Pijamas, Estilo Y Seda

Pajamas, Style And Silk

Silk As a textile, it is currently recognized as a fabric that boasts luxury in the manufacture of garments, including the pijamas. Silk in general requires great care in washing, it is characterized by great delicacy and softness to the touch and those who like to wear silk add the finest silk bedding from the pajamas up sheets.

They can be very expensive, but there will be more than one gentleman in pajamas that you enjoy the pleasure of buying and wearing this garment in fine silk.

A little history

Since ancient times, man, in his desire to improve his quality of life, made his textiles to wear from the raw material obtained from elements that were extracted from his environment, mainly to cover and protect himself from the cold or the sun in excess. .

Now, from the satisfaction of these rather basic needs, other more elaborate ones would arise that had to do above all with the subjective character of human beings, such as ego satisfaction and greatness, mainly because you had to be ostentatious even at bedtime.

Silk, is a fiber that is obtained by the Bombyx mori worm, its discovery was around 2700 BC. According to legendary Chinese tradition, Emperor Huang Ti's fiancee, a 14-year-old girl named Hsi Ling Shi, is the person who invented the first silk coil.

Sericulture is by far an art that develops the cultivation of the silkworm, which spread throughout China, turning silk into a highly valued and highly valued item because later and in other countries it began to be known like a treasure of great significance.

Hence, by the year 139 B.C. The largest and most important world trade route was opened, which ran from East China to the Mediterranean Sea, which gives it the name of the Silk Road because it was the most traded item and with a great economy boom and growth, highly attractive.

Later, in the year 300 A.D. the secret of the production of silk it had already spread to India and Japan. During the 18th and 19th centuries, European countries made important advances in silk production. In the 18th century England was powerfully leading the production of silk throughout Europe, due to these important innovations in the English textile industry, which included better silk looms, power looms and roller printing.

Silk Today

Silk production today is essentially a combination of ancient and modern techniques, as a necessary fusion that adds value to traditional methods that guarantee quality in the final product.

It is without a doubt it is the natural protein fiber with the greatest importance and recognition throughout its history, due to the fine yarns and fabrics that are made with this fiber, since they present a softness, shine, and resistance really exceptional.

It is obvious that the incredible beauty, the softness to the touch of silk and its high market cost inspired industrialists around the world to develop artificial fibers, in such a way that it is possible to offer products, albeit in imitation of a lower cost.

Globally, silk represents a luxury fiber that has a unique combination of properties that no other textile fiber possesses beyond the incredible finishes visible in each piece. It has a dry touch, a natural luster where dyeings stand out with greater intensity, good absorption of natural moisture and high resistance to breakage.

From a broad sense and in general, the use that can be given to silk is very wide and varied, because it is precisely very pleasant in contact with the skin, and because of its softness to the contact so pleasant, it is so popular. For all these qualities, silk is appreciated and has been the great inspirational muse in the fashion design industry and the textile development of manufactured fibers, which over the centuries is still in force and is highly chosen as much as in previous years. .

Silk Pajamas

The cinema would be the great precursor in charge of popularizing the use of luxurious silk pajamas around the world. First it was the beautiful actress Jean Harlow and then later the glorious Hollywood star Carol Lombard in the legendary film “It Happened One Night” where she wore the same pajamas as Clark Gable.

At that time, the golden frame of these garments, in 1927, the advertising of the famous and highly elitist Venetian Lido stated: “The best beach in the world for sun and the pijamas”. It was where the garment became popular as a kind of beach dress and women first came out wearing pants in public with these outfits.

The world had changed a lot and thanks, in large part, to an incredible silk pajamas. Although nowadays the gentlemen tend to be more conservative in general, the reality is that important and recognized figures from all fields and scenarios have displayed an expensive and elegant silk pajamas.

For the current gentleman, the classic pajamas It still does not go out of style and it will always be a fundamental piece in your wardrobe, with simple and simple cuts that adapt to any style, especially if you are going to invest in an exquisite pajamas of silk.

A man in pajamas He is a true gentleman who enjoys his hours of rest to the fullest, he gives himself pleasure and pleasure after a long day of challenges and demands. But, in addition, he takes care of every detail of hygiene and care about his person, demonstrates order and structure in each of his routines and habits, even at bedtime.

Style and Elegance in a Pajama

It is evident that the fashion It can be a fairly abstract concept for most people, since trends and styles tend to vary with great frequency, especially with respect to the vision that designers have added to all these personalities that in another way dictate what is in trend in a certain season.

Then, there will be people who in fact prefer to lean entirely for comfort as well as certain factors that have to do above all with the practicality of a garment, whether it is a student, or an executive professional, but an entrepreneur will surely You will have very different patterns to choose clothes, either to go to your office, spend your free time or for the night rest.

The truth is that this type of man, a true gentleman, prefers to maintain a much more classic style for his clothing. Pijama, perhaps you can opt for less traditional colors without crossing the line of clear good taste, but always guaranteeing the comfort you require from the perfect pajamas.