Pijamas y Homewear

Pajamas and Homewear

The world is changing rapidly and vertiginously, working from home has become a new form of work and production for much of the world that is increasingly globalized and connected thanks to communication and information technology. Terms like homewear and the use of Pijama to be at home.

It is that never before has been so fashionable to relax, framed in a philosophy of calm made of the own full attention, to be still; in the present moment it means watching men relax a lot more, recover after a long day at work, and even spend a Saturday night lounging on the couch.

Of course, the prominence that fashion has as a spokesperson for current cultural trends, luxury brands are also turning to the creation of outfits to rest or to work remotely without leaving the home environment, well-designed garment collections for just be in the house, like a good Pijama.

Classic Fabrics And Models

It is not only about being very comfortable, but also about keeping a certain appearance even at home, thus excellent garments of soft cotton or exotic cashmere stand out, with an impeccable cut and confection as a classic model that never goes out of style.

In neutral or traditional colors like navy blue, black, white and literally fifty different shades of gray, as the homogeneous palette for the contemporary TV addict; delving into reds, purples and greens for more sophisticated and silky items, as famous icons used to wear.

Homewear garments

Sweaters and sweatpants are the most potentially common and popular household item for men; the need for comfort is often detrimental to style. A great choice, the cotton loop-back sweater is extremely comfortable, breathable, and the most affordable fabric to keep you cool.

Wool, silk or cashmere, the most expensive and elegant. Going for a mix of one of these with cotton or a cheaper synthetic, which further increases the likelihood that they are machine washable.


For a real fit, look for drawstring trackies and pockets, opting for zippers on these to prevent important keepsakes from falling out and getting into the crevices of the sofa. Think of pants tailored to the silhouette of the pants, slim and still loosely contouring the leg. Ribbed cuffs at the ankle give the bottom additional refinement through tapering.

Like the front pleats, to imitate suit pants, pull up the top. For more detail, contrast stitching, contrasting cuff colors and additional pockets are recommended, as well as zippers that function as aesthetic décor and have functional appeal.

Cool Sweaters

To complement the ensemble, sweaters should be slim, but not restrictive, and have functional points of interest: tapered cuffs and hems, and a ribbed neckline. Look for modern intarsia patterns and retro prints for sweaters. You can also opt for navy blue, gray or black, infallible for a simpler and more neutral style. Again, the zippers and pockets add active details that look great and have a function.

Cool and Comfortable T-shirts

Once again, comfort is key for this homewear style to be really cozy. Basically it is about forgetting to iron shirts, you do not have to worry too much about the neck of the shirt that can be in an elegant placket that adds detail to the garment.

If you always opt for pure cotton, you should opt for the polo shirt for a more suitable and longer fit or the button-down collar that provides good taste for the standard slim-to-regular fit. The collarless design of the t-shirt is also a simple and matched version of the shirt of the Pijama.

On the other hand, like the sweatshirt or cuffed joggers, basic tees are suitable for slipping into your everyday fashion arsenal. Therefore, it is necessary to choose shirts of good cut and color, also designed for outdoor use, to maximize their value-use ratio.

Classic Robe

The robes are perfect to put on after the shower, and are a comfortable option of warm clothing for a night at home. Most quality robes come with pockets and a belt for secure closure and back shaping, as well as an ultimate shawl collar; sometimes made in a contrasting color or fabric for added style and texture.

The cotton jersey is the most versatile: it provides comfort and quality, while a flannel and cotton blend will provide some extra warmth in winter. Do you want to spend some money? Silk adds an elegant element to living room clothes. And, if you agree with a bit of a flashy robe, opting for a deep red jacquard or paisley with brown trim is very European.

Fashion Pajamas

The pijamas they are meant to be a peculiar representation of one's personal style. So, you have to play with security and self-confidence in the bedroom, so you can add some pattern and of course color. For the classic gentleman, the pijamas Plaid or striped prints are great options this season, in primary red, navy blue, white or dark green, reminiscent of the times when the aristocracy didn't have to work.

Meanwhile, pastel jacquard fabrics are, like dressing, more refined and springy, some with colored piping on the edge of collared pajama shirts. For the modern look, a plain T-shirt and cotton pants, short or long, are elegant and easy (and a little more attractive to the bed partner than a formal pajama).

Pants should be relaxed and light, with loose elastics at the waist and ankle. The fabrics are more diverse: from pure silk to cotton or flannel and wool materials for the winter months.


Slippers or slippers, to be at home as rest clothing are really essential. Perfect for little trips outside, like donning clothes out of line or picking up the mail, the sneaker is as luxurious as you want it to be.

Woven leather versions are at the more premium end of the spectrum, especially when made from calfskin, while velvet slippers with embroidered toe detail are a luxurious option and a great way to add subtle color: burgundy, forest green or navy blue, to its otherwise neutral, lounge look.

In the current scenarios where being at home has almost become a new reality, looking good is not a luxury but a necessity. Looking for models of suede moccasins with a fleece lining in the colder months is recommended. Avoiding novelty slippers such as giant animal feet and Disney character heads are strictly prohibited in a gentleman's wardrobe.