Hombre Activo Después de los 40

Active Man After 40

It is a fact that the man of any age needs to sleep, even better if it is in a comfortable pajamas that guarantees rest. Rest is part of well-being, as indicated by important reference institutions that are dedicated to promoting health and well-being, where through interesting articles they explain that sleep is essential, since sleep strengthens the mind, restores the body and fortifies all the systems of the organism integrally.

But, in the same way, it is very prudent to carry out a periodic medical check-up to take control of health from a preventive attitude in the most appropriate way possible, under the accompaniment of an indicated medical staff. Much of the men they have to understand that medical visits, beyond appearances, are the key factor in avoiding problems that may be harming their health.

In this sense, the call to conscience is due to the fact that many times, being mired in the hustle and bustle of work as part of a social system that can lead to an unprofitable lifestyle, the men they are exposed to the early deterioration of their vitality.

Vitality and Physical Activity

Now, it is common for men in their 30s to feel great vitality and energy, which somehow diminishes the importance of cultivating good habits, especially in food and exercise. Some statistics indicate that the concern to do conscious exercise, improve diet, as well as abandon bad habits such as alcohol intake or smoking, begins after 40; when the attacks arrive as a product of some excesses and neglect in the man when he was younger.

The need for annual medical consultations is extremely important to check not only the current situation and health status, but also to discover possible diseases that surely do not present symptoms and are not so easy to detect.

Therefore, the trend of The Knights Before the age of 40, these reviews should be postponed because they believe that it is a symbol of weakness, it is nothing more than a fear originated by believing that medicine is only used when you are in a critical state, when making those early and regular visits will avoid some future discomfort.

Physical Exercise as Part of a Healthy Routine

In the same way that it is necessary to go to the doctor periodically to have a routine that promotes well-being, physical exercise complements that activity that the body and mind require, since it helps to prevent these health problems, increasing energy and also to reduce the stress.

A good daily exercise routine helps to clear the mind of problems and confers a unique vitality, full of a real sense of extremely positive well-being. Yes, physical exercise is synonymous with vitality. The sedentary lifestyle does not bring more than risk for men, which is why it is so important to practice sports, do some cardio or simply go out for a walk.

A good daily walk helps considerably to prevent cardiovascular diseases, since sedentary people suffer greater risks of suffering from atherosclerosis, hypertension and respiratory diseases. Even more, it can cause significant damage to the cardiovascular system, accentuating the effects of more risk situations such as obesity, hypertension or cholesterol.

Fighting sedentary lifestyle is really simple, just organize small physical activities to start little by little. On the Internet you can find various proposals for exercises and fiscal activity to stay active even when you are at home. The important thing is to start, set small goals and daily exercises to get used to it and gradually add a little more intensity.

Additionally, exercise and physical activity, in addition to avoiding the aforementioned heart diseases, highly reduces the effects of aging, improves sleep quality, helps maintain a healthy proper weight by increasing metabolism and contributes to mental health by avoiding anxiety and depression.

Regardless of the personal goal that is proposed with the physical routines, it is important to always accompany them with a very good diet. Due to the same lack of activity, overwork or the same boredom, it is easy to want to eat at all hours looking for what to do to kill time; exercise will require healthy meals that provide the necessary nutrients, and will regulate these schedule mismatches both sleep as a food.

Rest and Rest Habits

So exercising is essential, but when it comes time to to sleep, rest is also very important, because it is time to get pajamas preferred and rest to regain energy after a good exercise routine. Hence, quite apart from what many believe, there is a certain amount of hours necessary that, depending on the age, are really required to reestablish, excess sleeping much longer than necessary is also detrimental to health.

Experts suggest that an adult aged 26 to 64 sleeps 7 to 9 hours, but an older adult aged 65 and over reduces their sleep time to about 7 to 8 hours.

These data really only represent a guide to the advisable or suggested range of hours according to each age group for a healthier sleep. In some cases, sleeping an hour more or less than usual is acceptable depending on the individual circumstances of each one, so the family doctor can surely provide a much more exact orientation in accordance with your particular lifestyle.

Just as it is necessary to be aware of the minimum hours required to sleep, it is relevant to think about whether within that period the quality of sleep. This is important for different reasons, just like breathing, eating and drinking, it influences the ability of each person to feel rested and energized for the new day, but, above all, the quality of sleep ensures physical and mental health, therefore it contributes to the quality of life in general.

Of course, it is that sleep also helps the development of the body, for that same reason, babies, children and adolescents need to sleep a little more than adults. But the indisputable thing is that people of all ages have to sleep to avoid illness or recover from it.

A poor quality of sleep and a lack of it can have very negative consequences. Being able to be of a physiological order, including the risk of cerebrovascular accidents, heart diseases and arterial hypertension. In the same order, the negative effects could be psychological, such as irritability, anxiety or depression that comes from prolonged or chronic insomnia.

The truth is that it is necessary to establish a balance, a certain balance to lead, as far as possible, a healthy life. Medical control, daily exercise, diet and Rest, with your good sleeping garment, or with a comfortable pajamasThey are undoubtedly routines of good habits to achieve good health for a man with expectations of quality of life after 40.