Pijamas Masculinos en Lana Merinos

Men's Merino Wool Pajamas

When it comes to health, a good night's sleep is one of the best things you can do to maintain your prized good health. That, however, is much easier said than done.

Everyone knows that sleep is important, a variety of very important special studies seem to suggest that many people do not get enough sleep and that the sleep that is achieved is not usually as good as expected it should be. This is where you can be positive, letting the sheep in during the hours of rest and sleep.

The Merino wool It is a fiber that comes from the Merino sheep, a species of sheep that comes from the Iberian region and North Africa, and which is currently raised anywhere in the world. Unlike other types of wool, this is not itchy and is very soft to the touch.

It is in fact a very famous fiber, because it has managed to stand out due to its multiple qualities that make it a very versatile fabric, especially for exercise clothing such as high performance garments for outdoor activities and garments for extreme cold climates.

Wear pajamas Merino wool on the bed, it could make it easier to fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow and thus get a better quality of sleep throughout the night until you wake up in the morning of the next day.

Sleeping in pajamas made with Merino wool, often referred to as the “miracle fiber,” can go a long way toward achieving a perfect night's sleep. Temperature is one of the great inconveniences that disturb people's sleep patterns, which are often too hot or too cold.

Merino wool is incredibly breathable and is a natural insulator that helps maintain the right temperature. The moisture management properties of Merino wool absorb it from the body and release it as vapor into the air without the sensation of sweat.

In addition, it has hypoallergenic properties and is completely natural, without a doubt it is a great tool that serves as a great aid to sleep deeply and pleasantly knowing that the skin is not being exposed to any aggressive chemicals.

Merino Wool For Better Sleep

It is true, it is a fact. Based on the results of various sleep research studies, it has been determined that using merino wool pajamas instead of nightwear made up of other fibers; It significantly reduces the time needed to arrange sleep, which helps to increase the total rest time and improves the quality of sleep.

Another study found that, in hot conditions, those who used Merino wool pajamas for sleeping; they slept much longer, rest and sleep onset were faster, and sleep interruption decreased less frequently.

In cases of cold and neutral ambient conditions, the combination of the merino wool nightwear, sleep was found to be more efficient compared to tests done using nightwear made of other fabrics. A study from the University of Sydney pointed out that with the use of Merino wool pajamas, sleep was achieved in just 12 minutes compared to the 22 and 27 minutes it takes with the use of polyester or cotton.

This should not be surprising, as this natural fiber has qualities that make it the ideal nightwear for improving sleep. Merino wool naturally offers unique temperature and humidity management, as well as providing a soft, smooth texture. Without a doubt, knowing all the benefits that this wonderful fiber offers, the next time you have trouble falling asleep, you should consider wearing garments made with Merino sheep, instead of simply counting them.

Benefits of using Merino Wool for Sleep

Merino wool is perfect for sleeping, because while resting and breathing, this fiber helps keep the body at an optimal temperature and prevents overheating, absorbs moisture and is naturally elastic and provides harmonic mobility to the body.

Different styles of shirts and pants make pajamas made of natural fiber is ideal for predicting a good night's sleep, not counting the comfort it provides in each position.

It is a scientific reality that a good night's sleep is crucial to promote good physical and psychological health, in addition to being shown to be an important aid in strengthening the immune system, optimizing memory and improving cognitive function and also it is an important element for the control of anxiety.

Backed by Science

Wearing Merino wool pajamas and nightwear has been shown to help you fall asleep faster and have less disturbed sleep compared to other types of fibers. The University of Sydney conducted a recent study, with the intention of demonstrating the effect on sleep quality of wool, cotton and polyester nightwear. The key findings of this study resulted in sleeping with Merino wool pajamas:

First of all, the sleep routine is less affected and less fragmented compared to sleeping in pajamas made with other fabrics. The reduction in the time it takes to fall asleep compared to sleeping in cotton and polyester pajamas.

A shorter total waking time is also achieved for poor sleepers after the onset of sleep compared to sleeping in cotton pajamas. As well as the significant reduction in the time for the participants to fall asleep, which is directly an increase in the total time of sleep.

Reasons for Surplus

These are just some of the reasons why Merino wool capes are excellent pajamas:

Wool is a fantastic temperature regulator that keeps you warm in the winter and super cool in the summer. There are fewer calls to turn the pillow over to the cold side or having to pull a leg out of the covers at night.

As is well known, the use of this fiber as a base in the production of sportswear, Merino wool is fantastic at absorbing sweat and moisture from the skin and helping to stay dry. This is an element of importance and relevance when going to sleep.

The fabric derived from Merino wool is superfine which does not itch. Even people who don't normally like to wear wool have agreed that it is soft and comfortable against the skin. Perfect for nightwear.

Wool is naturally antibacterial and wearing it to bed in pajama form could help reduce dust mites and other undesirable bed companions, such as fungal spores, as wool's absorbent and drying nature is undeniable.

Finally, wool is a natural and renewable fabric, so the ideal would be to try the use of wool in bed with good pajamas and in this way discover that it is as good for sleeping as it is for resting.