El Pijama Y La Personalidad

Pajamas and Personality

It is believed that a lot can be told about a person by the clothes they wear. Well, perhaps the same can be said for the pijamas. After all, in most cases a third of one's life is spent in bed using them. Whether you prefer pajamas warm and cozy or snug and snug, it's surprising to learn that bedtime attire could reveal more about people's personalities.

Personality traits

You have to know that the preference for pajamas it could reveal the personality traits of each person, depending on the preference. Whether being a fan of a comfy sweater and sweatpants, a silk ensemble, an oversized top with pants, or nothing at all, what you wear to bed could reveal something about the wearer's character. Opinions of experts in clinical psychology, have explained and summarized what the most common types of nightwear say about the personality.

Cozy Pajamas Means Nostalgic Person

Wear ones comfortable pajamas or an oversized sweater, especially those marked with cartoons or characters from childhood or youth, can indicate that you are a person of nostalgia. For many of these people, family comes first with loyalty and integrity, both key personality traits.

Silky Sets Show Ambition and Motivation

The satin pajamas or silk can indicate that you are an aspirational and traditional person, as well as ambitious to achieve more in life and overcome the status quo. Some people who wear silk pajamas may put more emphasis on their career than their happiness.

Users of Flannel or Button Down Pajamas Value Health and Hygiene

Pajamas Buttoned flannel may indicate that the person values their health and personal hygiene. Many of those who use pajamas Buttoned up show strong organizational skills, but may also fear having only small levels of control over situations. The pijamas High quality and renowned brands are, for those who like to be the center of attention.

A set of silk from any famous brand can indicate that you are focused on self-esteem, self-confidence and the effort to obtain recognition for your achievements in life. Most likely, you are more likely to find comfort in being the center of attention. It also indicates, be a serious and direct man. Once you are committed, relationships tend to last. Indicates stability, passion for work and enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Sleeping In A Robe Demonstrates Lack Of Confidence

A gown can indicate a lack of confidence in personal life. Many of those who wear gowns seek some protection away from the problems that concern them.

A Big T-Shirt and Pants Show Confidence

An oversized shirt can indicate that you are a free-spirited person who is not lacking in confidence. Indicates comfort in your own skin, the goals are to live life on your own terms. He is a homebody type of man, not easily impressed by superficial people or material possessions. Somewhat mild-mannered, slow to anger, and very enthusiastic at work.

Socks to Bed Means Being Controlled and Lacking Empathy

Wearing socks in bed can indicate that a person is pragmatic and controlled in many aspects of life. Many of those who go to bed with their socks on routinely lack empathy and strive to perform efficiently in their daily activities, leaving nothing to chance.

Sleeping naked

Sleeping naked can indicate that the person is in a stage of satisfaction with life. Many of those who sleep naked are not afraid of judgment and value their own opinions more highly than others. Many of those who regularly sleep naked can describe themselves as "enterprising" and the "glass half full" type.

What is the type of pajamas to sleep better?

The best kind of Pijama to improve sleep is the one that offers the greatest comfort. Choose the material that feels best against the skin (or none at all). For example, wool is comfortable but can be itchy, while cotton is softer and more breathable. You should also consider what the pijamas they will help regulate the temperature at night.

Fleece is a good option for the winter months when you want to be warmer, while lightweight cotton will keep you cool in the summer. Silk is a good material for temperature control whatever the season, but it is quite slippery to sleep on.

If you suffer from allergies, you should also choose pajamas made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and bamboo, as they are hypoallergenic and can reduce the symptoms of such allergies. There are also preconceived patterns about certain behaviors when wearing nightwear:

Matching Set

Even when sleeping, some men find it difficult to settle without knowing that everything matches. They are those with flashes of being perfectionists in everyday life and who enjoy sticking to a nightly routine. Although comfort is important, coordination is key and they like to keep up with fashion trends.

Simple But Elegant

Although in the male environment, you do not like tight and strappy nightwear, it is still important to look good. Looking good both inside and outside the house is important. This could mean, in terms of personality, that you are creative and always looking for ways to express yourself. A cheerful and very outgoing person too.

Sneaky Satin

For those who love to be the center of attention when it comes to nightwear, quality is key. This could mean that you are somewhat flirtatious as well as rebellious. The love of going out and having a good time and often staying awake well past bedtime.

Comfortable and Cozy Cotton

Being comfortable and cozy are important factors when it comes to sleepwear so pajamas in this fabric it can mean that you are someone who enjoys a sense of security. Happiness is also very important for the average man and even more so, if he considers himself a sincere, honest and sensitive person.

Loose T-shirt

Free-spirited style means that you choose what is comfortable and matches the mood you are in for the day. You don't want to spend too much time worrying about what people won't see, or feeling limited by long pajama bottoms and long sleeves.

Hospital stays

Even for extraordinary occasions, such as a hospital stay, there is a range of pajamas for men made with woven fabric with copper, a substance that reduces bacteria on surfaces, ideal for a hospital stay. Even better, the material used is said to be odor resistant, so they can be used for long periods of time.

The truth is that there will surely be a Pijama perfect for every need, every taste and preference, for every personality.