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Sleeping Style

Although the PijamaFor generations, it was and is considered a very basic and relaxed piece for bedtime, trends in styles, details, designs, materials, manufacturing quality and colors have been changing in recent years; to such an extent that the main underwear and sleepwear brands have transformed their collections, with the introduction of much more current proposals, including the male sex in this adventure of creative textile evolution; ideal for the modern man who cares so much about his image but also about his comfort.

Although, it could be thought that pajamas for men They do not have any attraction in terms of colors, designs and models, as is the case on the feminine side, the trends for them have also been changing. Fitted and V-neck sweaters, classic striped prints are trends; colors like white, blue, lead or brown. Cotton pants that provide comfort, with a belt belt according to preferences.

The Pajamas, Fundamental Garment

Undoubtedly, today pajamas are a garment that has regained importance within the masculine look and wardrobe, with new and attractive designs that can be used as multipurpose wardrobes.

It is a reality that specialized brands and that are dedicated to the manufacture of nightwear, have ventured into the production of avant-garde designs with striking colors, applications and details. Now the pajamas They are not only a nightwear, they have also become a piece to be able to look good with couples, to receive a home service or to wear on an informal visit from friends or family.

Well, now fashion is not only carried on the street, the market currently offers all kinds of styles of pajamas that adapt to different tastes. Comfortable shorts, long pants for colder climates and special garments with classic cuts with the famous buttoned shirts.

Fabrics, Comfort and Fashion

Regarding materials, they are using cotton, microfiber, cotton lycra and viscose; with bright tones according to the seasons. We find from the inevitable white, green, blue, pastel tones, blues, prints as an inevitable trend that has nuanced strong colors, and additionally in the more youthful theme the malted neons.

Pajamas have totally evolved. It is no longer a boring, static and passive nightwear. Foreign fashion has already been transferred to this garment, such as unstructured shirts. Every time there is a new trend in fashion, it has a direct impact on the design of pajamas. Today, we have tubed pajamas, long, short, it goes very outward.

As already mentioned, previously men's pajamas were very classic, static or passive; today there is a more frequent purchase of this garment, at least four times a year as the season indicates. The ideal when choosing this garment is to take into account the freshness and its softness, the viscosity is an important factor to consider because it determines the "fall" of the pajamas.

We must also highlight the preference for natural fibers to obtain better perspiration at night during sleep.

The Pajama Market

The pajama market has had a large-scale increase in recent years, where major global brands have experienced growth of over 20% during the last 7 years. The acceptance of this men's garment has grown to such magnitude and has had a great reception to the point of reaching the launch of three annual collections and up to four complementary ones.

As winter approaches, as every year, it is preceded by the cold and, also, by shopping for gifts on Black Friday and Christmas. Years ago it was very typical to give pajamas for Santa Claus or for Kings, and although it is still quite common, this garment is no longer the easy resource to hit the mark. Today, pajamas are called home clothes, they form another category of fashion and are not a basic garment as before. For example, in the case of men's pajamas, the range of possibilities goes beyond choosing between summer or winter.

There are them for all tastes: from the simplest to models with striking colors and prints, through very loose sets or other Slim fit with a much more tailored effect. There are many options in terms of styles, construction and design, and they all share the same purpose: to reinforce the feeling of comfort at home and at bedtime.

All those options are in this selection separated into classic and modern styles, and in pajamas for the coolest or for those who prefer to be light clothes at home. Not all homes are equally cold, and winter is not the same everywhere.

Classic Styles

Long shirt

Within the classics, this is one of the most original and striking pajamas. It is a long striped or plain poplin shirt type. Along with the one-piece, it is the one that is most reminiscent of those pajamas from the 19th and early 20th centuries. This model is traditionally in blue and has a buttoned Mao collar for a modern and stylish touch.

With Tailor Jacket

It is common to get this model in classic navy blue, white, ivory or gray with the details of the jacket on the collar and cuffs. It is made of 100% cotton and at the same time has a very competitive price. It is the pajamas of a lifetime, in two tailored pieces; And it is still the option of choice for many men to be at home and go to sleep.

Of long sleeve

This type of pajamas is a two-piece set that mixes different shades of colors, as well as the plain on the top with the plaid pattern of the pants that is generally chosen for this style of pajamas. It is ideal for those looking for maximum comfort even if a shirt does not dress as much as a shirt.

In addition to blue and pastel tones, the other star combination of colors in a traditional style is gray and black. This pajama model perfectly mixes the classic pajama concept with a contemporary finish. The trousers are narrow but loose-legged with pockets and with a very original print, and the upper part offers maximum comfort with the fitted cuffs and the softness of the finish. It is 100% cotton with a high quality knit. Pajamas deluxe.


Flannel is an infallible option for the coldest or those who like to be very warm at home and in bed. With this fabric, the softness and the feeling of being warm are unmistakable. These classic-style two-piece pajamas are made from 100% cotton flannel, and are generally available in four colors, khaki, crimson, silver gray, and navy blue.

For warm houses, places with little extreme winters or simply for the less cold ones, the ideal pajamas are short sleeves that have long but loose pants, and are generally offered in four colors and at a very competitive price. A Pijama Sleeping in style.