Hombre Actual, Rutinas Para Relajarse

Current Man, Routines To Relax

Despite what social networks may lead you to believe, the pursuit of well-being is not just sheet masks and handstands on the beach. There are many ways to optimize health that do not involve exotic foods or endless exercises.

The main well-being of these is without a doubt to sleep better at night. Regardless of whether you are someone who struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep at night, being less tired can have a positive impact on your health, weight, mood, job performance, and more. And since a good chunk of the day is spent sleeping, it better be done right.

From restructuring the daily routine so that it is less active at night, to investing in a comfortable mattress, and of course to acquiring a good Pijama And take it as an everyday behavior, infinitely better for staying cool at night than the old habit of sleeping without clothes. There are some ideas on how to start getting a more restful sleep as soon as night falls.

Schedule the day differently

One of the best ways to prepare for a great night's rest is to spend your waking hours doing things that enhance, not hinder, your time in the sheets. For the most part, that means packing up the first part of the day with more excitement - exercise, caffeine, and a large, nutritious meal - and adopting gentler habits in the hours after work, such as wearing pajamas adjusted to the current weather station.

That does not mean that you can never enjoy a delicious meal such as burgers and beers after work, just that, but without a doubt, sleeping well is important for, and the night routine should not depend only on heavy workouts or meals. late nights with a lot of alcohol, the use of appropriate attire should also be included; use pajamas.

Establish a relaxation routine

You have to try to stop being that man, the one who constantly watches his phone or television until just before falling asleep. Blue light from screens has the same effect on the brain as sunlight. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends creating some distance between the digital world and the dream world by establishing a bedtime routine, just like when you were a child (only much cooler).

Changing, showering, stretching, putting on the Pijama, meditate, share with your partner, read. Do something to relax your mind and body other than staring, open-mouthed at a device.

Simulate the conditions of a "luxury hotel"

Sometimes it is common to feel that you sleep better in a nice hotel room than in your own home. On a big cool bed and pajamas for convenience, which could have a lot to do with a happy rest. They are also key: decent window curtains, central air conditioning and a good ambient aroma that influences a harmonization of tranquility and tranquility. Sure, it can be difficult to turn a rental apartment into a five-star place, but even turning the thermostat down can help create a more optimal sleep environment.

Sleeping in a cooler room can even improve metabolic health. As for simulating that characteristic smell of "nothing" of luxury hotels and spas, you can try a diffuser with lavender essential oil, which according to studies promotes a more restful sleep.

Sleep in a cooler bed, literally

If you're still sleeping on a sweat-inducing memory foam mattress with excruciatingly suffocating jersey sheets, you're sleeping poorly. A good night's rest begins with a mattress that is supportive but not suffocating, and thin, breathable sheets are recommended, whether or not cotton bedding is preferred.

There are mattress models that are designed with state-of-the-art cooling materials, which work together from the cover to the core to keep the occupant cool throughout the night. It includes a removable and washable cover that helps you feel cool when you lie down, plus two layers between the cover and the mattress, which allow heat and moisture to be removed more effectively.

All of this works in tandem with a unique material that appears to detect and know exactly what the user and their body need and almost magically adapts so you can sleep faster and stay asleep longer, with fewer laps. This creates maximum pressure relief for deeper, more refreshing sleep. Additionally, the wear pajamas That it suits this modern wonder and the user's preference is a real plus.

Use technology to smooth edges

You don't have to be a sleep scientist to know that going from bright lights to total darkness by falling asleep and waking up to the emergency siren on an old-school alarm clock or landline are unnecessarily aggressive ways to get in and out of sleep, and break. Smartphones, smart home devices, and even smart lights are here to help with their softer, more gradual sounds and lighting, which can be programmed to suit particular timetables and sensitivities.

It's 2021 - drowning rowdy neighbors in white noise, softening the lighting on that fluorescent blue light bulb with bedside ambient lanterns, and turning on a sleep meditation app instead of counting sheep is what is setting the trend.

Hours of sleep, quantity or quality?

Most people sleep between six and nine hours a night, which means they spend about a third of their lives sleeping. This may seem like a long time, but in reality, there is less sleep among all primates, the group that includes monkeys, apes and man.

So says a new analysis looking at the impact sleep has had on evolution. The new research suggests that humans have evolved to sleep less, but also to sleep very soundly and with better quality of rest. This may help explain the success of man as a species.

To understand whether human sleep is unique, experts in the field compared the sleep patterns of 21 primates, whose sleep patterns had already been analyzed. They concluded that humans sleep deeper than any other primate. In addition to looking at how long the animals slept, they looked at how long they spent in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is when you dream and when the brain consolidates memories into long-term storage.

Humans slept less, but it was undoubtedly a higher quality, more restful sleep. Nowadays it would be inconceivable not to accept the recommendations arising from studies of this type. The use of methods and elements that facilitate rest should not be contested. One of those elements, it's the pajamas; a perfect ally.