Tendencias, El Look del Pijama

Trends, The Pajama Look

Suddenly the Pijama I fill and fill social networks and the lives of everyone in the world. He even came to dominate the daily conversations between families and friends during this pandemic time. Filling catalogs of purchases, clothes, daily articles; inclusive, Christmas catalogs. Some made of its use something, inescapable. The Pijama, lives its best moment of life, in quarantine in all corners of the planet.

After this exhausting, impossible, unlikely year, why not give this garment a try, in addition to wearing it to sleep? The pijamas They are a step beyond athleisure and rest outfits. Nor are they so much a symbol of abandoning the farce of responsible adulthood, as surrendering to confinement. They are great and comforting clothes.

An increase in COVID-19 cases, a second confinement, winter, summer and holidays have brought to this moment, the opportunity to continue wrapped in cotton poplin and buttery knits or in a luxurious silk garment.

Most of the big people in pajamas Since late 2019, she has discovered that nightwear has another functionality in addition to that. A couple of years later, this garment still maintains its moment at the top, even in some cases variations have been included in the men's pajamas, which has made it more attractive and demolished that myth of having to be an old man to use them. The new, but classic versions feature a buttoned jacket with a collar and piping, trousers with an elastic waist, both made of soft jersey or silk, wool or satin.

The truth is that nothing has driven more the use of this garment as a substitute option for standard clothing at home, than confinement to homes. So far, sales of pajamas they have skyrocketed more than 300 percent in the last year and a half; at least in Europe. In many ways, the virus has forced many to look inward; the positive side is a change of time, a gift of time that many have highly valued and made the most of.

It has made many understand, from that introspection, about the need to have quality time, and one of the most valued factors in that quality time is the comfort of the outfit that offers greater security and intimacy at home. This is where the Pijama

Hard times call for soft clothing; That is why it could be said that it is the time and the moment of Pajama Look. These are times to invest more in the home and in what is worn as an outfit there. If you are indoors all day, the value of what you wear as an outfit changes, as well as its importance.

Rise of Luxury Pajamas

And then, the rise of luxury pajamas has also appeared, and for those people who are lucky enough to be able to pay for them and work from home; they are lucky to use this term as a relative thing, in a year in which everything is relative.

It is well known, the opinion of a huge mass of people who claim that no one needs pajamas. Just a worn t-shirt, old socks, a good blanket, and voila, this is enough with that. But if the same analogy applies, then no one needs jewelry either. Pajamas are about comfort and desire. They offer the gift of looking much more comfortable and homey than you really are today. This current situation may have been an emotional disaster for many, but at least the pajamas have matched millions.

Sleepwear, along with sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, and other clothing collectively considered comfortable clothing, is projected to make up nearly a third of all clothing sales in 2020. Apparel websites have added keywords such as “ cozy and comfortable '”, in their sales scripts. It is about selling warmth and togetherness.

In the holidays, many of the pajamas bought were, are and will be red. The vast majority of sales are influenced and driven by the need to share family photos in matching Christmas nightwear on social media, in the absence of being able to meet other family members due to pandemic restrictions.

Add to this trend the strategies of including YouTube music videos, which cleverly devised a way to quadruple sales of clothing that traditionally has a ridiculously short shelf life.

The pijamas they can be a trend at some point, they can even become fashionable, which is part of their appeal. At a time when many have avoided the formality of everyday wear, and although there are many still wear it, despite working from home, pajamas it becomes the best ally to preserve that formality and comfort, based on the infinity of variety of styles that exist. “In essence there is something for everyone.

With regard to designs, it is a standard. At the end of the day, the human silhouette does not change. This category of textile product is made easier to design, offering products of optimal and appreciated quality, to the point of customizing them. Simply put, aesthetics keep winning. The change in design pajamas it is so solid and strong that the addition of non-classic elements in any of the pieces (jacket or trousers) represents a pleasant innovation.

The pijamas they are another gift to the Western world from the East. Coming from India and adopted by almost everyone thanks to the British, it is a reality that I come to this side of the world to stay, and today it is stronger and more present than ever.

The pijamas They are such noble garments that they offer the opportunity to wear daily without causing the loss of order in the dress and the comfort to do home or office activities, which are now carried out from home. They are popular as gifts because you don't need to know the exact measurements of the recipient. They are the antithesis of skinny jeans, looking pretty much the same in all of them.

On the other hand, it also brings a wave of change in fabrics and patterns, allowing those who wish to get out of the traditional. Often the more wild and extravagant the better, surprisingly they are the ones in greatest demand. They have a tame cut, often an expressive pattern. In times as liberal as today, people wear prints that were once considered whimsical, but that express the feelings and emotions of a generation that makes itself feel stronger every day.

Being at home, whether for the holidays or every day, as this pandemic has made it, on the one hand has been a blessing thanks to the pajamas. It has allowed many people to find moments of introspection and meeting of their own homes, embracing life with simplicity, returning to the origins of simplicity and joy of sharing with close friends and dear family in hard times.