El Hombre de Éxito

The Man of Success

Multiple theories and research on human behavior and needs lead us to the same conclusion, the human being is designed to achieve success or what is also known as the top of the pyramid "self-realization".

The truth is that this motivation is the engine to achieve the desired success, but only if the man is well aware and highly motivated. To be successful, attitude will be essential but also discipline in the lifestyle that involves setting and achieving goals.

Hence, many are the men who acquire and put their skills to work throughout their lives, but there are few who really manage to exploit their full potential to be successful.

Work as part of Success

Of course successful men are hard workers, most of the great successful names have stories that begin with very hard work and long hours for the sole purpose of learning and reaching the highest level of excellence in their field.

But, in addition, they are characters who build their life based on routines in all aspects of their life, with discipline and above all structure. Achieve success in any field whether professional, work or family; It not only implies sacrifices, but the vision of achieving well-oriented goals.

The road to success is usually full of sacrifices, but staying and growing requires wisdom to build a lifestyle typical of the successful man. A good suit, a nice tie or a handkerchief to offer when necessary, describe the man of today who is distinguished in character, of not only apparent success, but that builds with habits even at bedtime.

Sleeping Elegance

The rest routine is essential for the successful man, because sleeping in a good restorative sleep is essential to have a particularly productive day and with all the necessary energy to start all the activity that is required during the day; renew the mattress or have a good Pijama, a matter not at all banal, will be one of the key factors of this routine when sleeping.

Successful men exude security and confidence in themselves and demonstrate that security by facing the possible problems or risks that come with having great and important responsibilities, wearing pajamas is part of their personality.

Skills of the Successful Man

All the competencies that are essential for success begin with discipline. A successful man seriously focuses only on what is truly important. In addition, a successful man must think and make decisions quickly and intelligently, thus sharpening his leadership and constantly preparing to master his emotions.

Another great quality of these gentlemen is that they adapt to any situation, to the rhythm of their business, the recurring needs in the area where they operate and all the factors that compose it. Which means that they know exactly how to maintain balance by focusing their mind on the end result, not the process of reaching the end.

Successful men They have the characteristic of being very constant in everything necessary to achieve their objective. They do not stop until they reach the end despite the difficulties, obstacles that may appear.

A Man With Style

The priority is to take care of every last detail, that is the thought and attitude of a man with style who exudes success. That neither by mistake nor in the least does he venture to sleep without clothes, the man who has definitely triumphed sleep with Pijama. A good example of men who set trends in pajamas is the legendary Hugh Hefner.

This famous magician remembered for being the creator of the Playboy emporium, who gave himself the luxury of a one hundred percent unique lifestyle in pijama, in addition to nothing more and nothing less than 91 years in a fine and elegant piece of silk, a mansion and a life without restrictions of any kind. So in a nutshell behind the Pijama comes the status as a symbol.

A Ritual of Rest

Because of the rest necessary to recharge the energies of the successful man, it turns out that putting pajamas It is one of the most important mental states that predisposes you to sleep, which favors falling asleep because it is much more effective than giving you chamomile or a glass of warm milk.

Then only when you get pajamas, you will be really ready to go to sleep in bed; This is because from the unconscious it is understood that it is bedding that is specially and exclusively made for sleeping, so in short it represents an absolute signal and without linking to errors sent to the brain that it is time to rest night.

Although in some sense it may sound a bit strange, pajamas bring stability to life, with habits, with order. So the man who sleeps in his pajamas actually faces a third of his day as he should. And this is how just putting it on is a small but very transcendent ritual that denotes the most serious respect for a rest in conditions and interest that demonstrate the importance of personal appearance.

Give yourself a well-deserved rest

A man who sleeps in pajamas wakes up ready to face the challenges of an excellent day, of course accompanied by a good breakfast. A man who sleeps in pajamas can get up in the middle of the night if he has to, even in the coldest of winters and be perfectly warm. A man who sleeps in pajamas, but a good pajamas, will make the best impression in any circumstance.

Where the bed, in addition, as a space of comfort and absolute rest, also turns out to be one of the places that is the least hygienic in the house, this because several grams of skin and dead cells are lost daily. The outer layer of the epidermis is renewed every 2 or 4 weeks on average, and goes directly to the savannah at night.

Therefore, considering that millions of dead cells are shed from the skin every day that will surely end up on the sheet if there is no pajama involved. Not to mention if it is also customary to eat in bed, by the way, another very bad habit. The rest in a bed with fresh and clean sheets just changed is a truly unique pleasure; where pajamas work as a perfect barrier against the germs that inhabit it.

Although success requires constant work, it is vital to maintain a balance between the importance of dedicating the hours necessary to sleep as well as the entertainment necessary to take care of mental health, avoid stress and anxiety caused by excesses.

Sleep in clean and fresh sheets as well as a comfortable pajamas is an invitation to rest, conciliating a deep sleep, recovering the necessary energy to be much more productive in each of the day-to-day activities, as part of being a successful man.