Pijamas, Descanso y Estrés Laboral

Pajamas, Rest and Work Stress

There are many findings that demonstrate the close relationship and the impact that stress has on health and lifestyle, since it is a fact that people in a state of tension, stress or burnout tend to suffer from problems falling asleep and have a real night's rest, which unquestionably increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases as well as poor performance and productivity.

The wearing pajamas It is understood as part of a routine that leads to rest at night in a natural way, since it predisposes the body to sleep and concludes the man in a much simpler way, as part of habits and customs regulating the hours of rest.

Stress from work and its impact on health has become much more common and recurring than you think. Important researchers such as Azagba and Sharaf (2012), Kivimäki (2006) and Nevanpera (2012) conclude in interesting results when carrying out analyzes at different moments in people's lives, including work, which certainly indicates the indisputable effect of stress on over time as an object of scientific study.

Now, work is an inherent activity of man; But in today's world, overwork and the impact of anxiety and stressful situations resulting from work activity has increased considerably. When an individual enters to form part of an organization or company, a relationship is established that begins with the commitment to perform assigned tasks, under certain values and policies of loyalty and responsibility towards the achievement of goals.

On the other hand, much more is expected than financial rewards; as there is an innate need for safety, a humane treatment, healthy relationships between people and team members as well as support to achieve personal goals, as well as a pleasant work environment, in order to achieve the greatest well-being and job satisfaction.

In the same way, it is important that as individuals we are willing to build a healthy work environment, as well as an adequate management of responsibilities as part of the construction of a much healthier business culture based on the best human relationships, teamwork and communication. effective; the imbalance of these conditions results in work stress.

Work Stress and Rest

Therefore, when the economic aspects are emphasized and the psychological aspects are neglected, a rather limited performance can be manifested because personal goals are not being achieved as much as expected, in addition to negatively impacting their health as physical as emotional.

Therefore, if both expectations of both the employees and the company in equilibrium are met, a greater work satisfaction in favor of health, which is intrinsic and proportional to personal satisfaction.

Work on Personal Satisfaction

Additionally, it will be very important that, as a company, the human resource is assigned tasks and responsibilities according to the worker's competencies, considering the employee's time for recreation and rest, as well as corporate activities to promote emotional health, of vital importance. and mental of human talent.

But our contribution and initiative as an individual to this social system will also be fundamental; Since to the same extent that those elements of growth must be provided to the productive activity, developing and enhancing processes beyond fulfilling the assigned tasks, will have an impact on personal progress and growth in the organization, always contemplating a balance in the emotional stability.

In order for organizations to be able to fully comply with both their productive and worker care objectives, it is necessary that there be a set of guidelines, norms linked to physical, psychological and socioeconomic factors that determine the development of work activities.

It is important to note that elements such as compensation are closely related to job satisfaction, this is what allows meeting the basic survival needs of the individual, hence the coherence between the needs as an individual and the expectations within a position is so important of work.

Balance to Avoid Work Stress

In summary, it is essential to achieve a healthy balance between the execution of each and every one of the responsibilities and tasks without falling into excesses due to the motivation for better compensation or remuneration. It is essential to consider that money is important, what motivates you to have a job and to keep it, because it allows you to access the goods and services that are needed to satisfy needs and that of the family environment.

But it is also crucial to understand that excess work directly affects emotional and physical health, in addition to the fact that the family group is also affected by this idea of excessive work as a synonym of success; dedicating adequate time to relaxation and rest will be a key to being much more productive and generally having good health.

Sleeping well is a necessary and essential physiological function for the body. Sleep with a comfortable pajamas it is part of a ritual of rest that can make the difference between a bad day and one full of energy and productive performance.

On the other hand, the psychological gratification obtained from a productive activity will be fundamental, hence, companies make efforts to take care of the health of their collaborators in all aspects; the different interpersonal relationships are consistent with the idea of job satisfaction associated with stress at work.

In summary, a healthy work environment is in essence one of the bases to guarantee the psychological health of the worker, since it involves the multiple interactions between individuals based on effective communication and mutual respect, not only in the performance of tasks but in teamwork and collaboration.

There is nothing more harmful to emotional health than a toxic work environment and company culture, work stress due This is not only manifested by overwork, but by negative scenarios from the quality of relationships and interaction between the people who work within an organization.

Environmental conditions

Next, we find that environmental conditions can also cause work stress in the people in an organization; which include all those factors that affect the worker so that he feels comfortable, comfortable and safe in his workplace.

Among the unfavorable conditions we can mention, for example, not having all the tools and resources necessary for job performance, since organizations must provide them so that the tasks performed there are more pleasant; A workplace with poor environmental conditions can cause workers to perform poor work, not be as productive, and severe psychological conditions such as stressful situations arise.

Consequently, an emotional imbalance product of insecurity at work translated into stress impacts on health. Finally, the planning and organization of work, as well as a healthy work environment, will be key factors to avoid states of severe anxiety, which can cause disorders of all kinds, including the most common, insomnia and fatigue.