El Valor del Pijama en Pleno 2021

The Value of Pajamas in Plenary 2021

During the last months of restrictions, the "loungewear" or what is usually known as, the trend that bets on wearing comfortable clothes has become a key piece in the wardrobe of those who know fashion.

It is a fact that the value of pajamas It has increased over the last year and its demand has grown 239 percent compared to the previous year, according to a report by Lyst, the global high-end fashion search engine that ranks the most outstanding brands and products on the web.

In the analysis it has been shown that the impact of pajamas has been great and, it is ensured that signature pajamas grew statistically, compared to the previous year, with Derek Rose, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana, as some of the most important brands. popular, even on the subject of pajamas.

For this reason, Dior launched a few months ago, its Chez Moi pajama line, the first collection that was totally aimed at relaxation or “loungewear”, by María Grazia Chiuri herself during her initial period of confinement and pays tribute to the art of relaxing in stylish home.

With this, we only see the tip of the iceberg of the new pajama trend that has increased in value today and with it has brought new benefits.

The Pandemic and the value of pajamas

And it is that, for no one it is a secret that since the pandemic began, the rise of the pijamas or just comfortable clothes for new routines, including working from home. In addition, a recent report also shows that the growth of the pajama trend is not something that will stop anytime soon, since it is estimated that the pajama industry will be worth three times what it is currently worth, in 2027.

Market research firm NPD Group tells Business Insider that the sale of top-of-the-line pajamas, that is, the most expensive ones that cost $ 50 or more, increased three times the market rate in the last year alone.

Thus, their data has shown that, in 2019, the industry was worth more than 10 million usd, and now, it is predicted that it will project more than 18 million usd in 2027.

Confinement Driven Sales

A spokesperson for the shopping app liketoknow.it is quoted by Business Insider as explaining that, based on the analysis of their data, consumers have every interest in being comfortable. Therefore, their search results have been specifically focused on comfortable clothes, to be at home, matching sets, nightdresses and even bedding for the home. And indeed, all of these search targets were aimed at being at the top since early last year's lockdown, and during the last three months of 2020, pajama searches peaked in the shopping app, with more than 200,000. queries.

Entrepreneurs like Ashley Merril, founder of the Lunya pajama brand, affirms that the market has changed and that, after spending so much time indoors, it is important to invest in comfortable clothes. Giving much more value to pajamas, or something with which they feel more comfortable at home.

The Importance of e-Commerce

Although from the beginning we were talking about data and percentages of sales of large brands or more recognized companies, the fact that pajamas acquired a high value currently also includes it is due to the boom and the strategies implemented by e-commerce, or better known as virtual stores.

Digital businesses, since the beginning of the pandemic, have worked with slightly more aggressive sales strategies, thus lowering their prices, launching promotions and offering.

Of course, online sales must be more attractive due to the amount of active competition there is and must attract attention, thus, stores found themselves reducing the value of garments by at least 12 percent, on average. Adobe Analytics notes that, it is the largest price decrease in a month recorded by themselves.

At the beginning of the lockdown, the physical stores were forced to close due to orders to comply with the quarantine. So pajama sales increased and the flow of customers in digital niches grew. It was evident that, in general terms, sales increased approximately 49 percent in April 2020 alone.

Pajamas are no longer just for sleeping

The trend of Pijama It definitely reached another level and its use is no longer limited inside the room to rest, if at all inside the house. Pajamas It has reached the catwalks, to art, to the street and even to work. Artists like Sarah Jessica Parker have been found walking down the street in pajamas and Jodie Foster even took her pajamas on stage when she received her award on the couch at home.

It should be noted that, when talking about the use of pajamas outside the home, one talks about those designs that go unnoticed, but also those that mark style. In this aspect, wearing this type of clothing to go out implies thinking very well about what you want to transmit and achieve.

Comfort is indisputable and within this trend, the number of options available to put together an authentic style that avoids even touching a disheveled appearance is totally possible.

The options are endless. Men can combine good pajamas with sports shoes for a more casual and fresh style, while women can combine them with sandals or heels for something more stylish and elegant.

Pajamas For Men

In this move the pijamas for men they have become increasingly important to sleep comfortably at night or just to look good.

These textiles must be extremely versatile and while your priority is to ensure comfort, looking good is also essential. Believe it or not, men's pajamas fit any style since there are millions of designs and garments.

They can be achieved with prints, monochrome designs, in more vivid or sober colors that can even be combined with long pants or shorts to look much better. Here, even if it is still a fashionable topic, pleasing personal tastes and feeling good is a thousand times more important, so it is advisable to take your time and walk through the catalogs of options that a store can offer.

It should be noted that there is a belief that it is difficult to get good pajamas for men but the reality is that, within this movement, clothing especially for them has been changing and evolving with enough creativity and, with all this, the increase in the value of pajamas, the rise of online stores and more, there is a range of possibilities where you can find those perfect garments, at good prices, that suit men who know how to take advantage of the versatility of pajamas.

If evaluated from another point of view, confinement has brought positive things such as the new value of pajamas, being aware of the importance of comfort and the evolution that business has brought with it.