Cómo Cuidar los Pijamas de Hombre, Bóxers Tela y demás prendas

How to Care for Men's Pajamas, Fabric Boxers and other garments

We share some tips to keep in mind to take care of your clothes, especially pajamas.

Good things must be taken care of, and for this it is important to know how.

Pajamas for men in particular and, in general, the rest of the garments such as polo shirts, boxers or t-shirts for men from El Búho Nocturno, respond to a careful manufacturing process and a selective obtaining of materials, from which the results are obvious: quality and detail, comfort and elegance.
Although our products are made to last, it is always a good idea to follow certain guidelines to preserve the quality of the garments. This will ensure that you can enjoy them for a long time.
In this note, we will detail how men's pajamas should be cared for, both fabric and knitted. In particular, we will pay special attention to washing them. This is a key factor that must be taken into account for the half-life of the clothes, even from the first wash. Many of us live in a hurry and it is normal that, sometimes, we neglect things like taking care of our clothes. For this reason, we recommend that you take a sheet and a pen, and aim.
First of all, it is important to note that all garments have a label inside. There you will find the washing, drying and ironing references with the symbol "PROHIBITED" or "ALLOWED" as the case may be.
If you can wash the pajamas in the washing machine, we recommend inserting them the other way around to better preserve their colors, as well as their printed drawings, if they have them. The fear most people have is that their clothes will shrink. So that this does not happen, it is advisable to wash cold, or at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees.

Most of our pajamas are made of 100% cotton, a material that, although very absorbent and comfortable, in addition to being gentle on the skin, is susceptible to shrinking, especially in the first wash; so you have to pay special attention not to wash it hot so that it does not deform. In addition to pure cotton, there is a cheaper line that combines 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which is more resistant due to this synthetic component, as well as being less wrinkled.
On the other hand, we also have a select line of velvet pajamas - which would require a separate additional entry. Velvet is a much more delicate fabric than others, so we recommend that you take a good look at the interior label first; although it will always be preferable to wash by hand and with cold water. If you are using the washing machine, we recommend that you program it in the mode for delicate fabrics and that the spin is gentle.
If pajamas can be ironed, remember to dampen the garments to remove all wrinkles. Anyway, our fabrics do not wrinkle too much. Pay attention to the different functions and modes that your iron has. Generally, they always have the option of more delicate fabrics. In the case of velvet pajamas, iron by tapping the garment so as not to affect the softness of the fabric. Then pass a brush.
Our pajamas invite you to feel comfortable and warm in your own home. They are made to elevate your well-being and make you feel comfortable at that time of day when you can lower your guard and rest. Take care of your clothes as much as they take care of you.
In order not to make this small entry more extensive, we provide additional information in the form of points to remember:
- Colored clothes and white clothes separately. We will prevent the garments from fading and damaging each other.
- Once the washing machine is finished, the clothes should not be left in for a long time. The reason is, of course, that it will quickly take on a musty odor and must be washed again. Nor is it advisable to wash clothes so often (whatever).
- Do not dry in full sun, since direct sunlight affects the color.
We hope this post is useful. Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are very interested in your concerns and opinions!