¿Los Vídeojuegos Son Buenos Para La Salud De Los Hombres?

Are Video Games Good For Men's Health?

Although technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and society has evolved its way of thinking, the issue of whether video games are good for men's health it is still in a debating position. Much is said that it is harmful or that those who play are lazy, others say that the opposite happens.

And it is that, if the situation is analyzed, despite the fact that many first-hand games are seen with a vile approach of entertainment and distraction, these can provide other types of benefits in addition to the fact that the gamer community is strengthened every day and they seek to take full advantage of video games.

In addition, the major video game and console developers are working towards making this type of niche profitable either as a source of income, entertainment or, failing that, helps the emotional and physical well-being of those who consume and invest in its content.

Currently playing video games involves much more and is no longer a guilty pleasure or something designed solely to spend free time. Rather, even science has come to claim that playing is primarily good for mental health and has even been considered a good form of therapy.

How do video games benefit men's health?

According to a study carried out by the University of Oxford, people who tend to play video games report a higher degree of well-being. In addition to the fact that video games are entertaining, they are cathartic and help individuals to distract themselves from what is happening in the world, and even allow them to drain a myriad of emotions safely.

And it is that, in itself, video games are not popular just because they are fun, but because they have also worked as a therapeutic method for many and, according to the same Oxford study, they work to relieve day-to-day stress, as well as they encourage communication between players when it is not possible, or does not want, to leave the house.

Video games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Plants vs Zombies are especially good for preserving people's mental well-being. It is usually said that video games are capable of promoting violence, that they are a waste of time or that they even force people to isolate themselves in fantasy worlds when, if played in moderation, the opposite occurs, and even help to many users to rest.

Video Game Myths

Everything has been said about the world of videogames and, despite the fact that there is a vast amount of media and specialists that provide information in this regard, it continues to be treated as a harmful activity.

It should be noted that, although the aim is to be as transparent as possible with this issue, incorrect data often tend to circulate that lacks veracity, thus giving rise to false myths.

For example, video games are widely said to be addictive because the World Health Organization included the “Gaming Disorder”Between his illnesses and, later, the video game began to be associated with vice. When the reality is that, the same WHO affirms that gaming disorder is a behavioral disorder that develops mainly by playing video games that have mechanics "gamblingLike slot machines in casinos.

On the other hand, the biggest myth about video games is that they generate violent behavior. Here, the reality is that there is not a single study that affirms such data and this study from the University of Oxford denies the fact. Similarly, it is recommended that young people play video games appropriate to their age and avoid exposing themselves to explicit content.

It has also been claimed that video games cause attention disorders, however, the Child Mind Institute affirmed through published studies and articles that there is also no evidence that video games cause Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Video Games That Improve Health

Despite the myths that exist around the world of gaming and the way in which they can impact people, you should know that, many are the games created for the purpose of cognitive and physical development. In the same way, The Guardian states that some people find a way to deal with their depression, stress or anxiety through video games.

Of course, just as there are good games, there are bad games that do not contribute anything and are extremely mediocre, but it has become clear that playing is a harmless and fun way to deal with various problems.

Currently there are quite famous and entertaining games with which you can hang out and relax, such as The Sims, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and, the aforementioned, Animal Crossing. These games, because they are set in large environments with endless missions, are perfect for entertaining and relaxing with activities, music and objectives capable of stimulating the players, thus benefiting their mental health.

But, just as there are games capable of constantly entertaining people, there are also games created in order to improve people's physical health and keep them in constant movement, either through virtual exercises or even dance choreography. Dance Revolution is a clear example that people can have fun dancing and exercising with dance choreography to the beat of the latest musical hits.

Better Sleep Games

At the same time, there are games that help sleep better and to fight insomnia. And it is that, for some people it is not enough to have a comfortable cotton pajamas to rest and comply with the recommended eight hours of sleep and, therefore, they seek to fall asleep through video games capable of stimulating them. Especially the younger gentlemen, who dress in their best Pijama to start this playful activity.

Just as many video games help combat stress, anxiety, and depression through therapeutic help, some of these also partially help cope with insomnia.

One of the recommended games to relax and sleep better is Viridi, a video game called "a safe place" for players to enter to have a moment of peace and quiet. Viridi is a plant simulation video game which aims to provide calm, and thus, to promote satisfactory sleep.

The game is also recommended Unwind me which, like Viridi, is proclaimed as a relaxation game, but, with the variable that more attention must be paid to it because it is a game that offers six simple games that are easy to carry out, but that present small challenges for users.

What is striking about this video game is that, as players continue with the chosen game, users will be able to enjoy and relax to a greater extent thanks to the music, white noise or ambient sounds that come from it.

But, despite the fact that many games seek to positively influence the men who come to them and who seek a way to learn new things, streamline their brain, sleep better or develop their mental retentiveness more, if they suffer from some type of A disorder of this nature, it is advisable to go to a specialist.