La Elección del Mejor Pijama

The Choice of the Best Pajamas

The pajamas men's shoes are designed to be comfortable and guarantee a good night's sleep, but how do you choose one?

Advantages of men's pajamas

  • It is a very comfortable piece;
  • There are varied patterns for all tastes;
  • Ensures a more restful sleep;
  • There are models for all seasons;
  • It is possible to find models made of fabrics for all needs.

Traditional pajamas (two pieces)

As its name implies, this model is very well known, being very old and is still used today. The top is like a shirt, which opens and closes with buttons in the front, and the pants are basic and have the same fabric as the shirt, which can be cotton, polyester, linen or silk. The pants usually come with drawstring for adjustment and, in some cases, there is the possibility of embroidering initials or figures, depending on the preference.

Modern pajamas (two pieces)

The pajamas Modern are the most popular these days. It's basically a looser pair of underwear, that is, a very light tank top and baggy shorts. Within this category there are several styles, with patterns and colors for all tastes.

Sleeping T-Shirt

The nightdress has a knee length design. It can have buttons on the front or not, depending on the man's preference. The nightgown is usually made of cotton or linen, very light fabrics, and features a fine striped pattern. It is a less popular option among men.

What is the best fabric?

For those who like to look stylish even when they sleep, the pajamas silk are usually the most sought after, as well as being a skin-friendly fabric. On the other hand, it is not as absorbent, which can increase the sensation of heat. Cotton, in turn, is less delicate, but much more absorbent, being considered a great pajamas for high temperatures, as well as being machine washable (unlike silk, which must be washed by hand).

Criteria for Buying Men's Pajamas

  • Model

The choice of model is a fundamental criterion when buying pajamas of man. There are those who prefer classic and comfortable modeling, as well as those who love printed or themed versions. It totally depends on the taste of who will use the piece.

  • Size

After choosing the model, it is necessary to pay attention to the size, since this directly influences the comfort of the Pijama. For a good night's sleep, make sure you choose the correct size and, when in doubt, go for the larger size, as tight clothing is often very uncomfortable.

  • Cloth

The choice of fabric should take into account the comfort, personal taste and temperatures of the place where you live. If the place tends to have low temperatures, for example, the fabric cannot be very light.

  • Colour

Very vibrant colors are often avoided as they can interfere with sleep. At the time of choosing pajamasOpting for more neutral versions makes a difference, especially for those who have difficulty sleeping.

Men's Pajamas Available Online

When choosing men's pajamas, you have to take into account several criteria. On El Búho Nocturno, you can find various models, sizes, colors and patterns of pajamas to choose from.

Bedtime is one of the most important moments of the whole day. In the same way as going out to work, making a date with friends, having fun and having moments of leisure, or even sitting on the sofa watching your favorite movies; rest is essential to live well.

Some people like to sleep more comfortably, wearing as little clothing as possible. But there are also those people who do not miss the opportunity to use pajamas of man to sleep even more comfortably.

Pajamas Evolution

Pajamas are clothes used to sleep. The exact origin of this garment is unknown, but it was customary in the 16th century for people of upper social class to wear different types of clothing during the day, including specific clothing for bedtime. The word Pijama It has a Hindu and Persian origin, which means "clothing for the legs." Despite this meaning, most pajamas consist of two garments, an upper and a lower. There are also one-piece pajamas.

Discovering the Best Styles

Men's pajamas can help you sleep better. This is a fundamental garment and should be in the wardrobe of the man who wants to have a modern and elegant look. There are several models of pajamas for men, and surely some will have a place within the many tastes that exist.

Summer Pajamas

These are the types of pajamas that are seen most in tropical countries, due to the hotter climate. It is generally made up of a two-piece set: a basic sleeveless shirt and a bottom piece that can be shorts or briefs.

Winter Pajamas

The pajamas winter are characterized by long sleeves on the shirt. They also have shorts or longer pants as underwear. The "heavier" fabrics are used to make clothing more suitable for cold weather and to warm the person while they sleep. A very popular style of Pijama winter is the sweatshirt.

Printed Pajamas

The most modern styles of pajamas they bring varied patterns. There are famous characters such as superheroes, television series and movies, others with funny phrases. It's worth finding a printout of something you're fairly familiar with and applying it to your pajamas.

Plus Size Pajamas

Of course, fat people could not be left out. Many men maintain that "tummy", but still do not stop wear pajamas attractive. There are modern models of summer, winter, prints, everything to adapt to the body in the best way.

Sleeping T-Shirt

As already mentioned, not all the pijamas they need two pieces. Some men prefer to sleep only in a T-shirt. There are sleeping shirts that have a modern and differentiated style, achieving a mixture of convenience, comfort and style.

Sleeping shorts

The same goes for the bottom pajamas. Many people think that it is better to sleep without a shirt and only one with shorts. This type of pajama is generally wider, in a lighter fabric and provides comfort to sleep peacefully without feeling the heat on the legs.

Pajama pants

Following the same idea, there are also pajamas made up of a single pants. This option is used by men who do not like to wear a shirt at bedtime and can be both an alternative for hot days, as well as for winter days.

In short, the choice pajamas It is an activity full of various alternatives available in the market, like almost all those in life today. Influenced by factors such as the climatic situation, comfort, style, personal preferences and even the economic capacity of the user, depending on the material used to make the garment to choose. It is a wonderful opportunity to innovate and test.