Las telas de nuestros pijamas de hombre

The fabrics of our men's pajamas

Poplin, viyela and flannel: the fabrics of our pajamas

At El Búho Nocturno we are known for manufacturing men's clothing of the highest quality-price. Seeking to optimize the balance between cost and quality, a factor of great importance - if not the most important - is the quality and type of fabric. In particular, and in relation to our flagship product, the traditional classic men's cloth pajamas, the quality of the fabric turns out to be a key factor.
In the manufacturing and tailoring process, we take care of all the details. The fabrics used are selected with the greatest comfort in mind for you, the customers. The fabrics that we use in our products are mainly poplin, viyela and flannel. In this note, we will present the main characteristics so that you can make the choice of your pajamas with total knowledge.
He poplin it is a thin fabric and its French origin dates back to the 15th century when, in Avignon, it was used mainly for liturgical clothing. The pope wore this cloth and this is where his name comes from. Poplin can be made from different raw materials: natural (vegetable or animal fibers), artificial (vegetable cellulose that imitates cotton or silk) and synthetic (originating from oil). At El Búho Nocturno we manufacture two lines of pajamas in poplin fabric: 100% cotton - for greater comfort and sensitive skin - and another, a little cheaper, since it uses a combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Both are soft, resistant and rigid options that facilitate ironing and reduce wrinkles.

The see her It is a diagonally arranged fabric that arose around the 18th century and that, traditionally, was made of cotton and wool, from which its thickness characterized it as the appropriate fabric for autumn and winter. Our viyela is 100% cotton and has this diagonal confection. Natural finish, with well-established colors and a special drape.

Finally, we offer a line of men's pajamas and pajama bottoms made from fabric flannel. This fabric emerged and became popular in the 17th century in Wales, and it is consolidated, par excellence, as the winter fabric due to its thickness and superficial fleece that retain heat and provide softness to the touch. This fabric goes through a mechanical brushing process in which a fine metal brushes the fabric to create fine fibers. This brushing can be done only on one side, or on both. The latter, which resembles the skin of a peach, is called "Double-Peach" and is the one we use in El Búho Nocturno.

We hope this note has been useful to you. We invite you to visit our online store to choose the pajamas that best suit your tastes and needs.

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