El Sueño y El pijama

The Sleep and The Pajamas

Some claim that the best remedy for mental, physical and emotional health is sleep. Those who sleep late are classified as lazy and lazy. The best companion for these hours that should be sacred, should always be the Pijama. But why is this stigma not good and what effects does sleep have on everyday life?

At first glance, the subject of the dream does not seem particularly fascinating. Especially when you don't have a serious problem with it. It only becomes interesting when it is discovered that to this day, it is not really known why you have to sleep for certain periods on a mandatory basis.

Humans are the only species that deliberately allows itself little sleep, because it believes that it is not something "so necessary" and it is an issue that should not be given so much importance. By nature the human being is ambitious, he plans a lot every day and when he needs more time it is at the expense of sleep, and in an irresponsible way he commits recklessness. It is an issue that must be worked on more seriously. The use of Pijama, it is an element to be taken into account for the incentive of sleep.

Sleep Need and Quality

On average, a different amount of sleep is needed based on age. A newborn baby gets to sleep between 14 and 20 hours, while adults can manage between 7 and 9 hours. However, everyone has a different need for sleep. The quality and quantity of sleep also decreases with age, and with the absence of certain environmental elements necessary to achieve it; among others you can list the appropriate temperature, the condition of the mattress and of course, the use of a Pijama appropriate to the occasion.

Some are El Búho Nocturnos, others morning. People who get up early generally go to bed early; while El Búho Nocturnos like to sleep more and really get going at night. You cannot choose what type to be, it is an innate condition that comes with everyone. It is probably even hereditary, that condition of being a El Búho Nocturno. But what you can choose is to be warm and comfortable with the Pijama favorite and occasion.

These so-called chronotypes follow a certain rhythm of wakefulness and sleep. Experts explain it by saying that you can only be vulnerable for a few hours each night. While El Búho Nocturnos are still active, the early risers are already sleeping and people are already awake early in the morning, while El Búho Nocturnos are still resting. A nifty evolutionary trick.

Tips for better sleep at night

  1. The Key is Regularity

Try to sleep and get up at the same time, even on weekends. Thus, the internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, will adapt to what is needed to be able to immerse yourself in the phases of deep sleep. For those who practice, mainly on weekends, staying up late at night and “sleeping late” in the morning is in principle nothing more than a self-indicated social jet lag. You should stop doing this, for the good of the body and brain, or at least avoid living or adopting this bad habit.

  • Catching Up With Sleep: A Myth

We must avoid as much as possible, sleeping very little because we cannot recover the lost sleep. Why is it so bad? Because in general, the absence of sleep is not even noticed, but even suddenly, the person affected by this practice falls asleep for 1-2 hours. As a result, there is a risk of accidents of various types (for example, driving a car: micro sleep), which often cost lives. The data that indicates that having a sleep deficiency for an average of 19 hours gives the same reaction conditions that a person under the effects of alcohol has is impressive. In this sense, it is important once again to indicate the use of the Pijama. It is an immense collaborator in the conciliation of the dream.

  1. The Light Indicates To The Body That It Is Daytime.

Who is not happy when the sun shines in the morning? Except maybe teenagers when it shines right on your bed. The sunlight in the morning tells the brain that it is daylight again and that now you have to be awake and you must be attentive and leave the Pijama aside, to get active in everyday activities. Therefore, try to absorb as much direct sunlight as possible in the morning.

  • Artificial Light Is Not A Substitute

Artificial light is weaker than natural light and therefore not as effective in playing the role of an alarm clock. That is why you can feel tired and exhausted, even if only in the morning. At night, turning on the lights, watching television, using computers or other devices, is a behavior that indicates to the brain that it is still daytime. Very little melatonin, a hormone that controls the rhythm of wakefulness and sleep, is released. Melatonin causes fatigue, allows you to sleep well and, later, sleep well all night and obtain a good rest, in collaboration with the use of Pijama favorite.

  • What can be done?

In the late afternoon hours, ready to dim the natural light of the day, you have to take advantage of and mold the body to rest; Be placed pajamas and not watching television for a long time. In the same way, it is better if the laptop and the cell phone are suspended from use in that period of time dedicated to rest.

Basically, it is recommended to take about 1-2 hours before bedtime, put on the Pijama and disconnect from the front screens, because the brain lacks the signal of darkness. As a result, brains do not secrete enough melatonin to fall asleep or sleep deep enough to be able to enjoy all the health benefits.

  • Traumas Are Best Processed During Sleep.

The brain only removes tau and ß-amyloid proteins during phases of deep sleep, which have been shown to be associated with dementia. What has been learned is solidified better and more effectively through sleep. The best ideas and the most creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems come while you're sleeping.

  • Good for the body

Recovery and regeneration are best done during sleep. Sleeping a lot promotes faster healing in case of illness or injury, and if it is with the use of a good Pijama, better. By sleeping, motor skills are learned and automated more quickly. Sleep helps to be fitter, faster and perform well, as in first-class sport.

From early on you have to get used to sleeping well, and with Pijama. It is widely shown that this practice is beneficial for the general health of the body and mental health. On www.elbuhonocturno.com we can help in this process of choosing the Pijama ideal.