Cómo La Moda Influye En Los Hombres

How Fashion Influences Men

For a long time, clothing has been specified as one of the fundamental needs of man, along with food and shelter. Although from the beginning it was mainly related to cope with climatic factors, little by little it has evolved and now we talk about style, communication, personality and more. But now, there is also talk about how the fashion influences men.

Clothing And Fashion

It could be said that, in a tacit way, clothing has been closely associated with the movement of Fashion for many years and, it is known as that which changes constantly and that functions as a kind of symbolic device within a society.

Therefore, the way in which people dress gives an opinion to the world of what it is like and how these individuals perceive themselves. Women in the industry like Coco Chanel or, to say the least, Margaret Thatcher have tried over the years to sprinkle the authority that typically masculine garments symbolize. On the contrary, then, we must ask ourselves: In what way has fashion influenced contemporary men?

So How Does Fashion Influence Men?

Currently, Fashion It is something that has enveloped the world both consciously and unconsciously. Men are so influenced by fashion that the producer has been forced to constantly change or renew the products on the market in order to satisfy the new needs that are created in society.

Thus, it can be said that fashion is in everything, from clothing, music, artists, technological items to places, increasingly influencing the tastes of the individuals that make up said society. And it is that, it is not only about how fashion influences men directly, but also indirectly.

Fashion In Today's World

The importance of fashion in society is palpable and quite evident. Just by going out on the street you can appreciate all kinds of styles and how trends are increasingly being reinvented.

In this way, you can find ambassadors who influence the way contemporary men dress. Men like Jerry Lorenzo have shown that despite the simplicity of his style, he can set the tone with casual jogger pants and minimalist solid color shirts.

While, on the other hand, Kanye West himself can be highlighted who, despite maintaining a fairly sober style of dress, seeks to continue passing him the spotlight to the sneakers and seeks to impose a new canon of beauty.

But if we talk about how fashion has influenced the current male figure, we can find the example of influencer riskiest to date, which is Harry Styles who has been in charge of deconstructing the classic masculine style, thus opting for dresses, transparent shirts, bright colors and prints.

Based on the work of such eccentric ambassadors as Harry Styles, artistic movements and trends have been seen, both on the catwalks and in the streets, full of the same style and aesthetics that the musical icon imparts.

The Influence Of Fashion On Society

And it is that, Fashion It has been present throughout human history for different purposes, so its influence is undeniable for a myriad of reasons. Nothing more than the fact of dressing or covering the body with garments responds to a social requirement.

In addition, dressing in a specific way taken from fashion is a way of communicating what a person assumes such as their gender, age, status and their role in society.

It should also be noted that fashion and the way of dressing is considered one of the greatest expressions of freedom in some societies. Similarly, it is a reflection of the main moral and aesthetic values of these societies.

Impact on society

Today, its impact on modern societies cannot be denied, and for years it has even shaped the way men and women "should" see each other. Its influence is more than visible when the "ideal bodies" of the fifties and sixties are compared with the physical characteristics of contemporary man.

If this topic is talked about in a superficial way, fashion and design can seem very irrelevant topics, when in reality, they have a deep connection in the advancement and development of societies.

The Most Influential Men In Fashion

Just as a Jerry Lorenzo or a Kanye West was mentioned, one can easily speak of a Raf Simons, who revolutionized Europe when he ran the Jill Sanders and Dior firms; Also, the same François-Henri Pinault who is in charge of directing brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and more.

On the other hand, we must not go very far from what had been mentioned above from the example of the artist Harry Styles, who vindicates fashion genderfluid and vintage.

On various occasions, it has been observed how she has dared to wear garments from women's collections, has painted her nails, used high heels, and even dressed ballet costumes, in order to remove labels from clothing to women and men's clothing, claiming that when they disappear, they enter a world of infinite possibilities.

Based on this, in addition to having caused a stir in artistic movements and trends, it has also opened a space for debate to discuss about the new masculinity and whether it is really necessary for clothes to have gender since, at the end of the day , they end up limiting people.

Fashion Is Not Only A Woman's Thing

It is a reality that fashion is not only a matter of women. Despite the fact that much of what is on the market is aimed at women and, in some cases, by women, the world of fashion is full of men who, for a long time, are also making history in the fashion industry. men's clothing, and even catwalks.

This, in order to vindicate said men's fashion, create new concepts and with them, social awareness in the same way that is currently emerging with the issue of deconstruction in men's clothing and its new meaning in society.

The influence of fashion itself helps in the mental growth of people today, using it both as an artistic medium and as a tool to reaffirm their personality and expose that it is not necessary for clothing to have gender.

A unique style, for example, is manifested in nightwear, rather than from a utilitarian sense, men's pajamas they are overflowing with elegance and good taste for men today. Hence, a classic pajamas will be well appreciated in the wardrobe of The Knights.

While the industry of Fashion works to a greater extent to please the female niche than in itself, it is the most changing, the menswear It is not far behind since, although they are produced to a lesser extent and therefore are more expensive pieces of clothing compared to pieces of clothing for women, these are quality and durable.

There are countless artists, concepts and influencers revolutionizing the world of fashion right now, so the job of male consumers is to let go, open their minds to new alternatives, but never lose their own essence.