La Importancia De La Música Al Dormir

The Importance Of Music When You Sleep

The positive effects of music on individuals have been known over the years. From ancient philosophers such as Plato, to Confucius and more, they have used the songs of praise to generate a certain change in the mood of people and, currently, it has not changed at all, especially when talking about music when sleeping.

And it is that, if they do observe, depending on the context and the genre to choose, music can impact on the emotional state of a person. At the very least, military bands use music to build confidence and courage. During sporting events they select appropriate music to incite enthusiasm. Even without going very far, mothers manage to put their children to sleep through song and music.

Although at the time of sleep there are fundamental factors that can benefit people who want to rest much better, such as the use of a good cotton pajamas, music has great power right now, and not many people take advantage of this trick.

Of course, not just any type of music can be listened to before sleeping as a bad choice can disturb sleep and mood at the time. But, this should not be a reason to avoid implementing this technique.

Importance Of Music When You Sleep

The importance of music when sleeping lies in the fact that it has a physiological effect on people that explains why its implementation is so viable at rest. And, the brain waves are slower and more uniform when listening to music.

Studies explain that, people have shown that when they listen to relaxing melodies at least thirty minutes before going to sleep, they rest much better. At first hand, classical music is characterized because it follows a rhythm of sixty units of time.

In this way, it is possible to enter a state of consciousness where alpha waves predominate, which are those that take place in the brain when a person is completely calm.

On the other hand, the rhythm of sixty beats per minute is capable of synchronizing the heart rate, reducing it and reducing physical tension. For this reason, it is not a mere coincidence to find playlists that aim to provide melodies of this style to sleep.

In this same way, calming music in the background, in addition to helping to sleep, has a significant impact on people in general, lowering irritability levels and effectively promoting calm. These types of songs greatly reduce stress hormone levels. On the other hand, there is the possibility that many times loud music produces the opposite, that is, stress is induced and a good rest is not achieved. On the other hand, if you are looking to wake up the body, accelerated music is positive in the morning hours.

What is the best gender to sleep in?

Although it was mentioned that classical music is the most ideal, there are other types of musical genres with the same impact, but a little more contemporary. Based on the fact that each person is a world and musical tastes are infinite, without going into excesses, different genres can be highlighted that are more favorable for full rest.

It should be noted that, a few years ago, a group of scientists from the Mind Lab Institution, who specialized specifically in neuroscience, concluded that the song that is capable of relaxing the heart rate, breathing and brain activity is the song “Weightlees ”From the Marconi Union band. But, as it is, there is still more.

Genres such as Jazz, which is characterized by a sax, double bass and the absence, for the most part, of any lyrics, make it one of the most ideal options for sleeping. Like folk, being characterized by more harmonic melodies, heavenly choruses, slightly lower notes and lyrics.

But, if you want to opt for something more contemporary, chill out or Lo-Fi also work at bedtime since they are characterized by encompassing different styles of electronic or urban music that share a softer rhythm, but, with experimental touches.

On the other hand, something that is quite in trend is the ASMR. Although it is not a musical genre, it can be determined as the brain's response to certain more precise sounds that produce a certain relaxation and allow people to experience sensations much more. Currently it is highly recommended to listen to these types of sounds to relax and reach the mindfulness.

Comfortable Pajamas Guarantees Better Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, music is an optional tool to help you relax faster and more effectively, but a pajama is a fundamental piece for sleep better.

Just as it is important to keep the mind clear, the body must also be in optimal conditions to rest. A good sleep set is able to help and regulate the body's temperature when sleeping.

Polyester or cotton fabrics are the ones most needed for pajamas. Some outfits are even looser for freshness and others are tighter to increase skin warmth.

It should be emphasized that, cotton pajamas, In addition to providing well-being, it helps to indicate to the body that it is time to go to sleep and, it is a key piece when resting because, if a sleep routine is created to rest better, this is an important element for accustom the body to relax faster at the end of the day.

In most cases, people usually use sleepwear cotton and loose to have much more movement without losing the pleasure that soft fabric provides at bedtime.

The Importance Of Good Sleep

Many times people are so immersed in their problems and obligations that they forget the importance of good sleep. At this time, any tool that helps to intensify comfort to obtain greater benefits is valid; see the wearing pajamas and the accompaniment of a playlist with relaxing music that helps to free the mind.

When you enter the dream state, the state of physical and mental relaxation that is achieved allows you to regain energy and face a new day in a much more positive and optimal way. Not getting enough sleep or sleeping poorly can affect your physical and mental health in the long run.

Of course, sleeping implies more than opting for tools that make rest deeper, it also implies complying with the recommended hours of sleep. In this way, the changes will be seen not only emotionally, but also physically.

People who enjoy good sleep tend to have healthier skin, since cells regenerate and oxygenate more easily, specifically in the eye area, Rhodopsin, that is, the light-sensitive pigment manages to recover from effort made during the day.