El Descanso En La Salud Cardiovascular

Rest In Cardiovascular Health

There is no doubt that good health involves good health. night rest and those routines that are necessary to achieve that essential rest as a key factor for an integral health also necessary to optimize performance and daily performance.

Now, it is worth evaluating certain factors such as stress that directly affect health and that in fact hinder achieving that deep sleep, although states of stress are normal responses of the body to an imminent danger or the perception of it, that is, Stress is necessary as a state of alertness, but in the problem it occurs when it becomes a permanent state, that is where the problems arise.

Night Rest, a Key Factor in Cardiovascular Health

Rest, whose literal meaning implies letting the body regain enough energy to face the day to day. Otherwise, the body will find it difficult to function properly. Thus we have that cardiovascular health will also be affected in these cases in which total rest is not achieved. Reviewing a recent study that was published in 'The Journal of the American College of Cardiology', where it is evidenced that even irregular sleep can considerably increase the risk of cardiovascular problems.

According to this, it will be vitally important to develop a routine that allows you to sleep well and ensures rest. "The wake-sleep rhythm is essential for the correct functioning of our entire body, both at the hormonal level and for the physical performance and of our organs", as stated by Dr. Vicente Arrarte Esteban, coordinating cardiologist of the Prevention and Prevention Unit. Cardiac Rehabilitation of the General University Hospital of Alicante and president of the Vascular Risk and Cardiac Rehabilitation Section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology. "A correct rest is as important for health as daily physical exercise, good heart-healthy nutrition and stress control",

Healthy Sleep

Now, for the break be really effective and sleep fulfills its function as it should be, the idea is to get enough sleep. Although in fact a recommended number of hours that serves as an average for all has not been defined for sure, the specialists indicate that although “it is not easy to define normality in hours of sleep, but various studies, taking into account the individual characteristics of each one, they bet on a number of hours of sleep not less than 6 hours, but not more than 10 hours ”, as Dr. Arrarte Esteban points out, adding that sleeping fewer hours has consequences.

"Being a necessity for the proper functioning of our entire body, it is easy to find situations of tachycardia, easy fatigue, headaches, bradypsychia (or slowing down of thought), emotional irritability, and a tendency to emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression, which can be the reason for lack of sleep or complicate the condition of patients with sleep disorders for another reason. It is also a risk factor for the appearance of diseases such as hypertension and worsening of its control in hypertensive patients. If there is no control for a long time, it adds to other risk factors, increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems and its normalization being necessary as a heart-healthy lifestyle ”.

In addition, the cardiologist also points out that the quality of this sleep is important, since “inadequate night's rest is one of the signs that promote the development of diseases or poor control of arterial hypertension, among other diseases. Many times people are not aware of their insufficient superficial sleep for proper rest, as well as the appearance of complications such as apneas or respiratory pauses, snoring, etc. that can be the cause of diseases that cause sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ”, he points out.

So, building a rest routine Night in the search for that integral health, implies designing and complying with that series of habits that allow you to conceive a really restful sleep. What starts with dressing in comfortable pajamas and fresh bedding to help you fall asleep.

Factors Affecting Rest

Then, elements such as stress or anxiety can become a real problem when they acquire a high level or are too intense and disproportionate to the stimulus that activates them, in the same way when they are prolonged in time, since permanent alertness implies living altered which logically prevents rest.

Thus, both disproportionate anxiety and stress become serious triggers for problems associated with transient or even chronic insomnia, which has been clinically proven from multiple studies. In this sense, what is involved is to visualize the health problem and its possible solutions proactively and acting accordingly in a timely manner.

Additionally, under these new production scenarios such as teleworking or remote work, essentially working from home, the need to implement disciplined routines is evident, since it is easy to lose control of the productive hours of those dedicated to housework, food, entertainment or break. This is how people can be seen working for long hours, even at night, acquiring habits such as excessive smoking, which in the long run will seriously affect cardiovascular health.

Construction of Rest Routines

In the first instance, proper time management will be essential, this is one of the essential elements that very frequently trigger situations in states of stress and anxiety as well as excesses in work tasks. Then, it will be essential to design, apply and implement routines that allow optimizing time in the execution of tasks and activities of all kinds, also including entertainment; which consequently brings structure and order.

These daily routines must include each and every one of the activities broken down into their respective schedules, such as work, study, entertainment and rest. In this sense, planning rest routines allows you to build proper habits to be able to regulate sleep schedules for a better night rest.

In general, sleep is essential, and sleeping eight hours on average provides a number of great health benefits. The pijamas for men should be one of the first items to take into account in that daily ritual so necessary for rest as part of that routine in the construction of those habits that you want to implement. This is because these garments have become increasingly important in the lives of men to sleep comfortably and peacefully, in addition to mentally preparing the body to go to sleep.

A man who has as custom and custom the use of a Pijama As it is an indispensable garment for sleeping, it is by nature very attached to its habits, it is part of its character and personality; then the hour of night rest It is perhaps one of the most awaited and appreciated moments after a very long day that may be very hectic at work, with all the challenges and responsibilities included that you surely must face in your day to day.