Colores y Pijamas Masculinos

Men's Colors and Pajamas

Since ancient civilizations, people have had a fascination for colors, they have gained value and weight throughout history, so much so that certain colors are still perceived as elegant and powerful or, quite the opposite. At the end of the Middle Ages it was determined which colors were worthy of the nobles, in addition that the kings and nobles were the only ones who could pay for the pigments to obtain certain colors. Men used mainly blue, green, black and brown and women used white, red and yellow.

This concept is applied not only in outfits but also at bedtime; the sleepwear of the mens does not vary as much as pajamas of women, and most gentlemen wear a shirt and pants of different styles and materials. Now the choices really revolve around how warm or cool you want to be, and whether style or comfort is most important. However, this is where color plays a fundamental role so that modern man can express himself through his pajamas.

The Symbolism of Colors

The psychological meanings of colors depend on various factors and their interpretation is subjective, however, as human beings there are meanings that coincide in most answers; Based on this premise, some colors and their meanings are explored below, giving rise to what you want to show with your Pijama either at bedtime or when resting peacefully at home.

Outfits in Red

Generally it highlights power, passion or strength, it can also be interpreted as danger, in fact, it is stimulating in breathing and the acceleration of the heart system, so this color strengthens the motivation in a person to make quick decisions and increase expectations. It can be considered perhaps for a romantic evening.

Orange Dress

This color, like red, is intense, so it shows a strong personality, an autumn color that attracts the attention of other people.

One Yellow Pajamas

A color that inspires emotions of joy and hope, but also caution, jealousy and decadence, in fact, this is the color with the most difficulty to assimilate for the eyes, so it is recommended not to saturate or overdo it, because with this color it's easy to lose your temper.

Green, something more than hope

It expresses success, safety, health, it is the color of nature since it is a refreshing and relaxing color; it is the easiest color for the eye to assimilate. On the other hand, the green color in dark tones causes conservative, healthy and masculine tendencies, so if what you want is that people feel comfortable by your side, use this color.

A Deep Blue

Generally it tends to provoke trust, it is a color of tranquility, authority and loyalty. Associated with rest, so it is a common color for nightwear.

Elegance in Purple

It has characteristics of wealth, loyalty and power, but above all sensitivity, which is why it is more linked to the female gender. In fact, this color stimulates the imagination so you can take advantage of it as it is also the color of passion and love.

Beige and Cinnamon

Two colors that along with brown tend to be relaxing earth, as these two colors are stress reducers; They encourage communication, although they are sometimes perceived as low energy or passive.

Classic Black

One of the most used colors, because what this color shows or gives to perceive is authority, power and drama, and even physically it gives a style that slims.

White, Simple and Pure

A neutral color that combines with everything, but which is perceived as neatness, purity and chastity.

One Shade in Brown

This is the color of the earth and abundance in nature that tends to communicate credibility and stability. The brown color is an excellent color to convey information since the neutrality it handles allows the conversation to be open. Although it has been observed that this color is sometimes more sought after by men than women.

Gray, Neutral and Sophisticated

This color tends to convey neutrality and sophistication. It serves to look authoritarian, but less oppressive than the color black.

All colors are suitable for dressing, but it is your turn to decide what you want to communicate with your Pijama or rest clothing; make color combinations not only with intention but also to experiment.

Men's Pajamas and Home Work

A virus caused one of the largest pandemics in history and the governments of almost the entire planet decreed mandatory confinement to stop the COVID-19 contagion curve that takes new victims every day. With this panorama and the absolute obligation to stay at home, pajamas took on an unimaginable role. Staying at home is no longer a decision, it is a way of life.

And that is where pajamas reinvented themselves, leaving the cliché image of the man who wears matching pajamas (preferably silk) with a matching dressing gown. The one who can afford to run out of a fire and make statements on television because of the good looks he looks. However, the reality is far from this idyllic image.

Men's pajamas begin to incorporate cotton garments in which comfort prevails for the rest of the user; a garment that can not only help at bedtime, but also allows you to participate in a class or informal meeting online without having to rush to change clothes.

It should be loose, comfortable, but under no circumstances should it be frayed, old or on the verge of self-destruction. As a man, you can express yourself through pajamas, the one that most identifies with the individual personality; It is a garment that allows you to extend self-respect, even when you are resting.

Pajamas for men today are inspired by the so-called homewear, or clothing to wear at home. Designed for a new way of living and understanding how gentlemen want to dress with a different vision than what we are used to. Garments designed to be worn with pride without sacrificing elegance and comfort. It is not necessary to wear the complete outfit, simply the top with jeans will achieve an elegant and comfortable look.

The underwear really, is not the most indicated as nightwear. You have to increase the level of comfort when you go to rest, dressing for the occasion. This way, you have to start wearing real nightwear and have something to wear when you are getting ready to go to bed at night. With good nightwear, it is possible to sleep well.

Onesie Pajamas

Onesies are perfect if you plan to go to summer camp; They can even have feet included so they can be kept covered and warm except for the hands and head. A popular staple with toddlers, the onesie pajamas with feet are now available in adult sizes.

The onesies have long arms and long legs and usually a zipper or button on the front or back so that they can be closed around the body. This is a great way to seal in the heat on cold nights.