Trabajar en Exceso Afecta el Sueño

Overwork Affects Sleep

Working hard for your goals is paramount, but overloading yourself is not. It is common for people to believe that working excessively implies success and that to feel productive you have to finish a tired day, when in reality it is not like that. This brings problems in the long run and that, in addition to working excessively affects sleep, also mental health and daily routine.

Of course, everyone has their goals and sets out to achieve them as they see fit, but it is never advisable to do so overloading yourself with work. Regardless of whether you want to put food on the table or accelerate a professional career having the most experience in the field, there is a factor that these objectives have in common and that is that there should always be a time to rest, adopt the wearing pajamas and relax.

It is important to note that, if a good night's sleep is not achieved using a comfortable pajamas or you simply have a break out of everything with preferably loose clothing, avoiding everything that has to do with the workplace, problems may arise in the long run, both physical and mental health, thus generating disorders and entering a circle vicious where, due to these inconveniences, a satisfactory sleep time and an optimal daily routine will never be achieved.

For this reason, it is necessary that people, as employees, learn to distribute their work time and to respect rest time. But this goes beyond setting hours for each activity; It also means taking care of yourself and taking advantage of all the tools that can help you achieve the goal of resting properly.

Overwork Affects Sleep and Daily life

Increasing productivity and generating income is one of the greatest priorities of our time, for both workers and companies. This desire to increase remuneration by working more has led people to think less about their well-being, ignoring the consequences of doing so. Therefore, you can immediately see repercussions such as stress, anxiety, weight gain, and the worst of them, lack of sleep.

Despite the fact that there are studies around the world that indicate that working days of more than 8 hours a day not only harm health, but also that desire to work more ends up demotivating workers. The limited availability of time leads them only to focus on the work environment, completely neglecting themselves and their interpersonal relationships.

Increasingly, people suffer from or are prone to developing a sleep disorder. Much is said about the negative effects caused by not sleeping well: premature aging, dark circles and general fatigue and even deterioration at the brain level.

Because at the time of sleep, brain activity is carried out and a large amount of hormones are released that fulfill the function of helping the regeneration of neurons and repair of mental capacities, at the moment when it is not carried out completely well , concentration and attention in the day to day decrease, affecting in the same way the mood and bringing with it depression or anxiety, causing irreparable damage and lowering productivity levels.

Symptoms of Excess Work

So now you must be wondering how to tell if there is work overload. And, these activities are so internalized and are so tied to the routine of day to day, that it is not easy to realize what is being done until a limit is reached.

The signs that indicate that more time is being dedicated to work than to daily life, and well-being, imply postponing normal hours for activities as basic as food and hydration, in order to attend to other pending tasks.

Also, working outside of working hours and taking weekends as an extension of time to carry out activities is another clear symptom of excess work that can affect health.

As people get used to having their full attention at work, more and more consequences begin to be observed, apart from neglecting relationships and personal life. The rush and commitment that any type of work brings with it is detrimental if the time invested is not regulated. For this reason, overwork is one of the main causes of depression and stress.

Here, the main emphasis is that working more than eight hours is not okay. That overtime becomes habitual, causes a greater exposure to stress, thus developing problems sleeping.

A constantly stressful environment reduces the quality of sleep, ultimately leading to cognitive and brain damage, as well as heart problems, hypertension and diabetes.

How to improve your routine and sleep better

By this point, you must already be asking yourself: How can you improve your routine and avoid being overloaded at work? And the truth is that the answer is quite simple because it is in the same person; in your priorities, your limits and your determination.

The improvement of the daily routine in order not to overload of work and to rest completely begins from the moment the problem that, in this case, causes the activity overload, becomes visible. Lack of organization, failures in time management management; Little communication in the same work group or unnecessary tasks, can be the problems that are had at the time of starting the workday.

For this, it is always advisable to organize and outline activities, delegate functions, optimize working hours, establish simple goals with a delivery date and respect it, use appropriate tools with organizational applications for managing information and time. Also, it is worth recommending avoiding distractions such as the cell phone at all costs and complying with the schedule that is being established.

Thanks to this, relaxing and falling asleep at night will be an easy task, but that does not mean that those extras that can improve the sleep experience, such as the use of a good comfortable pajamas, some soft slippers and an eye mask.

Here, the pijamas Soft are everything because they are the ones who will finish conditioning your body to relax at night and enter that state of rest, causing your mind to disconnect from everything that has to do with work. And, just as you have to organize yourself during the day, you have to do it at night choosing the pajamas of choice, whether cotton or satin. With bold prints or in monochromatic colors.

The important thing here is that the willingness to improve in the workplace is also led to improve personal life. It is time to take concrete action on yourself and stop working excessively and put yourself first. The use of good, comfortable and clean pajamas will keep the worker's self-esteem high, keeping everything under control and increasing daily productivity.