El Diseño y la Moda para Caballeros En Pijamas

Design and Fashion for Gentlemen In Pajamas

Fashion it is essentially part of the society and culture in which we live. Although it may not seem like it, the reality is that, to a greater or lesser extent, everyone wants to look good in certain situations, even many people consider that fashion is part of their lifestyle, that is to say that looking elegant or well dressed is an integral part of their routines, including the knights.

In addition to being an increasingly solid and prosperous industry, which studies consumer behavior, desires, tastes and preferences very strategically. As is, because famous designer brands such as Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren have trained staff who can produce innovative designs and successfully market their garments because they are conceived as a business, as companies.

Men's Fashion & Haute Couture

Fashion for gentlemen It has a very wide audience, and those who do not see it that way are definitely isolated from the reality that surrounds society today, a much more globalized and modern one, besides this is nothing new, it is only more visible, since historically the type from fashion that prevailed until the 50s was Fashion "Made to measure" or haute Couture translated from French.

A gentleman dressed in a tailored tare suit was regarded as of the aristocracy, of elegance, class, and prestige. This meant a series of designs adapted to the most subtle demands of fashion, under the most used term as made to measure, or with luxury of detail even the most insignificant in the manufacture of garments, including bedding, as there was a need to differentiate everyday clothing from that made exclusively for nighttime rest, the pijamas.

Fashion As Exclusivity

So, more currently, clothing is made in small quantities to ensure that character of exclusivity, therefore, it is usually much more expensive, although not custom-made. Well, from the conception of made-to-measure, ready-to-wear collections of garments begin to be designed on important platforms, where the most important fashion houses present their collections each season, for example, Fashion Week or Semana de la Moda, which takes place twice a year.

Here then, pajamas not only as a garment but also as a concept, in fact, it is experiencing a small and very particular revolution. Given that, if several seasons ago, these sets were a little more distant from home to be used as part of a series of rather youthful trends, in modern street looks or to adopt certain details in party clothing models, now they also claim their completely original place in the living room, preferred on the sofa thanks to the advancement of cocooning, where home is the strength.

Fashion For All, Mass Market

As an industry in expansion and growth, currently the fashion company in various sectors, has been exploring and exploiting the great demand for garments designed and developed in series for a much wider public, since it covers a wide range of needs. with different colors, sizes, and according to the specific season. So we will have pieces for the summer, pajamas made of wool or cotton for the coldest nights.

From Fashion Design

Fashion as a concept is part of being in good dress, the expression of personality in each of the pieces; it means much more than wearing a garment, it is about the whole set of elements and factors that build a style. For fashion designers, the human body is the most important element, since it is the structure that will carry their designs.

It is in the perfect design where the body and the wardrobe interact daily and constantly, where they are contextualized almost as one and acquire that meaning mutually, in a relationship through each other. It is then a nexus between the user and his complete context, which defines and conditions the relationship between the individual and the environment that surrounds him, in his lifestyle and in all settings.

Getting dressed is much more than part of a routine, quite the opposite, even to go to sleep, since fashion refers to the customs that mark an era, as well as specific places, and that is that massive taste, sometimes imposed, being fashion. or acquired, compared to clothes, perfumes, glasses, colors, and everything that is linked to the image, the reality is that the wardrobe defines, exalts qualities and becomes an essential part of people's lifestyle .

In addition, and fortunately, not only for the style of women, since men, increasingly with much more force, are incorporated into the movements and styles that fashion brings, finding a wide space for creativity in men's fashion. So they can be found pajamas for gentlemen high quality, modern and truly utilitarian designs.

At the end of the day, although fashion is considered to be that which is in a certain way current, the utility factor also fits. What it means is that nothing more is restricted to what is being used as a trend in a given period, since previously, the fashion was a little more stable because it did not change that fast. Today, fashion actually changes from season to season and from year to year.

Therefore, fashion nowadays is not lasting, so it will always be necessary to be attentive to what is going to be used in the next season, but also to meet the necessary expectations is its use.

An example that better explains the matter is that in ancient Rome the famous toga was used, which passed over one shoulder going around under the arms, the fact is that both sexes, female and male, used them. Roman girls found the differentiation by wearing hairstyles on their beautiful hair. Fashion reached levels of refinement and evolution over the years, being much more distinctive and personal to each individual, thus also more fluid and sometimes even controversial.

The role of design as a discipline that integrates different components, of a socio-cultural order and whose primary objective is based on the process of creating and designing clothing with innovative ideas, which also respond to the needs of consumers within a global and current context .

Fashion design is essentially a discipline that allows a number of different areas to be comprehensively involved, such as artistic, humanistic, dressmaking techniques and market research; with an industrial approach that responds to the requirements of the market and the changing fashion industry.

Among these things, the fashion designer is a person who displays creative talent, ingenuity and imagination; With this series of skills, they make different models of clothing and accessories, in addition to interpreting the trends of each era and creating, based on these, complete outfits according to each need.