Personalidad Y Comodidad

Personality and Comfort

The Pijama, It is a garment that contributes and delivers a great contribution in terms of the identification and consolidation of the male personality. This garment in particular, whether it is used to go to bed to sleep or, as simple as staying in it to enjoy a good movie, a good book or a football game; Most men enjoy its comfort and informality, to the point of longing for its use during the day, when they do their working hours, especially those who still do it outside the home.

Feel comfortable

At present, it is a fact that the main attention of society decreases significantly when choosing the outfit to rest and relax inside the home; In short, very little attention is paid to the use and benefit of the Pijama. Regardless of the time of year, hot, humid or cold; the truth is that attention should be focused on the use and enjoyment of this garment, as part of the ritual of being comfortable and at home, and often ready for bed.

This last year and a half, and due to the global health emergency situation, a large part of the population has been forced to stay in their homes longer than expected; which has led to denote that feeling comfortable inside the home is one of the main objectives, going through the fact of feeling handsome, comfortable and elegant, particularly in summer times.

It is recommended to use the pajamas made of cotton, the best and purest raw material that exists to make these garments. They turn out to be garments of extraordinary quality as well as being very soft and special for the hot days of the middle of the year. In addition to this cotton fabric, it has a shine and a special air that gives elegance and style to the Pijama.

It is precisely during this time of year: summer, when temperatures rise and humidity becomes heartbreakingly acute, and the search for fresh clothes is the order of the day. By assumptions that pajamas Short designs are not exempt from this situation, they are specially created for these days, and they become the main allies when it comes to sleep and rest from exhausting days of daytime heat. These pajamas Short, it could be said, that stand out for having a great durability that could allow them to be worn for several repeated seasons.

They are made up of Bermuda shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts, sometimes with a pocket in the chest area, in light shades of white, blue, gray and pearl.

It is pertinent to mention that, during the summer and due to the increase in temperatures, it is also true that there are certain areas where temperatures remain warm. That is why it can be observed that not all men have the same preferences for pajamas short; not everyone has the same needs and tastes. That is why long-cut designs are highly popular, especially those that are made of cotton, in order to ensure breathability, freshness and adequate comfort.

The Pajamas And Their Origin

Pajamas are undoubtedly one of the most used garments in the world, without distinction of race, culture or religious creed. It is a textile piece that is used daily, and it is not only used for the purpose of sleeping, but many times to be at home to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The word Pijama It has its origin in a Persian and Hindi word paejama; This term itself encompasses a set of meanings that could be summarized in the search or the objective of acquiring the habit of preserving personal hygiene, health of the place where you sleep or rest (bed), and is also related to the feeling of comfort to the body while resting.

When the temperatures dropped in that region of the world, there were few effective solutions to warm the legs and other parts of the body, that is why, it has been recorded that at the time of the extinct Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) this garment already existed and complied a very particular role. Within that culture his name literally meant, "clothing for the leg."

By the middle of the seventeenth century, women and men, to avoid sleeping naked, used long nightgowns as a sleeping garment that were buttoned up to the feet all over the front. These nightgowns were made of velvet or wool.

In parallel and during that time, an interesting growth began in the boom of intercontinental sea travel, specifically between Asia and Europe, which could be considered the first tourist trips. In these trips, and as in all trips, cultural exchanges began to be seen; It is in this way that pants imported from Persia began to become popular, which turned out to be the first pajamas in the west.

Initially, these garments were quite loose in order to allow full freedom of movement when sleeping. They were manufactured in soft and fresh fabrics to ensure safe perspiration and at the same time obtain comfort.

Three hundred years later, when the British Empire had the territory of India as a colony, it adopted and adapted to its English style, this garment used to sleep. Adding details and decoration destined to the luxury and adaptation to the "western" man. It is at this moment, when they begin to be defined by gender: masculine and feminine garments. It was a garment with such renown and prestige, that it became only suitable for people with high social positions, despite its origins as accessible and popularly used textile pieces in all social classes, due among other things, to its simple and primitive design.

At present, and thanks to the countless technological advances achieved at the moment, the prices of these garments are quite accessible for almost everyone, in addition to being able to choose from thousands of models, designs and materials, synthetic or organic.

It's Smart to Wear Pajamas

Finally, the idea that pajamas they are only for sleeping has been discarded from the mentality and daily habit of today's society. And although the Europeans adapted pajamas as nightwear, the good people of Turkey, Iran and India, who used these loose garments, not only for the bed, but for comfort all day in the face of the very warm temperatures of those latitudes; they have delivered one of the best legacies to modern society.

Part of the reason you could say that pajamas They have a bad reputation, it is due to that paradigm created of an image of weakness and old age associated with the use of this garment. It is not necessary to continue feeding this false belief.

Instead, you have to incentivize their use. Because it provides convenience, hygiene and comfort. The super comfortable feeling of cotton fabric on the skin, not only helps to alleviate the worries of the day, but also these pieces help to mold and stylize the figures of its users. It is a fact, from time to time wanting to look good without having to wear the best combinations of clothes.