Moda Vintage En Pijamas

Vintage Pajamas Fashion

The fashion It is taking turns that completely overturn its definition in itself, this is how we talk about trends, sustainable fashion, eco-friendly and also the term vintage. From the simplest definition, the concept of vintage clothing involves garments and accessories that are at least twenty years old.

In addition, they are usually garments of good quality, historical brands and of course in excellent condition and conservation conditions, of a fairly high price and that can even be made by hand, so they are custom-made pieces and truly unique.

Which makes it clear that not everything old can be called vintage, so then we find retro trends, which are more about new pieces, but in designs inspired by specific moments in fashion that have left that mark, not for nothing is said that fashion is cyclical or simply that it returns.

Collect Vintage Pajamas

The idea of investing in these unique pieces that also have good quality has in fact become more of a maneuver to always be in fashion with access to incredible brands. And it is that clothes are beginning to be seen as an asset that is also negotiable, for example, some pieces of Chanel, Hermés or Pierre Cardin, among others, tend to increase in value as the years go by.

Of course, the value is directly related to related trends or events, so pajamas worn by a movie star will be worth much more than if it was simply just a piece of haute couture. It would be interesting to know the price of pajamas of the playboy magician, which in 2018 they took to auction.

As a curious fact, Hefner, in his later years explained that it made no sense for him to leave his pajamas in his closet, since he could afford to live his whole life in slippers, nightwear and with a pipe in hand. He was a universally known businessman who also managed to conquer the erotic industry in the United States, as well as the female and corporate world.

So, acquiring a vintage garment necessarily requires great knowledge about fashion, brands and designers as well as its protagonists, since it is very easy to buy a current original piece, but it really takes a lot of effort to find a garment from a designer from twenty, thirty or fifty years ago.

Connoisseurs in Context

Some connoisseurs are only dedicated to exclusively collecting haute couture clothing. Haute couture historically began with Charles Frederick Worth, an English gentleman who moved to Paris in 1845. The peak of haute couture occurred in the 1940s. In this context, the 1940s have been considered as the last one in which elegance predominates, especially in terms of men's fashion.

The most common factor was tradition, which prevailed in most people's taste, of course despite the existence of styles that were much more extravagant by the middle of the decade. A series of great events managed to overshadow the first half of it, which ended with the Great Depression and at the same time the development of World War II.

Before the war, Paris and Italy were the true masters in the world of fashion, but this leadership ended in 1939, as soon as the war began; designers had to focus their creativity on the robust and practical, beyond involving serious considerations of style.

A great effort had to be made to save materials. Double-breasted coats were no longer made and lapels were narrowed for optimization. The suits became two-piece, the vests were considered a real unnecessary extravagance in times of war. The pants lost the pleats, which were so popular in the previous decade, in addition to a de facto narrower design. But even so, the spirit could not die, the elegance above all was of gentlemen.

So, haute couture is in a nutshell design at a much higher level than tailor-made fashion, made in a French maison. They are pieces with a real character of exclusivity made to measure, which represents a very large job, which can take many hours of preparation until the product is perfect.

Important Guidance

When buying clothes or garments of any kind of vintage haute couture character, not only exclusivity is sought but also intrinsic quality, it means that more and more pieces with history are being sought, such as the pijamas from mogul Hefner, from iconic fashion brands. In most cases, it goes far beyond the garment itself, investing in an essential part of the “fashion story”.

We will have to take into account the quality of the product, of course that before the 1960s the quality was supremely excellent, it is evident that it may be difficult to find something so well made. Before 1920 it is quite possible that the clothes were probably not so well preserved, so beware of scams in this regard

Hence, it is essential to know very well what you are looking for and a very clear basis of how much it can cost.

It will be very important to take special interest in the details and conditions of the piece, that the article is in a very good state of conservation; Finishing and manufacturing details, such as that it is well cut, that it does not present insect damage, that the color or pattern is in good condition preserving its brightness and saturation, if the embroidered details, buttons and ornaments that the piece contains are complete.

Naturally, these pieces are generally sought after by collectors, more like a complex and exquisite taste of owning something with these peculiarities. Many like to mix the old with the new because not all the style can be in this vintage trend.

If It's Pajamas

Perhaps for the majority the use of pajamas vintage is too quirky or extravagant, but the bottom line is the ability to indulge in these kinds of tastes. The most important thing is that the wearing pajamas It has once again become an essential piece in today's man's wardrobe.

Investing in quality pajamas not only guarantees the image and style that must represent that man who takes care of every detail of his person, but also the comfort and comfort when sleeping that only pajamas You can tip to get a full night's rest.

Choosing this perfect pajama can be simple or something more complicated if you do not have an idea of the textiles that together with the design are not only elegant but also practical in fulfilling the objective they have.