El Pijama y La Salud Mental

Pajamas and Mental Health

Mental health is an important part of human well-being. Everyone can take care of their mental health and strengthen their resources. Being able to identify and express your feelings, get along with others, deal with disappointments and little setbacks in life, as well as nurture your relationships, your well-being, and find balance in everyday life are important skills that everyone can learn. . A fundamental element in maintaining mental health is sleep and relaxation; that are achieved and maintained, to a large extent, by the use of the Pijama when sleeping or resting. Visiting the www.elbuhonocturno.com, is taking a step forward in favor of that measure.

What is mental health?

Mental health is a concept that can sometimes be difficult to understand. However, mental health is as simple a concept as health. Everyone has a body and a psyche and taking care of both is important. In fact, at the same time that the bodies are taken care of by moving, exercising, sleeping well and eating well, the psyche must also be taken care of. If the night's sleep is too short or if you forget to eat during the day, or you do not pay attention to a garment as essential as the Pijama How is the general feeling? You can tell that you are upset, tired, angry, sad and nothing seems to be successful. So, when the respective care is exercised, mental health is also taken care of.

Going to school or work, having rhythm and routines in the day to day is also taking care of mental health. An important part of mental health is also being able to identify your own feelings, find words for them, and express them. Practice emotional skills every day. Equally important is nurturing relationships and spending time with friends, listening to them, and encouraging them. Parents, siblings, and other important relatives or close adults are confident people with whom you can talk both happy things and worries.

Mental health is often linked to various concepts such as happiness, mental well-being, a good life, and a balanced psyche. However, mental health does not mean that you cannot have anxiety or feel inadequate, be depressed, or even suffer from a mental disorder. Everyone will experience both successes and setbacks in life, and no one will be spared relationship problems, financial hardships, school pressure, job stress, losses, and an obligation to give up something. Such situations affect mental health but do not remove them. The same applies to physical health: if you have diabetes, it does not mean that you have lost your health, but only that there is an extra reason to take even better care of yourself. In this sense, sleep and rest are an essential part of that physical-mental well-being that must be maintained. Undoubtedly, the use of Pijama and a suitable sleeping environment is essential.

Sometimes it is good to stop and think more about what increases well-being in life and what overwhelms you, what causes anxiety or other negative emotions. Is there something in life that you can increase or consider more to make you feel better? Definitely if there is, it is possible, among other things, to acquire better behaviors that are beneficial in an integral way, and although it is difficult to understand by many, the use of Pijama it is a key factor in this process.

Well-being is often increased by things so simple that it's hard to believe they have an impact on how you feel. The first thing to think about is the regularity of life. The daily rhythm created by eating, bathing, and using the Pijama at bedtime, homework routines, small conversations with family members, a walk or other exercise in the evening, and relaxation before bed are, and as boring as they may seem, the factors that create security and balance in life everyday.

Things That Increase Well-Being:

  • Nutrition and Meals

Well-being is said to start from within. It's good to make sure you're eating healthy - that is, getting enough vegetables, protein, fiber, vitamins, and calcium, as well as eating regularly so you don't have too long breaks between meals. In addition, it is important to make sure that you eat in the company of someone to enjoy in peace and quiet and in a pleasant place. Cooking and eating are some of the joys in life.

  • Movement

All the talk about the importance of exercise for wellness is not in vain. Exercise increases the levels of substances that stimulate appetite in the body, which is noticeable after exercise when you feel tired but also satisfied. Sometimes the days are so busy that it is difficult to get started, even if the exercise itself is significant. However, you can exercise in many different ways and everyone can find a form of exercise that suits their needs. Some have exercise as a hobby, others play outside with friends in the afternoons, some go for a walk with the dog, while others go for a walk with a friend. Daily exercise is often a flexible way to counter-ionize and, for example, choosing the stairs before the elevator is a smart choice for your health.

  • To sleep

Adequate sleep is also an important guarantee for a good day: if you sleep very little or badly, the next day is worse than the day after a good night's sleep. It is good to pay attention to how much you sleep and the quality of your sleep. A first step on the road to a good night's sleep is to regularly relax and calm down before bed and putting on your Pijama suitable for the occasion. This usually prepares the mind and body in time to fall asleep and reduces the amount of external stimuli. It is good to avoid watching television and sitting in front of the computer just before going to bed.

If there is something you think about insistently, it is good to talk about it before going to sleep. If you have a lot to do the next day, you can write down everything that needs to be done before going to bed. Caffeinated drinks can interfere with sleep, as well as going to bed hungry or overly full. Nightly rituals like brushing teeth, putting on pajamas and ventilating the bedroom prepare the body for sleep. You can also review the events of the day before going to bed and try to calm your thoughts.

  • Use of Time and Relaxation

Relaxation is as essential as sleep. The importance of relaxing is further emphasized if you feel stressed. School work can cause stress and pressure for many young people, the amount of homework may seem too great, or the school days too long. Sometimes it can seem that the mind is wandering and the amount of work is so great that it is not known where to start.