Pijamas, Moda Hoy y Siempre

Pajamas, Fashion Today and Always

The idea or concept of the classic is sometimes used lightly and even irresponsibly, it could even be thought that it is the worst synonym for boring or lacking in grace. Well, nothing could be further from reality, since a classic style according to great experts is one that seeks pure lines in design, with garments with a balanced silhouette and especially harmonious colors, the focus of this style is to project security, maturity and self-confidence. .

Classic Garments

To be more exact, people who are inclined to wear the precious classic style wear high-quality garments that provide a good presence. They don't wear garments that are flashy at all, since they always seek harmony and the simplest elegance, it is a trend of course, but with sobriety. This style is typical of people of middle age or who need to use it for work reasons.

Talking about trends in fashion seems to be an effect strictly associated with the present, the present is synonymous with fashion; However, this phenomenon called fashion goes back and forth, and in its purest characteristics, the concept vintage places a special value on the brands that make life in the industry and the people who enjoy and are fervent lovers of the fashonism at its finest.

On the other hand, it is a fact that fashion Plainly he plays with past trends, since he points against the rigid in favor of individual expression, innovating and adapting them to that new reality, a bit between the real and the subjective. In addition, fashion is a constant vision of the future that is seriously confronted with custom because the habit in the wardrobe does not advance.

So it means that fashion without this renovation would have no object or reason for being any since it is the factor that certainly defines it and although trends Fashion They reflect a look at the past, it is obvious that it is constantly reinventing itself, trying all the preset rules or conceived as part of a space of time with very defined and peculiar characteristics.

The Classic Versus The Reactive

The fashion It is defectively reactive, since it is a fact that it works based on reactions to the previous fashion, perhaps expanding what really made an impact and liked or giving a return to what definitely did not like, in a series of innovations that they will always look for highlight positively clear.

Therefore, and as a result, it will always be more and more paradoxical, since what it is about is to distinguish the individual, who can express his peculiarity through the wardrobe, but to the same extent, people also seek the recognition and acceptance of the group This is what makes the fashion phenomenon complex and ultimately paradoxical.

It is also paradoxical that fashion is launched to break and innovate, but without overreaching to remain as an artistic expression difficult to use or for the reduced elite, then it will be valid to ask to what extent a piece can be really commercial as part of a collection, it is difficult to perceive the first up to where the creative expression can be the reflection of a necessity when dressing.

Finally, the fashion it is exposed to the public with a collective character since it is conceived to be seen being part of the most visible exterior of people; At the same time, it must be global, since fashion does not present significant differences between countries and in purely Western cultures, although it can be at certain times with Asians, especially those who today are still highly conditioned by religion or culture. tradition.

According to experts, trends are launched into the international arena and, both production and consumption, are made without attending to very detailed locations, or at least that is the ideal goal.

The Pajamas on Your Tour

Without continuing to talk about history, The truth is that these nightwear are necessary and indispensable in the lifestyle of people, both ladies and gentlemen, not only today but always, because it is enough to remember that these pieces are beginning to be used to differentiate clothes of the newspaper used to sleep.

At a particular moment in this journey, ladies 'pajama models were more similar to men's pajamas, today these ladies' pieces have become an essential element in your wardrobe with lingerie and nightwear of different styles. highly visible in the fashion industry.

Regarding the styles of pajamas for men, in front of a clear evolution of styles, textiles and even uses because the reality is that the world is changing, more practical models and textiles stand out, Homewear clothing, onesie, among others.

The truth is that the idea of a night's rest brings up the imperative need for wearing pajamas, looking for convenience, comfort and the possibility of falling asleep much more effectively. Hence, in addition to the emergence of different styles of these garments, what is really imperative is that in essence it fulfills that function that guarantees rest.

The Reliable Classic Option

Always needed pajamas basic, that simple and without much deep analysis. This is the insignia of a classic wardrobe, as it is a garment that will not go out of style, which is made up of two pieces, either a short or long-sleeved shirt and pants, preferably developed in mesh, although there are many textiles More classics ideal for these garments, ensuring that long-awaited comfort as a focal point.

In addition, in a construction with very clean, straightforward and simple lines in navy blue or very light pastels, ideal for the night rest be even more comfortable, neutral colors and a fabric that meets the essential expectations.

Button Option

Past winter, the models of classic pajamas For those days that are much hotter, there is nothing better than opting for pajamas made up of a short-sleeved shirt and shorts in perfect harmony and combination, absolutely ideal. In addition, it is even better if this chosen model is made of mesh, that is to say, of a very soft fabric with a good fit, where fresh and loose fabrics are the criteria that should prevail.

The importance of using a good pajamas It is also associated with key hygiene factors, since the habits and routines of a night's rest for a healthy sleep begin with the habit of pajamas at bedtime. It is about being correct in all areas and stages of day-to-day life.

The criterion of a classic garment does not have to do with a boring style but with the permanence that a garment may have in a gentleman's wardrobe, in clear balance with the need to renew pieces with a certain frequency, garments that also receive the download of the organism night after night, dead cells, changes in temperature, the damage caused by stress, among others. The fundamental thing is the adoption of these garments as a key to a true night rest.