Hábitos de Una Vida Saludable

Habits of a Healthy Life

Carry one Healthy life It has become fashionable, but the truth is that it is seriously, closely and bindingly related to a way of life that includes the regular practice of physical activity, accompanied by a healthy diet and sleep well in healthy balance.

A well-balanced diet, physical activity and adequate night rest They are effective in slowing down health problems when they are a regular part of the routine. Adequate consumption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins is essential for the normal functioning of the body and the organism.

The Value of a Balanced Diet

Follow one balance diet, In other words, a balanced and varied diet to lead a life as healthy as possible should be part of this routine of healthy habits. Which implies including most of the nutrients such as proteins, minerals such as calcium, vitamin C and D, keys to maintaining good muscle, bone and joint health.

Keep a balance diet It deals with the establishment of a series of habits, including setting and respecting adequate times for each meal, good hydration, and the intake of various foods in the correct portions and amounts. In short, a healthy diet is based on meeting the nutritional and caloric needs of each person according to their requirements and daily activity.

Which means that a healthy and adequate diet must be rather personalized and adjusted to the requirements of each individual; Healthy eating habits include, as already mentioned, the establishment of feeding schedules and strict respect for those schedules, the inclusion of different nutritional groups in the diet, as well as good hydration.

Importance of Sleeping Well

It is interesting how you can also regulate sleep functions, following a routine of night rest that includes setting a time, a light dinner, a comfortable pajamas and favorable environmental conditions to stimulate sleep naturally until the body gets used to bedtime.

Heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure go up and down during the night, which is a very important process for cardiovascular health. Additionally, the body releases a series of hormones that help in the repair of cells.

There are many factors that can interrupt and affect sleep; stimulants such as caffeine or some medications. Other physical agents such as the noise of electronic devices or the light of televisions, the uncontrolled use of cell phones, among others, can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Question of Habits

It is important to build Healthy habits, since otherwise there is a risk of health problems that can become chronic. It can be difficult and even difficult to change bad habits that are already well established, especially if they are behaviors that have been adopted for a long time. The best way to improve the quality of life is to gradually begin to create the habit instead of adhering to an entirely strict discipline.

Imbalances in Quality of Life

Malnutrition, overwork and lack of physical exercise can occur both due to a deficit or excess of calories consumed, as well as an imbalance in the intake of different nutrients. A healthy diet is not governed only by the amount of calories that compose it, but by the content of the food and the needs of each individual.

A diet that does not meet each of the basic requirements can favor the appearance of diseases of all kinds, which can be acute or chronic. A completely incomplete insufficient diet, that is, one that does not cover the daily caloric requirements that an individual demands, can be the cause of malnutrition.

On the other hand, if there is a significant deficit of a nutrient, associated pathologies could be generated, such as anemia due to low consumption of iron-containing foods. Ingesting caffeine in excess affects sleep, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle lead to being overweight.

Importance of Schedules

Referring to habits, and for a good understanding of the subject, it is a series of repetitive ways of behaving day by day, whose purpose is to build routines that help regulate daily activity in an orderly manner, denoting order and structure as well as greater security and stability, both physical and emotional (Hidalgo, 2007). Therefore, including appropriate routines and habits even from childhood helps to define appropriate behaviors in connection with educational strategies in space and time, through the repetition of actions and tasks (Cabría, 2012).

It is of utmost importance then, for different authors and researchers in the field, the adoption of routine schemes not only for an adequate education of the child, as a socializing factor and for the construction of learning, but also for the formation of appropriate behaviors from the structure. In summary, the design of routines and good habits starts from determining voluntary but strict compliance plans and schedules that allow ordering and structuring it appropriately, framed in an awareness of self-discipline in the adult.

Complying with a diet and rest days that respect the schedules of both feeding and night rest is of great importance, since periods of hunger, transient to chronic insomnia are avoided, which have as a consequence a disorder and imbalance in health. The task is to ensure a food intake every three or four hours, in portions that do not exceed the requirements of the person as well as hours of sleep according to particular conditions.

The consumption of food at meal times is well recommended, because it keeps the metabolism working continuously, which contributes to an active movement of the body, due to the use of calories and nutrients provided, and thus maintains stable levels of glycemia and cholesterol. .

Routines have become an inherent part of current life and in fact it is, since it does not require a great formal knowledge in its construction, because from the parents at home they teach and define daily habits to their children from the earliest ages , being significant figures that contribute to develop affective, protective and behavioral bonds modeled as authority figures in the dynamics of each of these nuclei. Which means that it is not that difficult, it only requires will and discipline.

Some recommendations

Finally, to obtain a really healthy and healthy life, which favors a good state of health, it is recommended first of all to establish schedules and respect them. As for a good diet, the ideal is to build a diet from a good selection of foods to consume. Maintaining a complete and sufficient diet is essential, which contains all the food groups and favors the consumption of fruits, vegetables, meats and low-fat dairy, legumes and whole grains.

We live in a modern society, where the trend towards leisure and sedentary lifestyle increases in a dangerous way; It is very common to spend a lot of time sitting, even leisure hours are limited to watching television or video games, and in most cases working in front of a computer and little by little we have been relegating activities that favor our health such as dancing, walk or do any sports activity that we like. Choosing and spending time in a physical activity provides great health benefits, it even helps you sleep better accompanied by a comfortable pajamas.