El Pijama, Cosas de Caballeros

The Pajamas, Gentlemen's Things

The style is revealed in the small things, this is how dressing when there is no one to see the outfit has become an art. That is to say, for a man who spends more time than most in a state of undress, these words carry a considerable sense of guilt.

The attire of a KnightTo be at home for most of the day, it consists of baggy pajamas and an even looser robe, an appearance that is believed to be known in some social circles as "indecent exposure."

Standard For Homewear

Mainly, what happens with the clothes to be at home, is that it leads to a presentable dress standard as long as there is no one else, but unfortunately the user is fatally tempted to venture out and on the streets that clothing is already public.

Because the home clothes look like a normal garment from a distance and seen as a custom without any rule, there are usually no holes in men's pants, that is why there is no danger of missing to the strict dress code of a true gentleman.

The habit of clothing for daily use, these days has become a trend. In fact, home clothing could be described as the quintessential attire of these recessionary times. It is associated with the social trend called "cocoon", that is, not leaving the house, and in case something bad happens, and it is strictly necessary to go out, you must always be presentable and properly dressed.

A nice set of pajamas it fulfills this function perfectly, without neglecting the all-important dress code. When you think carefully about it, it is very difficult to go outside. At least, it is if it is done in the traditional way, with shoes on, hair brushed, etc.

In countries, like England, there is indeed a fairly honorable tradition of wearing clothing suitable for indoor use only, and London's fanciest high street shops like Jermyn Street always have pajamas on the windows. As far as a gentleman is concerned, the purpose of the pijamas It is wearing colors that you would not be allowed to wear on the streets. This is where the flashy pinks and yellows, the violent crashes, and the strobe streaks come from that many admirers can get.

I work from home

And for those who scoff at men who work from home, they need to remember that a character like Winston Churchill won World War II while "working from home", whether in bed with a cigar or on the court in bunker number 10 wearing a special bathing suit, and always wearing her various pajama sets.

The Pajamas, Omnipresent Garment

With the arrival of the cold comes the resurgence, in catalogs and department stores, of that most dubious offer: pajamas of two pieces.

Of course, not all pajamas are as hilariously unlikely as the button-down collared shirt, making the person wearing it look like they're planning to attend a condo board meeting, in dreamland. But even the pijamas More casual, the kind that looks like something you would wear to yoga or third grade gymnastics classes, they appear to be too hot and tight to sleep on.

It is believed that pajamas were invented for scenes on television shows where couples are sitting in bed talking, but in reality very few real people wear them. To rest and watch Netflix? Sure yes.

The facts on how to put on and take off pajamas they are scarce. What is available suggests that the sleepwear is, in fact, something of a flag salute: it is worn to give the appearance of decorum before bed, then removed, as soon as most of its wearers hit the bed sheets.

In 2004, ABC News conducted a telephone survey of 1,501 American adults and found that contrary to popular theory and belief, a nightgown or pajamas were the most common option for sleeping. But only a small majority of women chose this option, and only 13 percent of men did. Most of the men said they slept naked or in their underwear.

This survey was 17 years ago, so it is possible that attitudes have changed since then, and indeed they have, but a lot. And it was part of a self-proclaimed "sex poll," so sure, there were plenty of respondents who actually slept naturally, but were too embarrassed to admit it.

The Charm of Wearing Pajamas

The pijamas they are common nightwear that most men wear before bed. There is a wide variety of types of pajamas, from comfortable cotton pajamas to high-end silk pajamas, pajama lovers have many options. In addition to keeping the temperature regulator, this baggy nightwear also comes with various reasons why people love it so much.

More Comfortable To Sleep

Probably the reason most gentlemen use pajamas As their preferred nightwear compared to normal attire, they are designed to offer a higher degree of comfort, breathability and comfort.

First of all, a normal pajama is made in the form of a loose t-shirt and pants, which is ideal for lounging and sleeping; what is known as classic pajamas that never go out of style. This is in stark contrast to normal attire which is mostly tight, tacky, and sturdy in order to look good.

Clothing that is too tight and resistant can restrict blood circulation, reduce breathability, cause skin irritations, and inhibit normal sleep. The pijamas They are also made primarily from premium fabrics such as cotton, silk, flannel, and bamboo cloth.

Convenient and easy to use

Wearing pajamas is probably the easiest thing to ever undertake. Being loose and simple, what you have to do is literally get into it during the wearing process. Wearing pajamas is also very convenient for any case of an emergency at night, such as a fire or a robbery. This garment aptly helps protect dignity and image during such vulnerable and critical moments.

The pijamas they also allow you to get out of bed quickly and react to emergencies without having to feel for clothing in the dark.

Fashionable and Safe

The use of pajamas has evolved over the years, from exclusive nightwear to nightwear as you relax at home during the day. Now it is normal to find people in pajamas in the house while entertaining guests, opening the door, watching television, walking in the garden, relaxing on the balcony.

This is courtesy of the confidence and comfort they offer the pijamas, and also due to the fact that pajamas are becoming more and more attractive and fashionable. On the other hand, it is about nightwear, not to go shopping on the corner and not to have breakfast on the street.

Best of all, there is a new and improved awareness of the implications and importance of sleeping in your pajamas like true gentlemen.