Pijamas Con Estilo Propio

Pajamas With Your Own Style

even though he Pijama, from a certain point of view it seems to be an unimportant piece, very basic and relaxed even even for bedtime, trends in certain styles, different details, different designs, different materials, and above all the manufacturing quality have been changing and evolving in recent years;

Brands in Their Maximum Expression

This evolution has been so relevant and significant that, at present, the main brands of underwear and sleepwear have transformed their collections to such an extent that excellent, much more current proposals shine, even in incredible pajamas for men.

Although, it could be thought that pajamas for men They do not have any attraction in terms of colors, designs and models, as is the case on the feminine side, trends for them have also been changing. Thus we will find models of short and long pajamas, plaid, knitted, with placket collars, round or in the indisputable classic style that never goes out of style.

Many Trends

Faced with a table of trends and styles, what should prevail above all is good taste, even in the most youthful pieces. Where the weather sets its guidelines, you have to consider the season to sleep cool during the summer and warmly wrapped during the winter, the idea is to get rest.

So, some of the trends are tight sweaters and a slightly more neutral V-neck, the most typical classic striped prints; colors like white, blue, lead or brown.

A Fundamental Garment

In principle and without a doubt, today pajamas are a garment that has regained importance within the masculine look and wardrobe, with new and attractive designs that can be used as multipurpose wardrobes.

The most important thing, the really essential thing is that at bedtime what is desired as a key benefit is comfort, apart from looking for a good comfortable mattress and incredible pillows, we must think about the fundamental piece at bedtime and They are the pijamas.

A good suggestion, use clothes like short pajamasVery light, fresh fabric is sure to help you get a natural rest. It is a reality that specialized brands and that are dedicated to the manufacture of nightwear, have ventured into the production of avant-garde designs with striking colors, applications and details.

It turns out that now fashion is not only worn on the street, the market today offers all kinds of styles of pajamas to suit different tastes. Comfortable shorts, long pants for colder climates and special garments with classic cuts with the famous buttoned shirts.

Comfort and Fashion

These are two aspects that may well go hand in hand or simply the implication will be for comfort. As for fabrics, they are using the fresh cotton pajamas, microfiber, cotton lycra and viscose; with showy tones according to the seasons.

The truth is that pajamas have totally evolved. Well, it is not a boring, static and passive nightwear. Foreign fashion has already moved to this garment, such as unstructured shirts; previously men's pajamas were very classic, static or passive.

We must also highlight the preference for natural fibers to obtain better perspiration at night during sleep. Men already have a very wide repertoire to evaluate from where to choose that perfect pajamas that will accompany their hours of rest.

There are them for all tastes, from the simplest models to those that stand out with very striking colors and prints, through very loose sets or other Slim fit with a much more tailored effect. The truth is that there are many options in terms of styles, construction and design, and all of these share the same purpose: to reinforce the feeling of comfort at home and at bedtime.

Classic Styles

There is something definitive and that is that you cannot and should not do without a classic style pajamas. Simple lines, simple and above all always elegant. And it cannot be missed because it never goes out of style, and if you can count on a very modern pajamas, you should always have another rather traditional pajama set, with a long shelf life.

Long Shirt Pajamas

Among the classics, this is one of the most original and striking pajamas on the market. It is a long shirt type perfectly made of poplin, with a striped or plain print. Along with the one-piece, it brings to mind those pajama models used in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This model is traditionally in blue and has a buttoned Mao collar, which gives it a certain modern and stylish touch.

Tailor Jacket

This is one of the simplest models and it is very easy to get classic and also very elegant colors, in navy blue, white, ivory or gray with the details of the jacket on the collar and cuffs. They are made of 100% cotton and at the same time have a very competitive price. It is the pajamas that will surely last a lifetime, in two tailored pieces; And today it is still the choice of many men to be at home and go to sleep.

Trousers And Long Sleeves

This model of classic pajamas It is a two-piece set that can perfectly mix different shades of colors, as well as the plain top with the plaid pattern on the pants, which is generally the most popular, as it is chosen a lot for this style of pajamas. .

Within the classic styles, it is ideal for those gentlemen who seek maximum comfort to keep warm during winter; In addition, they are also very popular in shades of blue and pastels, the other star combination of colors within a traditional style is gray and black, quite traditional but always of great elegance and attractiveness.

Similarly, this model of classic pajamas, perfectly mixes the concept with a great current finish. The trousers are narrow, but have a loose leg with pockets and completely original prints, so the top also offers maximum comfort with tight cuffs and the softness of the finish. Pajamas deluxe.

Flannel Pajamas

You can not miss the suggestion of this model. Flannel is an infallible option for cold days or those who like to be very warm at home and in bed. With this fabric, the softness and warm feeling are unmistakable. These classic-style two-piece pajamas come finely crafted in 100% cotton flannel, and are generally available in four colors, khaki, crimson, silver gray, and navy blue.

In short, for warmer houses, environments with a little less aggressive winters or simply for less cold men, the ideal pajamas are one with short sleeves that have long but loose pants, and are generally offered in four colors and at a very competitive price. .

The really important thing will be to find the perfect pajamas, which provide comfort and elegance. A Pijama With own style