Cómo Ser Un Hombre Profesional Sin Descuidar La Vida Personal

How to be a professional man without neglecting your personal life

Maintaining work-life balance is always the goal for be a professional man since it promotes a better quality of life and, consequently, a better performance at work. But, many times it is unknown how to achieve it, either because of the demands of the job itself, or because it has simply been impossible to find that perfect balance.

And it is that yes, it can happen that you do not have head, or time, to organize a day where personal well-being is prioritized. Maintaining a harmony between personal life and work represents a great challenge.

While most men are used to a hectic work routine, intense routines, and a fairly busy schedule, the long-term health damage it can bring can be considerable. In addition to that, it can significantly harm working life.

Without a balance between these two, very little will be the labor productivity and, at the end of the day, repercussions such as stress and anxiety will come with them, thus harming the body. Therefore, if what you are looking for is professional without neglecting yourself personally, you have to study and ask yourself if genuinely, as a man, you are making the right decisions.

How to be a professional man without leaving behind?

It should be noted that, in the current context, where you are used to immediacy, it is very common for your work to be just as demanding and require the same speed for any type of process. Although technology is a fundamental support factor since it is capable of helping in a large part of work assignments, in other types of factors it can become somewhat excessive.

This is when the lack of balance between work and personal life can be seen, where if one is harmed, the other also; thus limiting, in many cases, valuable time spent on break and causing health problems.

So what should a man do to be professional and not put his well-being aside? The key word: organization and limits. First of all, it is necessary to reflect on the current situation, both physically and emotionally. Here, you have to evaluate at what level they feel good or bad, if you are optimal to continue with the routine or if you have to change something.

From here, it will be easier to organize priorities and limit certain aspects. And it is that, the balance plays a fundamental role to coordinate both the times in life and at work. Planning the activities or personal goals that you want to achieve, within your time frame, can help you more effectively make way for personal life activities and plans.

Daily Life and Good Habits

On the other hand, in addition to evaluating all kinds of plans and objectives that a man may have at the work level, he must also reflect on his quality of life and the habits he has adopted throughout it.

The balance of personal and work life is essential for every worker who wants to guarantee a good level of productivity, without dying in the attempt. For this reason, it is vital to give yourself a space to reflect on an individual level and evaluate your daily life.

Here, we must be aware that achieving that change that is so longed for depends only on the man who wants to improve himself and also, to a large extent, on acquiring a lifestyle that allows forcing discipline on new, and better, habits.

Therefore, just as we always seek to respect work schedules and activities, we must also respect personal ones such as social activities, rituals for sleep better, the times to eat, the time to exercise and even the moments of leisure.

Rest as the Foundation for Healthy Habits

In this way, the issue of healthy habits will be touched upon to preserve personal well-being and, consequently, work-related well-being; it must be emphasized that the basis of everything is adequate rest.

And it is that, at the health level, getting enough sleep is essential for that well-being that is so longed for. It is proven that, if the eight hours of daily sleep are met, memory is capable of improving, the immune system is strengthened, blood pressure drops, body inflammation is reduced and even concentration and mental capacity improve; In addition, you will have more energy and will be more willing to new activities.

Sleep itself is one that allows the mind and body to recover from the workday, and these processes tend not to be effective when enough hours of sleep are not met.

Here, there is the stage of rapid eye movement or paradoxical dreams, where the brain is responsible for classifying the most necessary information and the one that is not, being stored in long-term memory. Therefore, if the sleep stage is interrupted, concentration and mental work can be affected, thus damaging the mood in the same way.

For the same reason, as a protagonist within good habits, you have to set sleep goals, set schedules both to go to bed to sleep and to wake up and everything always in total calm, opting for everything that guarantees well-being at the time of rest, and be it a warm bath or a good men's pajamas.

Don't be so rude to yourself

While the main goal is to be a succesful man, you do not have to be so demanding with yourself. There is no doubt that, at work, one always seeks to have the best results at the level in every aspect in order to develop, stand out and grow.

Nobody wants to do a bad job, but obsessing over it and over demanding it is not the most viable path either, since the eternal search for perfection can consume most of the time and accelerate the deterioration of the quality of life.

The reality here is that each person has a learning curve where work gets better over time, so eventually work activities will improve based on the quality and effort put into it.

Also, a key point here in addition to delegating activities and being disciplined, is that you have to rely on a team to carry out the assigned projects. Working in a team not only implies cooperating with colleagues, but also sharing responsibilities, goals and achievements.

The work team is there to support what is needed, so it is necessary to divide the positions, establish priorities and monitor all the movements of these projects to achieve, more quickly, the expected results. And it is that, always it is necessary to be mentalized with that, no matter how much one wants, nobody can take care of everything by himself and that, an external help, would never fall badly.

As a plus, the successful man has to mentalize that he should not stop learning and that, just as it is important to improve physically and professionally, it is also necessary to stay intellectually entertained in order to continue evolving.