Descansar, Dormir Y El Uso Del Pijama

Resting, sleeping and wearing pajamas

The bedroom of the house is one of those places where people do not usually care much about their appearance. But it should be so. What if your loved one were lying next to you in a baggy, worn shirt? It would probably feel less sexy or less attractive. Men should also dress a bit fashionable and above all cool at night.

Have available, a selection of fashionable nightwear that will not leave any lady indifferent.

You have to be honest: How many pajamas is it available? One, two or none? And what do the existing copies look like? If you are a faithful believer in the statistics, according to which men buy pajamas new every three years, this indicates that the models fall, in the category of good bad rather than good.

This sad fact alone would be reason enough to go right away and buy at least two pants or outfits! pajamas new!

Sleepwear time, according to Consumer Society surveys, less than half of all men wear pajamas. If you look at the prevailing supply in department stores, it's easy to imagine what these models look like. That's why 40 percent simply choose shorts and T-shirts. Either they stay in their underwear or boxer shorts. The remaining percentage simply sleep naked.

That, of course, is also seductive, but a shame because it exists: cool nightwear for men, variety of pajamas and even nightdresses.

Do not miss the trend. Fortunately, the days of pajamas From ugly, poorly finished cottons, to embarrassingly patterned shirts that look as if they were made from reluctantly rejected material, they are a thing of the past. In case of continuing with those garments, these specimens must be put aside. No matter how comfortable these ugly ones are pajamas baggy, you have to take off your nostalgic glasses and face reality: they are anything but sexy! Either the old or the couple, you have to decide!

Retro In The Bedroom

What she is wearing now, and what would have made even grandmothers happy, are, on the one hand, elegant pajamas. On you will find especially elegant models made of silk, cotton, poplin, bamboo, satin or striped knit.

There are many manufacturers that offer pajamas comfortable and elegant. Whether in exquisite silk or refreshing cotton, pajamas Airy comes in casual cuts and lets skin breathe at night. Along with a robe or cardigan, they can also be worn in the evening for reading by the fireplace and in the morning for breakfast.

Plaid suits and those with elegant paisley prints are true classics. The pijamas with stripes they are just as timeless, but a little more sporty. Subtle blue, beige and gray color combinations ensure that nightwear can be enjoyed for a long time.

Fantastic Fibers

Make sure to use breathable natural materials. Satin can shine just as well as silk, but it is synthetic and that makes you sweat extremely fast. So if you wake up relaxed but drenched in sweat at night, you don't necessarily have a nightmare. Just take a look at the label of pajamas.

The New Pajamas

Yes the pijamas Classics with button placket are too old-fashioned, you can opt for more modern pajamas with a sporty cut. Raglan sleeve tops (sleeves with diagonal seams from neck to armhole) guarantee freedom of movement.

The pants are casually baggy, preferably with a drawstring, somewhat reminiscent of jogging pants. No wonder some men prefer to wear them every day (Sunday). For greater comfort and convenience, and although they are very comfortable, do not forget to change into an elegant suit on Monday, to go to work.

Warm nights on cold days

If some days it is too cold in bed despite the hot partner, the pajamas made of soft angora wool should help. These models are nice and warm, but they can't really be classified as sexy. In that case, you just have to put on a thick blanket made of virgin wool, and that's it.

Short and sweet

For the group of men who wear shorts or underwear, it can always be varied, even with the intention of making the loved one happy; changing at night for elegant short pajamas for men made of delicate silk. Not only will you not be able to keep your hands off yourself, but you will also feel transformed. If the silk is too soft, a sporty plaid will do the same. The main thing is to wear a different shorts than the ones you wear all day. Well, not exactly: silly comic motifs and funny phrases are also forbidden in bed, as is pajamas Grandpa's.

Consciously Create Distance From Problems

The current times could be considered crucial moments in the history of modern civilization. Some momentous changes have occurred abruptly, significantly affecting human activity globally. Even activities that were taken for granted as automatic and immune to all sorts of disturbance. Sleep and rest for the body and mind have definitely been one of those activities altered by this vortex speed that modern life leads today.

Lie down, close your eyes, and sleep. It could be that easy. But often it is not, for many. Circling and tormenting thoughts may be to blame for difficulty falling asleep. How can they be turned off?

The day was long and full of appointments, and even at night the head does not rest: those who reflect on conflicts at night or play mentally during the next day's meetings often have trouble falling asleep. Experiences are analyzed down to the last detail, from the hundredth to the thousandth. Speculation and thought frustrate. Anger arises out of frustration. However, tension further prevents falling asleep. A vicious cycle arises. How can you get out of it?

Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep is a general phenomenon. About one in ten working people suffer from bad sleep: they go round and round for hours at night, constantly wake up at night, and feel exhausted during the day. Women suffer from sleep problems a little more often than men.

Anyone who suffers from trouble sleeping for several weeks and is also tired and exhausted during the day should consider the symptoms and possible causes. There may be a psychological condition behind the sleep disorders. If symptoms only occur occasionally and do not affect mood, it is uncomfortable, but generally harmless. There are some simple tricks that can help stop this condition.

Control the carousel of thought at night, separate duties and responsibilities from rest, properly optimize bed and room, use pajamas or appropriate clothing to rest and achieve a state of restful sleep, among other things.