El Hombre Como Padre De Familia

Man as a Family Guy

The paternal role Within the family structure, it plays a fundamental role in the growth of children. The man as a father of a family He is in charge of accompanying and complementing the mother in what would be their growth. The father has a job as important as that of the mother, providing experiences, attitude and beneficial situations for the proper functioning of a family system itself.

Despite the fact that for many years terms of the father in the family have been conceived, postmodernity has brought with it a new conception, leaving the traditional family behind, thus managing to redefine the parental role within the family system and has placed the father in a new position.

Although the father is known to be a kind of intermediary between the home and public life, thus protecting the mother, the children and being the face of the family; Currently, her role evolved due to the incorporation of women into the public and social sphere, mainly through the world of work.

In this way, the man in his home finds that he no longer has to be only the economic provider, but also has to fulfill a role of emotional support, at the same time that he helps with the housework at the hand of his partner, looking at it like that from equality.

So, although there is talk of a new role within their family circle positioning the woman as companion partner, in itself What is the importance of the man as a father and in what way can he influence the same family circle?

Importance Of Man As Family Guy

It should be noted that, when talking about the father, many times it can happen that they can not only refer to the male father himself. The paternity It is a series of functions that are considered of great importance in the lives of children and that can be exercised by a father himself, as by a mother or an educational institution.

But, if the definition of the male figure is included, it can be said that the father is the first model of man that the children have and, hence, lies the importance of his presence. In addition to the fact that, along with the mother, she is the first person, they will forge the identity of the child.

On the other hand, it can also be highlighted that the father is the one who brings a sense of belonging to a family and a society. Although his role has evolved, traditionally he is still the one in charge of keeping the family together.

Also, the father gives the children first-hand how a relationship works, thus being their main model of the relationship and communication with the woman. Model that they will repeat in the future with their partners.

Main Functions Of A Father

The functions of the father, normally, are present even before the children are born because, the relationship that each father has with his son is materialized through the mother who, naturally, is united to the child during the period of gestation. From here, the main function of the father is to provide support to the mother, who undergoes many changes during this stage.

Here, it has also been seen that there is a bond between the father and the baby when it is in the mother's womb. Especially if the father or the father figure of the child himself is constantly involved during this period.

Later, when the baby is born, it begins little by little to perform those functions that, from that moment, begin to influence psychological development. In this way, the attachment relationship between the father and the baby is nurtured through small acts that mainly involve the father's participation in simple tasks such as changing the baby, dressing him in his cotton pajamas comfortable, feed him, and even put him to sleep.

Here, it is extremely important that the father fulfill his functions since, when he is present, he will recognize him as a reliable attachment figure capable of loving and caring for him. In this way, the child will have a positive development in the psychological field, building self-esteem on solid foundations, making it easier to develop a healthier life with the creation of good habits.

How A Parent Can Induce Better Habits?

It is necessary to emphasize that, when transmitting values, the example and support of the father is very important. Thanks to this and full education, they will have the best basis for their children to internalize good habits and routines related to personal care that they can easily apply later in their adulthood.

Of course, it is not entirely effective when the father figure is only in charge of teaching by telling the children what to do. Here the family environment is the key to teaching new habits and it is proven that, while the father carries out the activities with the children, the more effective is the development of the new habits.

And it is that, normally, when children see that their protective figures act in a certain way, they seek to copy this way of proceeding since it is a fact that adults are a reference, and more so when it is a family figure.

It should be noted that all parents must be aware of the importance they have when, above all, transmitting values such as strength, prudence, justice, temperance and even the capacity for effort. For this reason, they must be present in each daily activity that the children have in order to define what is necessary for them and what is not.

Quality Family Time

It goes without saying that spending quality time with the family is of the utmost importance for children since, from that bond, healthy emotional development is strengthened, thus providing greater stability and security for them to build relationships with other people.

Therefore, the intimate activities that take place within the home, including both the father and the mother figure, are important. Activities that involve games and even self-care are, as mentioned above, influential on children.

Activities such as bathing constantly, respecting rest times and sleeping hours, even complying with use comfortable pajamas it can make a significant difference in the discipline and perseverance of the children. On the other hand, the father can also set the example by acting in the same way, opting for a men's pajamas that best characterizes it.

When sharing with the family, an activity that satisfies everyone and nurtures both parents and children in different areas will always be sought. For this reason, it is recommended that even in leisure time, a way be found to reinforce both the values and the character of the children, in order to also create healthy, strong, loving bonds and good connections with all members of the family circle. .

Although the role of the father within this environment has evolved, even so, he is still perceived as the main member that unifies coexistence in the family nucleus.