a little overview.

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Businesses?

For companies in particular, digital transformation is the change necessary to not only survive in ultra-dynamic markets, but also to be able to act. Entirely new initiative, innovations, data-driven decisions, and management tasks are elementary parts of change. Many of these changes have been actively being carried out from home spaces, where conditions are different from those used by all the technical operators involved in these migrations. Although it has not become a custom, the work environment tends to vary by the simple fact of being located in other different spaces, where even the dress codes have been inclined in favor of the comfort of many, leaning towards the use of Pijama, In most cases. And best of all, the performance of these operators has not been negatively influenced.

To be honest, this is not reasoning that sounds productive or particularly well thought out. As a basis for a successful digital transformation, this approach is probably not suitable - at least that is already clear. What companies should pay more attention to is the basis of the change itself. It will see how it looks at an opportune moment, like a change of perspective. That never hurts in a "digital business transformation."

In general, the man in Pijama It seems very homey. Due to this simple fact, the mood changes for the better, without the fact of fulfilling work responsibilities, which are very difficult to get rid of. Men generally value comfort a lot and this is an element that should be highlighted today, and that at the end of the day is positive due to the fact of achieving or improving the proposed results.

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