Hombre En Pijama, No Es Banalidad

Man In Pajamas, It's Not Banality

There is no such thing as a garment pajamas that further identifies the man and that better reflects your personality. These special clothes, to go to bed or to stay in it (especially on Sundays) tend to be; and for the most part they are so comfortable that you can get to long for the end of the day to use it. Usually the man when he gets pajamas, a kind of general relaxation invades his whole being. It is something similar to, being in off-duty mode. Relax mode.

The pajamas and their origin

Pajamas are undoubtedly one of the most used garments in the world, without distinction of race, culture or religious creed. It is a clothing that is worn daily, and is not only used for the purpose of sleeping, but many times to be at home to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The word pajamas has its origin in a Persian and Hindi word paejama, which encompasses a set of meanings that could be reduced to the habit of preserving personal hygiene, health of the place where you sleep or rest (bed), and is also related to the feeling of comfort to the body during rest.

On the other hand, it has also been recorded that at the time of the extinct Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) this garment already existed and fulfilled a very particular role. It is said that it was used to "warm up" the legs at one time, when in fact there were no effective solutions to control the low temperatures of the cold seasons of the year. Within that culture his name literally meant, "clothing for the leg."

By the middle of the seventeenth century, women and men, to avoid sleeping naked, used long nightgowns as a sleeping garment that were buttoned up to the feet all over the front. They were made of velvet or wool. At the same time during that time, the boom in maritime travel between East and West began, which could be considered the first tourist trips. In these trips, and as in all trips, cultural exchanges began to be seen; It is in this way that pants imported from Persia began to become popular, which turned out to be the first pajamas in the west.

Initially, these garments were quite loose in order to allow full freedom of movement when sleeping. They were manufactured in soft and fresh fabrics to ensure safe perspiration and at the same time obtain comfort. Three centuries later, when England had the territory of India as a colony, it adopted and adapted to its English style, this garment used to sleep. Adding details and decoration oriented towards luxury.

It is at this time, when this garment is defined by gender: masculine and feminine garments. It was a garment with such renown and prestige, that it became only suitable for people with high social positions, despite its origins as accessible and popularly used textile pieces in all social classes, among other things, in its simplicity. and primitive design.

Comfortable Summers

It is a reality that our attention decreases when choosing our clothes for rest or to be indoors. We pay little attention to how to look in our pajamas. Regardless of the season of the year, which is at the right time, our attention should be focused largely on the comfort and taste of our home or sleepwear, it is a facet that should not be relegated.

This last year and a half, due to the world situation we have been forced to stay at home longer than planned, we have realized that we should feel comfortable inside our homes, and that happens because of the fact of feeling beautiful and comfortable . Especially in hot times like summer.

It is recommended to use the pajamas made of cotton, the best and purest raw material that exists to make these garments. They turn out to be garments of extraordinary quality as well as being very soft and special for the hot days of the middle of the year. In addition to this cotton fabric, it has a shine and a special air that gives elegance and style to the Pijama.

Precisely during the summer when temperatures rise, the search for fresh clothes is the order of the day. The short designs are specially created for these days, they become our main allies when it comes to sleep and rest from exhausting days of daytime heat.

These short pajamas We could say that they stand out for having a great durability that could allow us to use them for several repeated seasons. They are made up of Bermuda shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts, sometimes with a pocket in the chest area, in light shades of white, blue, gray and pearl.

It should be mentioned that during the summer temperatures certainly increase, it is also true that there are certain areas where temperatures do not rise excessively. Not to mention, not all men have the same preferences for short pajamas. Not everyone has the same tastes and needs. So there are also proposals for long designs, of course with the same cotton base to ensure breathability, freshness and adequate comfort.

It's Smart to Wear Pajamas

According to the latest surveys, men do not wear pajamas as often as expected, it is a matter of habit and culture, often familiar.

The idea of the pijamas they are only for sleeping, it is in fact even wrong. Although the Europeans adapted the pajamas as nightwear, the good people of Turkey, Iran and India, used these loose clothes, not only for the bed, but for the comfort of the whole day in front of the so warm temperatures of those latitudes.

In short, it is simple and smart, when you get home at the end of a long day try not to change from a suit to another clothing that gives a feeling of restriction. Instead, it can be tried on with pajamas. It turns out that it is also very comfortable, practical, and helps considerably in preserving the useful life of clothing for much longer.

So much of the reason you could say that using the Pijama has a bad reputation, it is due to that obsolete paradigm created of an image of weakness and old age associated with the use of Pijama usually exerts some pressure on the common. Plainly, it is not necessary to continue feeding this false and otherwise absurd belief.

Instead, what is indisputable is that its use as an entire modern culture must be encouraged. Because it provides convenience, hygiene and comfort. The super comfortable feeling of cotton fabrics on the skin, not only helps to alleviate the worries of the day, but also these pieces help to mold and stylize our figures. It is a fact, from time to time we want to look good without having to wear our best combinations of clothes.

The man in pajamas highlights security, confidence, as well as good habits that are associated with order and hygiene for the hours of rest at night, in that sleep ritual that may seem insignificant.