Hombre En Pijama, No Es Vanidad

Man In Pajamas, It's Not Vanity

The pajamas for man they have taken more and more importance in the life of the gentlemen to sleep or to be at home comfortably; And today this garment has become so versatile and varied that it is possible to stay in trend and relax at the same time. The variety of pajamas in the market allows the man of the 21st century, for example, go out to dump the garbage or receive an order wearing them without feeling inappropriate.

When it is time to sleep, the ideal is to be relaxed and comfortable, therefore, an excellent option to combat the cold is to use a Pijama pants and long sleeves. In this way you can rest peacefully as well as stay fashionable by sleeping in a contemporary style; A good example of this is wearing a single-tone pants with a long-sleeved shirt of the same color.

The versatility of fabrics and colors allows the man express yourself through a garment that has been reinvented; You can experiment with the top by wearing a white t-shirt, with the design of that favorite video game character and, on the pants, you can use a neutral tone such as gray or black.

Also for those with simpler tastes, there are garments with slightly more sober designs, such as plaid trousers and a plain T-shirt, which, on the sleeves, may have the same fabric as the trousers. The idea is to feel comfortable and rested at home with an outfit according to your personality.

Wearing Pajamas and Personality

Wear home clothes and pajamas that express an aspect of the personality, enhances self-affection; It is a form of self-care that not only leans towards comfort but also as a way of showing that, as well as taking care of yourself, you can take care of other people.

Self-esteem is not only about self-confidence and being sure of personal worth, but also about treating yourself with love and respect, even in moments of intimacy like at bedtime. Self-love is also about pampering yourself, and mens they are not exempt from taking pleasure in this.

When we look good, we feel good; wearing a Pijama that you like, that combines with your personal style and is also comfortable tends to elevate the mood of those who use it frequently; by feeling comfortable with your own style, even at bedtime, personal security is increased and therefore personal well-being.

Rest More and Better

According to specialists, the correct regulation of body temperature is the key to a restful sleep and, this must be in a middle point, neither too hot nor too cold. One of the benefits of using Pijama is that it can keep your body at the perfect temperature for sleeping. Thanks to this, it will be easier to fall asleep, not only can you fall asleep faster, but also the REM phase is reached much earlier.

Daily clothing is not an option when it comes to sleeping, being tight in certain parts of the skin can become uncomfortable and even prevent proper blood circulation. Another benefit of using Pijama is to release tension in the areas where other types of garments squeeze.

The elastic bands that incorporate the pajamas are the reason why this garment adapts to the body, in the same way that they do in underwear and, in this way, the skin does not tighten and, consequently, they do not either the tissues under it, obstructing the passage of blood.

Throughout the day the mens are exposed to high levels of contamination, for this reason a Pijama Allowing adequate ventilation to the skin will allow waste and toxins that have accumulated during the day to be released. One of the benefits of wearing pajamas is to ensure proper ventilation of the epidermis, thus preventing external agents from causing skin diseases.

In the same way, pajamas provide the necessary air for your skin to breathe, it helps it to get rid of the remains of sweat and allows it to dry, thus avoiding the appearance of fungus in the armpits and intimate parts. Freedom of movement added to the perfect body temperature are some of the advantages of using Pijama.

Perform an action as simple as putting on the Pijama Half an hour before going to bed relaxes the body and prepares it to go to sleep more easily.

The Pajamas And Their Origin

The word pajamas has its origin in a Persian and Hindi word paejama, which encompasses a set of meanings that could be reduced to the habit of preserving personal hygiene, health of the place where you sleep or rest (bed), and is also related to the feeling of comfort to the body during rest.

On the other hand, it has also been recorded that at the time of the extinct Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) this garment already existed and fulfilled a very particular role. It is said that it was used to "warm up" the legs at a time, in which in fact there were no effective solutions to control the low temperatures of the cold seasons of the year. Within that culture his name literally meant, "clothing for the leg."

By the middle of the seventeenth century, women and men, to avoid sleeping naked, used long nightgowns as a sleeping garment that were buttoned up to the feet all over the front. They were made of velvet or wool. At the same time during that time, the boom in maritime travel between East and West began, which could be considered the first tourist trips. In these trips, and as in all trips, cultural exchanges began to be seen; It is in this way that pants imported from Persia began to become popular, which turned out to be the first pajamas in the west.

Initially, these garments were quite loose in order to allow full freedom of movement when sleeping. They were manufactured in soft and fresh fabrics to ensure safe perspiration and at the same time obtain comfort. Three centuries later, when England had the territory of India as a colony, it adopted and adapted to its English style, this garment used to sleep. Adding details and decoration oriented towards luxury.

It's Very Smart to Wear Pajamas

Currently pajamas has expanded its uses, going from being a garment to sleep or shelter from the cold at night to being a loose garment that allows comfort throughout the day without losing personal style.

Coming home after a long day and having a comfortable garment of personal taste that allows you to complete the day, which in addition to being practical, helps considerably in preserving the useful life of the clothes for much longer.

The reinvention of this garment lies in the sensation of cotton fabrics on the skin, which not only helps to alleviate the worries of the day, but also allows to show a facet of the personality that in other conditions would not be possible.

The man in pajamas shows security and confidence, in addition to good habits that are associated with order and hygiene for the hours of rest at night, a sleep ritual that now has nothing boring.