Cómo Se Impone el Pijama Cómodo En La Normalidad

How Comfortable Pajamas Are Imposed On Normal

It is more than clear that quarantine has changed many aspects of life as we knew it before. The most curious change that could be witnessed is how clothing was redefined and how comfortable pajamas prevail in people's daily lives.

At first, from the comfort of home, many have chosen to put aside the more formal garments and have decided to say goodbye to jewelry, makeup, ties, and more. And it is that, in general, all have succumbed to the most comfy clothes; Some even, as a matter of protocol, maintain the custom of dressing formal, but from the waist up.

When it comes to dressing, the options and alternatives have been many, but something that is a fact is that the quarantine has radically changed the way people dress in their day, whether to work, go out or spend the time at home.

The biggest collateral effect that spending so much time at home has brought is that pajamas have made their way into trends. Beyond the practical use they can have and the impact that has been seen recently, a glimpse of what pajamas could be in the fashion world was witnessed several years ago when Prada launched a more glamorous and feathered version. in their spring / summer collection during 2017.

After this fact, they have established themselves as one of the formulas of the industry in fashion week, and some brands like Sleeper even have the most luxurious versions of pajamas.

And with this we go to a point, there are endless sets of pajamas inspiration or the same pajamas per se and they have become an important piece of the closet and not exactly for sleeping. With the partial freedom that has been seen around the world, the pajamas have been transformed and have taken to the streets hand in hand with good shoes and accessories, both for women and men.

Comfortable Pajamas Are On The Streets

People definitely want more baggy pants and not so tight at the waist, just like they want more soft oversized shirts or those who are more risky want to opt for patterned outfits that do not mark the figure and combine with good sandals.

It is no surprise to anyone that how we live impacts how we dress and the new habits imposed by the pandemic have a fairly clear reflection in fashion. Thus, brands have also become attached to what consumers want, eager to feel more comfortable, look more casual and want to experiment when going out on the street.

For this reason, in both physical and digital shop windows, the change is noticeable and its range of comfortable garments and pajamas has been reinforced; Either launching new products, establishing new sets or developing a new specific and outstanding segment.

If we talk about brands that have adapted and continue to reinforce the use of pajamas outside the home, you can see brands such as Zara with its new segment on the web: “New Confort”, Mango with its comfy collection, Bershka with its “Bcomfy "Or Woman Secret with" The Pijama Society. "

Pajamas To Feel Comfortable, Even On The Street

Taking care of your body and personal appearance is one of the main steps to feel good about yourself, but also to use comfortable pieces of clothing and shoes that facilitate movement for day-to-day activities.

Yes, dressing in an elegant way is socially accepted everywhere and whoever removes that many people feel genuinely comfortable with it, but, many of these outfits are made with textiles that hardly adapt to people and their environment, as they do. some good pajamas.

For this reason, it is advisable to wear clothes that avoid the use of velcro closures, rubber bands, elastic that tighten the figure or heavy fabrics. At least, for men, one of the biggest challenges is wearing suits with ties, so it would not hurt to get rid of them and opt for cotton pants and combine them with a softer flannel or a polo shirt of some more color. sober.

Although it is important to remember that the first impression depends merely on how you are dressed and that it speaks a lot about what a person is like in a superficial way, you should always put comfort as a priority. The redefinition of comfortable clothing and pajamas has prompted the idea that less is more and that you can easily hit the streets by combining good oversized plaid pants or joggers with a more striking colored hoodie.

Settle in to Live

The radical change in the world of fashion affects even the smallest brands that sought to settle down to live and not be left behind in the industry. From the beginning of the state of alarm, or a little further back, brands realized the change and began to see this as a new way of approaching the consumer with a theme as intimate as pajamas.

Here, it was where they most relied on the analytics launched by the sales of their stores and refined their task by studying such purchases, mainly online. It should also be noted that the development of digitization took a huge step, making it easier for companies to reinvent themselves based on what consumers ask for.

The commitment to comfort, in combination with digitization could be having its positive results. It is a reality that brands have had to adapt to the current circumstances of the consumer in a somewhat aggressive way, but offering the best of them.

For this reason, in recent months, much more sporty or directly comfy and unisex collections have been launched with more prominent details. With the radical changes that have been observed, brands have to be much more agile and give consumers what suits them best, but without neglecting their innovation, in order to make them feel more comfortable, unique and that they are living better. having a more conscious and personal consumption.

Did the clothes we know changed forever?

Fashion reinvents and redefines itself every day, since time immemorial. But this time, we are likely to see one of the most radical changes, both at home and on the street.

It is a reality that a dress code peculiar that can easily be combined with the one that was already known, because despite the fact that people have chosen one hundred percent to wear comfortable clothing, they have still been interested in preserving the use of conventional clothing.

So the clothes we knew changed forever? Have they taken over the catwalks, the house and now, the streets? The answer is yes and no, for now we are seeing an experimental change and new concepts in men's and women's clothing, breaking those paradigms that were ingrained in society.

In this sense, it is considered that flexibility and knowing how to adapt to each situation is the winning bet, both for people and companies. Yes, it is very important to also feel comfortable, but you must never forget the image since, as mentioned above, it says a lot about people.