La Lectura, La Mejor Compañera Del Sueño

Reading, The Best Dream Companion

For some people it is a daily routine: read a few pages or chapters of a good book before bed. Reading before bed is good. But you seldom pick up a book at night, which certainly has to do with smartphones and tablets. Scrolling news sources from social media or reading a newspaper article online is preferred. And that's despite the fact that bright screens are absolutely unacceptable to the eyes at night and reading a book before bed seems so much healthier.

Reading before bed is an ancient tradition. Some people cannot sleep without doing so, but for others, the bedtime trance is something more tedious and disturbing such as the use of the pijamas. In recent times, the interest in reading has increased enormously, as well as the use of the pijamas. Either because people are running out of hobbies to try when they are stuck at home or because they seek to expand their knowledge, within a world that is becoming more and more complicated; is up for debate.

Reading before bed could relax significantly. Better than listening to music, drinking tea or coffee, or going for a walk. Reading has been found to work better, reducing stress levels a high percentage of the time. And if to these results, the convenience and comfort factor that provides a Pijama, it could be said that sleep and rest are more than assured.

This is mainly because, by reading a good book, the mind is distracted from daily stress and worries that cause tension. This means that you can leave your own problems behind, no matter if it is at night or in the morning or maybe in the middle of the afternoon, there would be no excuse to get into a good Pijama and delve into the world that literature offers.

Sleep should be the main thing, when feeling pressure of time, chores and daily responsibilities. Unfortunately, most perceive this very important activity as a luxury and it is perceived as more beneficial, spending less time on these issues. However, there are long-term health consequences of insufficient or poor quality sleep. Ultimately, these consequences can affect overall time and productivity.

Reading encourages the muscles to relax and breathing slows down, providing more body and mental tranquility, automatically triggering the body's preparation to rest and replenish energy. You just have to make an effort to achieve this activity, put on the Pijama as comfortable as possible, and surrender to the pleasures of relaxation.

Why Reading Before Bed Is Good

But why don't we read a book then? Good question! Here are 3 good reasons you're sure to grab a book before going to bed tonight.

1. Reading Makes Sleep Faster

Many sleep experts recommend following the same bedtime routine each night. You have to adhere to this ritual as you do with children. They are told when to go to bed, get pajamas, brush your teeth and then read aloud until you begin to fall into the action of reading, and if all goes well, of course, the journey to rest begins.

The routine that we create for ourselves ensures that the brain combines, for example, "reading a book" with going to bed, so that we can fall into a relaxed state and then fall asleep more quickly.

2. Reading Makes More Sound Sleep Possible

Today there are many things to think about. Work, family, home, the smartphone light flashes constantly and you also have an active social life. Today's stress ensures that, in general, you sleep worse and in less quantity. This is mainly due to the fact that many everyday problems are brought into the bedroom, which means that thoughts haunt our head when in fact they should be resting. By reading before bedtime comes relaxation and stress reduction that has crept in from everyday life. Reading a relaxing book further facilitates detachment from thoughts and ensures sound sleep.

3. Reading Away Loneliness

A large bed can sometimes seem quite empty. Reading a book before bed can ease feelings of loneliness. Because when reading a book, dressed in Pijama favorite, it can completely immerse us in history, travel to another world and identify with all kinds of interesting characters. So, reading, in addition to helping to fall asleep, helps to “reorder thoughts and ideas; and drives away loneliness.

How Pajamas Improve Sleep Quality And Health

  • Protect the body from the cold

The pajamas they offer several benefits, such as keeping the body warm. The pajamas they cover the body completely and protect from the cold throughout the night. While some consider adding blankets during the cold winter season, having pajamas bundling up during cold nights is a not inconsiderable effort.

  • Prevent Diseases

Use pajamas During frigid nights, it reduces the risk of catching colds. In case the blanket accidentally falls off while sleeping, or if the couple takes advantage of it. In such a situation, you may not immediately wake up to cover your body. But if you have a Pijama own at the time it is crossed, it will be one less worry. If you are discovered while sleeping in a cold room long enough, you are most likely catching a cold.

  • Helps Hygiene

While a good night's sleep helps recharge for the next day's activities, there is another factor to seriously consider, skin renewal. When you go to dream land, your body sheds dead skin cells filled with microorganisms at an enormous rate. Although they may not be harmful, they can cause problems if placed in the wrong place. When you go to bed in Pijama, most of the dead skin and bacteria will end up on the outfit and not the sheets.

Sleepwear acts as a barrier between the body and the sheets. Therefore, the Pijama properly and regularly.

  • Comfort

In order to get a good night's sleep, you need to feel comfortable. Being comfortable while sleeping will help you get into deep sleep quickly and stay there for a good amount of time without interruption. You can get a nice Pijama of material suitable for the skin of the body.

  • Style

While there is no need to worry about the appearance of the Pijama As long as it is comfortable, this scenario is only applicable if you sleep alone. But if you have a special person you want to impress, use pajamas Attractive can give you some extra points with "love interests." Make sure that the pajamas the ones you sleep on are made of good quality fabrics